30 Apr 2015



Shona had been reading a sexy story during her morning as she sat pretending to work. She could feel aching sensations building up between her thighs and she rubbed her pussy idly through her panty gusset for some mild relief. Someone coughed to attract her attention, she was so annoyed.

"Yes, how can I help?" she asked, looking at the person for the first time. She immediately regretted her harshness. Standing in front of her desk was a strikingly handsome man. He was staring at her warmly.

"I need some help, I'm afraid. I've been looking for an item for over an hour and I've had no luck at all. Will you help me out?"

I'd love to help you out, Shona thought to herself, immediately blushing at her naughty thoughts. "Of course, what are you're looking for?"

He told her, and together they walked off to explore the shelves in a remote section. Shona found what he was looking for with no problem, but in order to reach it she had to climb up a 4 step ladder. When she turned toward him to show him, she realised he was gazing directly at her exposed bum.

Shona found herself looking down, examining him. He really was a very attractive man, with broad shoulders and a warm sexy smile. His eyes were on a level with her pussy as she turned around up on the ladder. When he reached up to help her step down, she grasped his hand tightly. Shona herself was stunned at what happened next.

He placed his hand on her knee, just below where her plaid skirt had risen up her thigh. She stared down at him strangely, her big brown eyes flashing behind her reading glasses. Then she moved one step down on the ladder, his palm moved several centimetres even higher along her thigh.

What was he doing! Just what in blazes was she doing! In her three years working here, she'd never so much as been out on a date with any of the customers, and suddenly she was standing here letting this good-looking young man to feel her up! It must be that naughty book! Yes, that damn naughty book was making her all hot and steamy and she was now getting herself in big trouble. But his hand felt so sensational!

As if appreciating her feelings, and without saying another word, the stranger slid his hand slowly along Shona's thigh, marvelling at the smooth warm skin. He kept his eyes directed to hers and didn't deviate his stare. The only visible motion between them was the writhing of her stylish plaid skirt as his hand explored her beneath.

"Ohhh my!" she gasped suddenly. His fingers had slipped between her thighs and found the damp folds of her pussy. He was running his middle finger up and down in the groove of her cunt, pushing at her, through her panties.

"Oh thank you," he said matter-of-factly, taking his item from her and popping it on the shelf opposite. "I would never have found it without you."

"Oh, you'd have found it," she whispered, sitting on a rung of the ladder and spreading her legs just a little.. His panty probing fingers on her pussy lips were driving her wild! She hadn't realised how horny she had become!

He moved a step closer to her, slid his fingers up and under the elastic gusset of her panties. His hand rustled through her small growth of pussy hair and dug ever deeper into her body, now deeper into the warm wet folds of her pussy. He separated the damp lips of her slit and delved inside with his middle finger, pushing that finger far up inside her pussy with one movement.

"Ohhh! Ohhh!" she groaned, her eyes closed with pleasure. She reached and held his shoulders, drawing him close to her and leaning most of her weight down onto him. Her legs now spread wide under her plaid skirt.

"You like that?" he whispered in her ear, his mouth hot on the side of her face. "You like my finger in your cunt?"

"Yes! Ohhh, God, yes!" she moaned, clinging tightly to him. "It feels so wild! Go deep! Shove it in deeper! It feels so wild!"

He glanced at her quickly, surprised at her own horny enthusiasm. He pried her pussy lips apart and thrust his finger far up into her dripping cunt. How strange it was for him to see the prim Shona acting this way! Her dark-green plaid skirt and white blouse were so modest, in such stylish taste. Her brown hair was tied at the side of her head. And she wore those sexy reading glasses! She looked so proper, so shy, the absolute picture of propriety...

Yet here she was, squatting low on this ladder, spreading her legs wide and welcoming his invading hand like a brazen slut. Her cunt was slurping at his finger, drawing him in, urging him in deeper. A warm, syrupy juice was rolling down over his hand and forming a sticky pool in his palm. She was hungry and she was hot, there was no mistake.

"Finger-fuck me baby! Finger-fuck me baby!" she pleaded, her voice desperate with lust. "Dig your finger all the way deep up inside me! I love it! It feels so wild and dirty!"

He began to plunge his finger in and out of her syrupy sweet cunt, swirling it about and spreading her hole as wide as he could, planning her fucking. Well why not? Why couldn't he fuck her? This was a remote corner on the third floor. He'd seen no one up here in the 40 minutes he'd spent here. Who would catch them up here? His cock was stirring in his pants.

"Go deep sexy man! Drive as deep as you can!" she grunted, closing her eyes behind her glasses. "Finger-fuck me, deeply! I’m loving it!"

