Written by warmblood61

19 Jan 2012

You come home after a night out, you have broken your curfew again. I warned you last time that to do so would result in a bare bum spanking. With some resistance you finally bend over my lap, I pull down your panties and notice your pussy and little brown hole are both somewhat swollen. I explore them both with my fingers and you flinch a little due to their tenderness. I ask if you have been playing with a guy. You deny doing so. I stick a finger in your pert brown hole and you muffle an 'ouch'. I smack your bottom and ask again, you confess that you had fun with two guys at the same time. You go into detail about how big they were and how they fucked you to orgasm many times. That yes, you were a little tender from all the fucking you got.

I tell you for breaking your curfew you're still due a spanking, but for being honest about the guys I wouldn't smack so hard. I then spank you until your backside is slightly pink. Being caring I have you bend over in front of me so I can kiss all better. First I kiss your pink bum cheeks ever so gently, then I turn my attention to your swollen pussy, my wet tongue massaging places my lips can't reach, like a good girl you orgasm and give me a taste of your sweet flowing pussy juices. When your orgasm subsides my tongue trails up to your back hole. Like I did with your pussy, my tongue massages it until you feel all better.

Kneeling before me you apologise again for breaking your curfew and ask me if you can make it up to me. You take my cock into your mouth, making me all hard. You play and suck it for a little while and then tell me you don't feel tender anymore. On saying this you straddle me, impaling your pussy on my throbbing cock You feed me your tits one at a time and soon you are slamming down on me hard, I can feel your pussy nectar flowing down my balls, you cum again. After you finish cumming you then pull yourself off me and direct my cock into your ass. It's a tight fit and feels so good. You ride me softly at first then hard and fast. I blow my load deep into you.

The next night you come out of your bedroom all dressed up in a little black cocktail dress. You tell me you are going out. I remind you that you are grounded for a month, push you back into the bedroom and onto your bed. You protest and I handcuff you to the bed post. You throw a mini tantrum so I spread your legs and tie them to the bed. You tell me that you had promised to meet the same guys you fucked last night. I chastise your behaviour and let you know if it's a double fuck you want I will give it to you. I notice you are not wearing any knickers

After blindfolding and gagging you , I shove a pillow under your back to better present both your pussy and arse to me. I finger your holes , lick them, getting them both nice and wet. I pull out some toys, lube them up and shove a big latex dong deep into your pussy. A smaller anal vibrator I squeeze into your bum, it's setting on low speed. I pump the dong into you slowly at first, then increase my rhythm whilst fingering your clit with my thumb. I turn up the vibrators speed. Soon you are writhing around as best you can being restrained, I figure you are having an orgasm.

The doorbell rings and I leave you as you are, dong and dildo still inside you. My mate John has come for a visit. We chat a little while and have a beer outside on the patio. After a while you hear me open your door............... TO BE CONTINUED........