Written by Beachfire

6 Mar 2018

I placed the key in the door unlocked it, opened it for her to walk in, as i shut the door behind me i pushed her up against my hallway wall and started kissing her lips and sliding my hands over her nice round arse. She was very responsive to my touch and i could tell she wanted me to touch ever part of her body.

I lifted her dress over her head so she was standing there in a pair of purple lacey knickers. I started kissing her neck working my way to her breast, running my tongue over her errect nipples as she moaned and arched her back againts the wall. I placed my right hand over her clit on the outside of her knickers and started rubbing in a circular motion, i could feel the dampness from her already wet pussy coming through. She is moaning louder as she is getting more excited. I kneel down betwen her legs and pull down her knickers looking up at her face as she looks down to mine "mmmm your nice n smooth" i said, as she smiles at me. I kiss her thigh as she opens her legs wider for me so i can see her wet pussy ready to be licked i place my index finger over her clit rubbing in back n forth to feel the wettness and to tease her a bit more, before i place my tongue over it . She looks at me with this intense sexually frustration look of please lick me or finger fuck me. I raise my eye brow and ask her "what do you want me to do? Beg me for it"

"Pleaseeeee lick my pussy" she begged as she squirmed against the wall. I ran my tongue over my mouth to wet my lips and burried my tongue deep into her wet pussy she was so worked up as soon as i slid 2 fingers deep within her hole she cum instantly running down my tongue into my mouth as she let out a big gasp moan.


Possible part 3 to cum hehe i mean come if i get enough feedback comments and likes ?