In and out, he drove his sticky finger. Her cunt was so deep, so luscious! He'd never reach her cunt roof with his finger! He'd have to drill something else in there to even get close to filling her up! Fat inches of hard cock, how about that? Would that be enough to satisfy the little, sex mad, nympho?

"Two fingers! Two fingers!" she begged, her tongue thrusting from one corner of her mouth to the other. "Stick two fingers into my cunt! I need to be opened more! I need more!"

He smiled. Shona was hot! Shona was so fucking hot! If he didn't fuck her soon, his balls would explode! He jammed a second finger into her pussy, and for good measure, a third, plunging them all back and forth into her sopping cunt. Her panties were slowly filling up with her cunt slick.

"Go baby, Ohhh! Ohhh! Three of them! Three fucking fingers at the same time! I feel them! I feel them all! Ohhh, fuck me!" she cried out, moaning, rolling her pretty head from side to side. She began to squirm like crazy on the ladder, her legs jumping every which way over his reaming fist.

Her pussy seemed to be melting onto his digging fingers. Her flesh was warm and wet to start with, but now it was hotting up, growing so hot, near steaming! He'd never known a beautiful woman to get this excited in such short a time. He thought back briefly to all the girls he'd fucked over the years. They all took time to warm up! This one was begging for a fucking in a matter of moments! And she didn't even know who he was!

"Fist fuck me! Fist fuck me!" Shona grunted, humping her horny ass up and down onto his digging fingers, how good he felt! He was driving her insane! She didn't want it to end! She wanted him to finger her forever!

"Want me to eat you out?" he burst out suddenly, "Want me to rip off your sexy panties and eat your sweet cunt?"

Eat her! Shona thought. That meant putting his mouth down on her and licking her pussy! Ohhh God, how fucking fantastic! Yes, she did to be eaten! His hand was one thing, but just think of his hot mouth! It would feel fucking unbelievable!

"Yes!" she squealed. "Please! Please eat me! Eat my aching cunt! I want you to eat me! I love it! Eat my cunt!"

His pulled out his fingers. He grasped the tops of her panties, and ripped them down roughly. There was a ripping, tearing sound as Shona raised up her ass obligingly. Her shredded panties were quickly tangled about her thighs.

"Rip off my panties!" she cried out, watching as he continued to tear her panties farther and farther down her legs. He soon had them ripped over her knees and finally off.

He pushed up her plaid skirt, pulled it up over her waist. He paused a moment to study the lovely bristling mound of her cunt. He splayed his palms on her thighs, spreading them wide apart, he stared at her molten slick pussy. Her wet pussy had split in a wide gash, showing him her deep pit full of bright pink inviting cunt.

"Do you like me? Do you like my pussy?" she gasped out, watching him nervously. She seemed genuinely curious.

"It's fucking gorgeous! It's a stunning piece of pussy!" he praised, still staring down. He leaned forward, dug his fingers into her outer pussy lips, pulling them wide apart. Clear syrupy goodness gushed forth.

"Yes! Eat my pussy! Eat my pussy now!" she begged... She grasped with both hands the crumpled roll of her skirt, pulling it upwards

"What a pussy! What a gorgeous fucking pussy!" he was wild with lust. Then he was dropping his head, moving his mouth down between her spread thighs, planting a sloppy kiss on the spread sides of her pussy lips. He began to lick up and down her creamy slot.

"Ohhh! Ohhh baby!" she moaned, thrilled to the touch of his lips on her pussy. "So good! You feel so good! Lick me! Lick my pussy! Ohhh fuck its perfect!"

His tongue lolled around the edges of her puffy pussy, over her open lips tenderly. Then he pushed inside, swirling his tongue this way and that across her wet lips, prying her wider and wider open. Shona’s swollen sticky cunt juice slopped down onto his chin and mouth. He ate it all; her pussy was damp and glistening.

"Oooh! I love it! Eat me! Eat me!" she whimpered. Her belly rippled with his tongue pleasure.

Her pussy was open wide for him, allowing his tongue to go as deep as he wanted. He drove his tongue deep inside, drilling it far into her lusting hole. When he drew back, he searched out her button and sucked it into his mouth hungrily.

"Oooh fuck, baby! Fuck baby!" she squealed, out of her mind with lust. Her legs lifted up suddenly and wrapped tightly about his head. Her ankles locked together hard over his shoulders, pressing his face tight against her horny lips.

He pushed back and peeled her pussy lips wide with his fingers and sucked gently on her swollen clit, driving Shona crazy. Her body was writhing, threatening to spill her off the ladder. He tried to pin her in place with his mouth sucking her pussy.

