Written by Ozgeekgirl68

20 Jun 2016

As I lay awake, listening to the rain hitting the tin roof of my house.... I am thinking about my best friends little sister in the next room. A sweet young thing - all of 18. I also have a male room-mate who I have had dirty discussions with in late night drinking sessions, sleeping in the 3rd bedroom. My clit is pulsing and getting hard. My pussy is aching and wet. I decide I need to find out exactly what I can get away with tonight. So I head into my male room-mates bedroom.... he is sleeping, but I can see him under his sheet, no shirt, just boxers.... and so I gently uncover him..... and start mouthing his cock through his pants. He moans but doesn't yet wake up.... so I start to slide his boxers down over his thighs and off his legs completely. Then I move up and take his cock in my mouth. Holding it in my hand, slowly sliding up and down, and caressing his balls with my other hand. I flick my tongue into his hole to taste him.... and then slowly lick up the underside of his shaft. I take the head of his cock in my mouth and start to suck, then I lower my head and take him deep into my throat, while swirling my tongue around his shaft. He is now awake. I ask him if he would like to come and see if we could wake up my best friends little sister - with a bit of fun. He grins and says 'Hell yes'. So we enter her room. She is also asleep. Looking so sweet, but I can see her beautiful big tits under her singlet top and see her legs are slightly open under the sheet. I tell my male room-mate to start to gently kiss her and massage her breasts and nipples. While he does that I slide the sheet down so I can see what she is wearing under there. She starts to wake up, she looks up and starts to moan when she sees my room-,mates face sucking on her nipples. I see that she is wearing little panties.... I push her legs open a bit wider. She is surprised, not realising there are two people there..... but she looks down and sees me, and smiles - and opens her legs wide...... I put my mouth over her panties and start to tongue her, and breathe hot air on her pussy. She keeps moaning and slightly lifts her hips, pushing her pussy onto my face. So I slide off her panties. Then I lay back down, spread her legs and look at that juicy little pussy in front of me. Her little clit standing out like a cock.... her lips glistening. I slowly lick her, from her arse to her clit..... I swirl my tongue around her clit then suck it gently into my mouth. I slide a finger slowly into her pussy and feel her clenching around me. Meanwhile, my room-mate has taken his hard cock out and is stroking himself in front of her face, while he watches me eat out her cunt. Then he places the tip of his cock inside her mouth - I see her tongue lick it.... then i watch him slide his cock fully in until his balls are resting on her chin.... she is gagging.... he pulls out to let her get a breath..... meanwhile I have now got 3 fingers inside her cunt... while I get her to play with her clit.... and I start to lick her arsehole....... pushing my tongue in a little..... I can feel she is going to cum soon...... so I start fucking her hard with my fingers and licking her arse - and then she cums right in front of me. I tell my room mate to move down and slide his cock inside her and start to fuck her slowly - opening her up..... and I move up and sit on her face, and tell her she needs to lick my pussy and arsehole and finger me until I cum as well....... I hold her legs beneath her knees to spread her open for my room-mate and watch him pound her cunt wide open...... and after he cums in her, I can see it dripping out, and bend my head down and lick her clean, while she is licking me clean after I've come on her face. And that's just the beginning of the night lol :)