Written by Melbknight

15 Dec 2010

She lay on the bed, totally naked except for her frilly white, sheer, ankle high socks. Face down with a pillow tucked under her tummy to raise her puckering ass into the air. Her pussy was glistening in the candle light and was puffy with anticipation.

Her smooth skin was the creamy soft white of a young woman in the full bloom of her sexual beauty. A slender and lithe body, with beautiful curvy hips and bottom, she was ripe for the taking. Her hands were toying with her full luscious breasts, her delicate fingers tracing circles around her erect and excited nipples. She was waiting for her man to emerge from the shower.

He stepped out of the bathroom, a towel casually wrapped around his waist but the bulge underneath was unmistakable. A man in his prime with a member that she craved to feel, hold, suck and be fucked in all ways with. The masculine smell of his cock alone would drive her into an uncontrollable frenzy.

Pausing, he looked at his beautiful lover sprawled carelessly on the bed. She had the smoothest beautiful legs of any model he had ever dated. A brunette with long flowing shiny hair, casually swept to one side and glowing with radiance. She was a vixen with a devilish sexual appetite.

She turned her head and glanced saucily over her shoulder to her man. Her eyes full of mischief beckoned him silently over to her. Naughtily, she opened her mouth and poked out her tongue to show the glistening wet underside.

He looked at her perfectly rounded ass cheeks and felt his cock swell to a massive, throbbing scream maker. Cum was building and straining in his heavy laden balls to spew out and fill her. The head of his cock was jerking about such was the strain of holding it back.

She pushed her legs apart and bent at the knees to raise her dainty feminine stockinged feet up into the air. Her pretty toes could be seen twitching with excitement through the sheer material. A hand reached behind her to spread open her pussy lips, inviting him to enter her. "Now darling", she murmured softly with a coy smile.

Dropping the towel to the floor, his member sprang up rigid to full attention. Up onto the bed, he moved up behind his girl's perfect ass and spread her pussy lips. His cock probed the entrance for a moment and then he slid in fully up to his balls. She let out a loud moan as her hands clutched at the bedsheets frantically. A feeling of pure ecstasy raced through her head and she felt giddy at the size of his enormous cock stretching her pussy to the limit.

He encircled her stomach and waist with one arm, trapping her body beneath his. She squirmed with delight at his power and playfully pretended to resist with her futile protests of outrage. His other free hand reached under and enveloped her breasts with a firm squeeze. She was powerless to move or escape.

Gently, slowly, his penis entered her and its head probed the inside of her love canal. Her pussy clenched and quivered with each shallow thrust, a little teaser to begin with. Her rosebud mouth met his and they kissed with fiery passion. The look of unbridled pleasure on her face made his cock even harder.

His hand now sought out hers and they locked together, fingers intertwined together. She sensed that the moment was arriving. His thrusting was increasing in tempo and power. She wanted him deep inside her, to feel his manhood plunging into her innermost secret places.

"Give it me baby" she whispered, looking at him with her wide beautiful eyes, encouraging him with her moans of pure delight. He locked his mouth onto hers and sucked vigorously at her wriggling tongue. He pumped his cock into her pussy with a crazed desparation. Balls slapping loudly on her ass, he thrust and thrust with all his might. She gasped at the ferocity of his fucking her and howled insanely for more. "Harder babe, harder!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!! FUCKING FUCK ME HARD YOU FUCKING FUCK FUCK!!!!!" she screamed!!

He rammed his tool into her hard and sent her into heaven. His cum started to erupt, spurting and spurting with streams of cum flooding her pussy and filling her with a warm sticky honey. She could feel his seed pulsing through his thick rigid cock into her hungry pussy, his delicious love juices splattering all up her love tunnel.

Her body shook and quivered violently as she came, her pussy involuntarily clenching and clenching tightly around his cock, milking his semen. She reached under beneath her legs to his balls and squeezed them to coax every last precious drop out.

Breathless and spent, he collapsed beside her and panted for breath. His cock was still inside her, still throbbing and pulsing with each breath. It was always this good with her.

She gazed lovingly into his eyes, her face spoke silently to him of her adoration for him. Her pussy had been satisfied. She lay her head on his chest and caressed his face with her hand. But now, a new sensation was beginning to stir in her. The warm cum dripping out of her pussy had trickled down onto her asshole. Sliding a finger down, she wiped some up and brought it up to her mouth. Mmmm, it tasted good. Another finger went down and strayed onto her sensitive rosebud asshole. It puckered up as the nerves instantly flew into action.

Her eyes widened at the discovery of her new sensations. She wondered. Looking down at his penis, she knew what to do.

She moistened her lips with her tongue and slowly slid downwards...............