"Your tongue feels so fucking good! You’re driving me wild! I love it! Ohhh I fucking love it!" she groaned, holding the back of his neck and urging him down onto her burning pussy. Her eyes were closed tight with screaming lust.

He groaned, doing his best to breathe in the heated sweetness of her pussy. His face was slick with her pussy flow. He had to stop. He couldn't keep this up. He'd suffocate! His cock was growing hard as a rock in his pants. It was becoming uncomfortable, needing urgent attention.

"Eat my pussy! Eat my pussy!" she groaned, pulling him down on her. "Stick that perfect tongue way inside me! "Ooooh yeh, baby!"

He stood up in front of her, unable to continue. But before she could complain, he was ripping at his belt, pulling his fly, dropping his pants to the floor. He thrust his undies down and let his aching prick bounce, finally free! Then held, gripping his cock, pumping it up and down, preparing it for her hot pussy. What are you doing! Ohhh my!" she squealed out, don’t stop, don’t stop. "Eat me! Eat my pussy! Please! Don't stop!"

He grasped her ankles, lifted them up high and out into a wide arc that had her legs spread “wide out” in front of him. He folded her legs up, so that she was up against the ladder, her, naked bum just sitting on the one rung. Her pussy glowed, looking up at him so invitingly. "I'm going to fuck you, beautiful! I can't wait for you any longer, don't bother saying no; I'm going to fuck you anyway. You've got me so excited my balls are aching!"

He slid forward with cock firmly in hand, found the wet pink pit of her sex hole with his cock and pushed urgently forward. Her pussy clung to his cock for a second, squeezing lovingly at his cock, then wriggled shamelessly down onto his veiny fat cock. 5, 10, 20 centimetres of steel rigid cock drove effortlessly into her pussy. Her channel was soaking wet, gooey and softly warm.

"Oooooh! You're so big inside me! I can feel your huge cock going deep inside me!" she groaned, glaring at him with insanity in her eyes. ‘You feel so great; you are filling me to the belly! Oooooh, fuck me! Shove your cock all the way in! Stuff me with that lovely cock, all the way into my body!"

He moved pressing forward. He had driven more than half his cock in between her lush pussy lips. Then he grasped her tight ass cheeks firmly and pulled her from the ladder. Her full unsupported body was forced firmly onto his burning cock. His entire manhood drove purposely into her willing desperate ache. He pushed her back against the ladder, forcing into her body into an obscene penetration.

"Oh my! Oh my!" she groaned, sweat glistening on her lovely face.

For the first time they were close, face to face. He marvelled at how pretty Shona was. She had a cute nose and the biggest most beautiful brown eyes. Her smile was delicate and her mouth full, suggestive and open. What make up she wore was smeared and smudged. Shona’s complexion was flawless.

"So deep! You're so deep inside me! How big is that fucking big cock of yours?"

"No complaints yet, sweetheart," he announced proudly, beginning a slow drilling motion that drove his prick deep up into her belly with every stroke. His heavy balls swung between his legs, touching at her ass cheeks.

"Feels more like a fucking horse!" she murmured, her voice jerky with his drilling. "Such a fine piece of cock! So big! So damn big! I'd like to see it close up some time! Would you let me see it? And I'd love to suck you! Would you let me suck your perfect cock?"

He groaned out load, the heavy weight of his cum in his balls. She shouldn't talk dirty like that. Didn't she realise she could have him blowing ribbons of cum any moment? Didn't she want him to hold on? Well, maybe not. After all, we are fucking like dogs on heat.

"Fuck me deep! Fuck me deep baby!" Shona encouraged, pushing her cunt at him and driving him deeper inside her body at his every thrust. "I'd love to suck you off, later; I really would love your cock down my throat. What a big cock! Ohhh fuck me baby!"

He thrust his tight ass back and forth, feeding her long substantial lengths of cock. His movements were steady, long and deep. He was carving a tunnel, her soggy pussy opened this way and that, spreading her wide enough for his clenched fist. His cock bucked in her sex tunnel, swallowed, even basted in the warm wet slop that was her cunt.

"I want to see those tits of yours," he growled. "They feel fucking huge. How can a pretty little girl like you have such big tits?" As he drove forward, he mashed his chest onto her breasts. He could feel her stiff nipples.

"It’s a deal! You show me your big cock; I'll show you my breasts! Ohhh my! Ohhh my!"

She began to writhe wildly; Shona’s body was a squirming mass on top of him. He gripped her ass her cheeks tight. He didn't want to drop her. He couldn't afford to have her off his cock. Not right now. He could just imagine his cum jetting everywhere.

