Written by onyxnesta

4 Mar 2012

I was up at the Mid North to get away

not a lot was happening around lunch the about the place so I though I would head over to a pub to grab a drink and a bit of food

while i was there sitting at the bar this lady sat next to me, introduced her self as Donna .

as we were chatting she mentioned that she relaxing and went to the pub to have a drink to unwind

we were chatting a bit as you do at pubs, shit about this and that, however she was very flirty however that took me a while to work out. however I was trying to look at her breasts when she was looking around however I think she noticed me a couple of times..

you saw that i had an iphone so we started to talk about that a bit and she mentioned that she was having issues with her set up however not living near the closest dealer has never been able to get anyone out to fix it for her.

you asked if i knew anything about them, as we were talking about the set up, you asked if I was able to help her at home. I did um and ahh as I though can not hurt, should not take that long to sort out. then I could get back to the looking about the place.

I followed her home, you offered me a drink and I got to work getting it all fixed up. as you came back in she lent over me a little watching what i was doing, however I could feel her breasts pushing against me, it was very hot, and I started to get a little bit of blood flowing in my cock. I needed to get this fixed for her. as I was finishing up she went out of the room for a bit to get something she said, I was guessing it was another beer.

when you came back in the room I looked around and..... boy was I wrong..

I just sat there with gaping mouth taking in you lovely mature body. My gaze went back and forth from you heavy milky white boobs to the smooth pussy. "You like my breasts, don't you? I can see it on your face that you do," she said smilingly.

just as that happened I felt my cock so hard in my pants I was so nervous as well worried as this has never happened to me before however something I have always dreamed about happening.

you come over to me and get me to stand up and kiss me, you then start to remove my clothes, I love the feeling of your tits against me.

you move my hands on to them getting me to Grab them, squeeze them, pinch your nipples, you moan as I do this, you then lead me over to the bed and we climb on to the bed, and you get me to lay on my back, you then lean over me and take my cock in her hand. It started to swell immediately and you cried out of pleasure. Then you leaned deeper over me and suddenly I feel your lips on my cock. You, pulled the foreskin back and your mouth closed around my cock head. It was suddenly warm and wet all around it and you tongue swirled all over the head, I feel like I am about to cum so fast.

As you are sucking my cock, I am caressing your tits, and move back along to your arse, after a while and I was starting to feel like I was about to cum, and i did not want to yet so i move over so I started to kiss your from the neck down, down your body till I got to your pussy,

I started lightly brushing over your thighs kissing them I rub down your sides with my hands I move your legs apart more and rub against the outside of your legs then up on the inside just missing your pussy them brush over your lips a little, I then open my mouth and put your pussy against my mouth and took long licks against your lips, then i start to suck and pull them in to my mouth. I then part your lips and lick in further to get as deep as I could, as I do that you moan more and more so I move up to your clit, and suck on it and flick it with my tongue, and circle around your clit and suck more on it then back down to put my tongue as deep in to your pussy as i can , I look up to see you playing with your tits you look down and smile as you start to rub my head and move your hands on to your clit as rub it as i am working my tounge on in and out of your pussy your moaning and grinding gets louder and faster, at that point you start to cum, and cum very hard. after you finished cumming and recovered

you once again took my cock in your mouth and started swirling you tongue around it and said just let go, you kept on going till I came you took it in your mouth a bit went all over the place, after that you give me a nice big kiss, i could taste my cum in your mouth and you could taste your pussy juices that were from my mouth,

Shortly after you got up to go to the bathroom to clean up and I just looked admiring your body as you walked around the room

after we both cleaned up and you got me to get back on the bed i love just looking at your body as you lay there

you start to rub your hand over my body and lent over to kiss me, as we did that, I started caressing your tits

you moved your hand and started playing with my cock a little. we are still kissing though you move lean over me and once again take my cock in to your mouth as you do this I am running my hands over your arse, then inside your legs and start playing with your all ready wet pussy, it took a little but not too long and my cock was getting hard again

I could not let you do all the work so I started moving down and start to finger to you your all ready wet pussy, you lifted her leg just a little to give me easier access to lick with long licks and long sucks of your lips after a little while you stopped me and sat up, I love looking how your tits move as you do that and move around, you get me to lie on my back and you start taking long sucks on my cock again. I felt like I was in heaven,

I noticed that with your other hand you had been trying unsuccessfully to unwrap the condom, but you needed both hands to undo it. you continued to go down on me , using just you mouth as you unwrapped the condom. Once it was open you unrolled it a little, and slipped it into your mouth. It was difficult to get the condom on over my head with you mouth, so you cheated a little and pushed it over with your hand, although you don't think I noticed. Then you unrolled the condom down my shaft with your lips and tongue, until his head was pressing the back of your throat.

You unrolled the condom the last inch with your hand. Once it was all the way on you straddled me, holding his cock up and guiding it into your pussy. You were completely wet and ready and I slid into you easily. Once you had slid all of the way down my shaft you ground yourself against me, trying to get every little bit of penetration I could give you.

you started to ride up and down on my cock. My shaft was so long, so deeply embedded in you that there was no risk of me coming out as you rode me . With each thrust you lifted yourself quite high, almost but not quite off me, then you dropped your down my cock hard and fast. The feeling of me re-entering you set your whole body to quivering, the impact when I penetrated it sent shockwaves throughout your body.

Your pussy started to tingle and quiver, I could feel an orgasm approaching, and couldn't help but to let out a moan. As your orgasm built I felt that you would lose control completely, you screamed as you came it was so hot feeling your tits against me and I wrapped my arms around you and held you tight as you were quivering as you came. . As it subsided you began to ride my cock again. As you did I could hear the wetness as I slid on my cock and the slap of our wet crotches when you rode down and our bodies met.

we roll over I you pinned against the bed, and I am pounding my cock into you furiously now. I could feel you quivering again on the brink of another orgasm. You wrapped your legs around my waist, and you held me in you so I could hold my cock in you longer, and pressing it into you harder, trying to get the deepest possible penetration. Being held in my arms as I came you could feel all of the muscles throughout my body tensing as I came. you could feel my cock in you convulsing as it shot my load into you, and you could feel my muscles everywhere tense and release in time with the convulsions.

We both collapsed on to the bed. We lay in one another's arms for a time, enjoying the warmth of our bodies, the sexual release.