Written by Beachfire

4 Mar 2018

As i walked through the park i seen this beautiful brunette girl laying on a picnic blanket.

She was wearing a short summer halter neck dress and her hair was long and down. she was looking at her phone as i approched to walk past her, she looked up and smiled at me i smiled back " hello, nice day for laying around" i said, she giggled. "YES it is quite here, sun is out what more can a girl need?" I looked at her shoulders and could tell she was going to burn. " maybe some sunscreen you might burn sweetie" as i pointed to her shoulders. She looked to where i was pointing " oh shit do you mind?" As she picked up the sunscreen bottle out of her bag that was next to her.

I put out my hand and grabed the lotion, squeezed a bit onto my hands kneeled next to her and started rubbing her shoulders with the sunscreen. " mmmm you have great hands" she said while i was rubbing them over her neck and back. " yes well girls do know what girls like" as i giggled. "Mmm yes they do" she laughed i could tell she was really getting off, over me massaging her.

I moved her hair to one side of neck lean down and kissed it gently, she moaned slightly i kissed more up towards her ear sucking on her ear lobe. " do you want me to stop?" I asked her. She turned her face to mine started kissing my lips " please dont stop" she said softly. I slide my tongue in her mouth as her's touches mine. i could feel our breathing getting slower and heavier, as our tounge run wild. I run my hand over her chest i could feel her erect nipples poking through her dress as she has no bra on . I pinched them slightly as she gasp in excitement i keep one hand there as my other hand slides down under her dress and runs up her thigh " mmmm yesss babe that feels so good" she says as her back arches. I get close to her kinckers i trace my finger around the edge teasing her on if my finger is going to touch her pussy. Her back arches more and im teasing with nipple i whisper in her ear "are you wet from me touching you?" She moans " oh god yessss please finger me i beg you " i nibble her neck as i run my hand back out her dress and i stop everything. Suddenly she looks at me in sexual frustration " WHY.. why you stop for?" I smirked at her and said come with me i grabbed her by the hand and lead her to my house ....

Part 2 ....to come