"I'm coming! Ohhh, fuck! I'm coming!" Shona squealed so loudly, her eyes glazed over. She clawed at his arse cheeks, dragging him into her hungrily.

"Okay, okay," he tried to keep holding her, pumping his cock, again and again, into her, into her swallowing orgasming pussy. He had to keep himself under control. They were in such a fantastic position -- one false move he could blow a load or they could crash to the floor.

In and out, in and out he fucked her, quickening his pace now so that he could come before they collapsed in a pile. He reefed her ankles up to his shoulders for extra support, pressed his chest closer to her breasts. Her silken thighs ran up the length of his waist, glued to him as he fucked himself into her.

"I've got to see those breasts, I've just have to!" he said suddenly. With one hand he tore at the front of her pretty blouse, ripping off all her buttons and spreading her top wide before she could stop him. Her breasts were packed in a sheer black bra, but he could see her brown nipples clearly. He pulled her bra down and her breasts popped over the tops of her bra.

"Ohhh my! Ohhh my!" she squealed, too far gone in her orgasm to care what was happening. She wiggled her arse at him, pulled him deeper and deeper into her steaming pussy pit. Pussy fluids were running from her hole, off his balls and down onto the floor.

"Oh fuck me, what sexy breasts!" panting, running his hands over her breasts as best he could in this position. "They're fucking perfect! Shona, you've got a pair of the best breasts I've ever seen!"

He fucked and fucked Shona, in and out of her body, his arse cheeks flaying wildly. He pressed her breasts to his chest, squeezing and mauling them, feeling her nipples across his skin. Her breasts were sensational. He leaned forward and sucked each of those horny nipples.

"Ohhh fuck! Ohhh fuck!" she screamed, her head rolling from side to side. Shots of intense pleasure shot through her pussy channel deep up into her aching belly. Her eyes rolled.

"Ohhh, Shona, you're the hottest little fucking cunt!" he wheezed. "I could fuck you all day! Oh baby I've got to come baby! I can't help it! You're just too much!"

He drove his cock deeper ever into her, pistoning his arse cheeks so fast they were a blur behind her thighs. He was fucking her every way possible, stretching her pussy lips totally out of shape and mashing her poor tortured hole. Obscene, disgustingly sexy squishing wet noises emanated from their meshed sex organs.

"I'm coming! I'm Coming sexy! I'm Coming sexy!" she whimpered, her mouth a contorted in lusting. "Your cock's is swelling! Your cock's so fucking good in my cunt, and now you’re swelling even more! Oh fuck me!"

"I'm going to blow inside you; I'm shooting inside you, My Slut! You want me to come inside you? You want me to spray your hot cunt walls with all my lovely thick spunk? Huh? Do you, slut?"

"Yes! Ohhh God, yes!" she moaned, biting her lip. "Cum inside me, baby! Please shoot inside me! Shoot all your lovely fluids into my body! Fill me with your cream! I want it! I want your cream inside my body, fill my belly with commmmmmme!"

He fucked her one, two, three more strokes, then scalding wads of sperm was spraying about inside Shona’s body, fired off in heavy ribbons from his pumping heavy balls. His semen squirted hot and deep each time his prick swelled and lunged inside her body, splattering the sweet pink walls of her pussy with flowing seed. His cock trembled and jumped, spraying cum.

"Ohhh! Ohhh!" Shona screamed out loud, wincing at the force of the hot jets inside her pussy. "I feel you shooting! Ohhh, my God! I feel your hot spunk spurting inside me! It's so hot! It's so fucking hot!"

"Aaagh! Aaagh!" he groaned, swelled and fucked her, again and again, on the rung of the ladder. He stared into her eyes, amazed that he could be pumping his spunk deep into the body of such a beautiful looking woman. She didn't even know him! She didn't even know his name! She was having him fuck her, having him fill her full with a heavy load of spunk, without a second thought!

"Ohhh baby! Ohhh baby! You fucking feel so big! Your swollen cock, your spunk in my cunt, you feel so good!" she groaned, ramming her arse at him, the lips of her pussy gripping his invading prick. "Pump me full of your cream! Fill me with creamy spunk! I love your cock! I love your cum! Don't stop fucking me! Don't stop!"

He did his best not to stop, firing off shot after shot of steaming creamy spunk, deeply into her pussy. His cock fucked her continuously through all the squishing pulsing cream, ploughing in deeper and deeper, and on each successive lunge his prick flooded out more long ribbons of cum, showering her hot pussy walls. Her pussy hole was awash with his lovely stuff, Shona’s pussy overflowing with a gallon of scalding creamy spunk.

"I'm filling your body! My hot cream is splashing deep in your sweet little slut body!" he groaned loudly, fucking her as hard as he could. He felt himself jetting his hot heavy build up inside her body till she collapsed on his cock. He hadn't fucked in 2 months, and he was getting rid of his entire backed up load with such a vengeance.

"So much!" she squealed. "So much creamy stuff! You're still firing into me! I can feel you still firing inside me! Gallons of it! Fucking gallons of it! Ohhh God!" My arse is slick with your sexy load!

There was a low splattering sound as all the creamy cum began to slide out from her body, slide down her arse cheeks and onto the floor. It caught on the rungs of the ladder, dripping over them like elastic bands, then dropping to the floor, forming a creamy spunk pool. Each time his cock pulled out, it pulled out more sticky ribbons of sweet spunk, and they also pooled to the floor.

"What a hot little slut you are, Miss Shona," he grunted, his voice finally showing some strain. "I've never met such a hot little slut in all my life! Do you fuck every lover this way? Do you let all your male customers tear off your knickers and fill you full of spunk? I bet you do, don't you, you hot little babe? I bet you drain all your male friends dry!"

Shona was about to say yes. In her excitement she was about to say yes. But it wasn't true. In all her years she'd never let this happen before. She'd led a very quiet life, in fact. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe that was why she was acting so strange today. The sexy reading had turned her on, but maybe her need for a wild fucking. Well, it didn't matter one way or the other, did it? She had been fucked red raw, that's all that really mattered. She was having her arse fucked off hard and had been experiencing some of the best series of climaxes in her life.

"Ohhh fuck you sexy tart! Ohhh fuck you sexy tart! That's it! That's it!" he was moaning, his movements suddenly slowing. He had exhausted even his heavy balls, and his hips were easing up in their wild pumping. His cock sliced leisurely through all the pussy and seminal goo, the cum sloshing about inside her body.

"I love it! I love it!" she said exhaustedly, clinging tightly to him. "I can feel all your spunk washing about inside me! So much of it! So much fucking hot spunk!"

He ploughed his cock in and out of her with slower and slower movements. Then he pulled her legs from his shoulders, had her fold them over his swaying thighs. He felt her breasts softly, tweaking her stiff nipples and leaving finger marks in the soft flesh.

"Such breasts! Such gorgeous fucking breasts!" he whimpered, staring at them in wonder.

Shona was coming slowly to her own senses, the waves of pleasure in her belly faded gently. Her eyes now focused and she seemed to see him clearly for the very first time. She found herself blushing. She'd just fucked a stranger she didn't even know, an absolute fucking Horney stranger! He'd pumped her full of spunk and she'd loved every minute of him! How could Shona have let it happen?

He seemed to become suddenly quite shy himself. With a movement of his sexy hips, he was pulling his cock out of her body, letting his wilting cock slip from her clogged cunt. His prick was coated in their sex goo. As soon as his cock slopped from her hole, there was a soft plop noise and a warm stream of white cum flowed free, running down the insides of her thighs over her arsehole and splashing more to the floor. He dropped his beautiful cock onto her belly and wiped his fat softening cock across Shona's belly, smearing her belly with their lusty fluids, fresh from his beautiful cock.

"Well," he said self-consciously, suddenly aware of his male nakedness. He reached down and pulled up his pants, slipped his softening sticky cock inside his pants without worrying about the mess he was still in. "That was very nice. I enjoyed you."

"Me too, I enjoyed you too" she said softly, exhaustedly, her legs finding the ladder rungs again. She stepped to the floor, wobbly on her feet, Shona then reached for her discarded panties. They were way too torn, soggy and sticky to put back on. She let her rolled up plaid skirt fall down, covering up her wet pussy and slick sticky cum soaked thighs.

"Thanks for all you're help," he said, "I could not have done all this without you."

He smiled weakly, suddenly remembering all the vile dirty, sexy names he'd called her, as he fucked and fucked her, again and again.

Shona leaned forward, kissed him on the cheek, picked up and rolled up her soiled sticky knickers, smiled back at him.

"You okay?" he inquired, embarrassed. He shifted about, anxious, not sure what to do.

"I sure am," Shona said proudly, smoothing her plaid skirt down over her thighs.

I really needed that and you certainly came through for me, Shona giggled and smiled.

"I'll be on my way then," he whispered.

Then he was gone, slipping out before she could say any more.

Shona crumpled her torn soiled knickers into a soft pad, all that semen inside her was succumbing to gravity and making its way southwards, Shona wiped the delicious flow from her smooth pussy lips and inner thighs. Shona admired the pool of cum left spread on the floor.

Her face was serious for a moment, but then became a warm smile. She began to hum softly to herself and walked off.