Written by tanii

12 Jun 2012

It’ Saturday night I’m about to climb into my maxi taxi for the night shift when the phone rings .it’s a booking to go to the city starting not far from me , hmm the address sounds familiar.Sure enough ive taken these people to town before I remember the couple from last time. in mid 40s quite an attractive couple especially the female about 5ft 4 nice firm butt and breasts to die for. I arrived at the address and out they came lets call him “Harrison” met me at the door and introduced me to his lady “I remember you from last time” this is Harmony. Wow she was stunning in a short skin tight black dress and black lacy semi see thru top that showed everything to maximum advantage. I couldn’t help stare at her ample cleavage.

As she climbed the steps into the bus her tight little dress rose a little making her fishnet stockings plainly visible above her black knee length “ fuck me boots and a hint of pink nikkers just above the suspenders.

We made small conversation about the local footy on the way to picking up the next 2 couples but they went off talking between themselves. A look in the mirror every now an then I couldn’t help notice Harmony s eyes fixed on me

I must add that my taxi driving is only a part time job to help costs involved in my up and coming body building competition hopefully to gain a place in the state competitions

Next stop was a little pub where they were going on the western side of the city one of those small intimate types

Well the night wore on the usual drunk teenagers going to town and a couple of elderly groups going home after a 70th birthday its always quiet when footballs on

And it’s almost 1 am time to go home I think

Just then the radio crackled into life calling my number

Surprise surprise it is the group I took in earlier in the night

In a few minutes I was outside the front door of the hotel and there they were waiting on the foot path

As I opened the door for them to get in harrissons phone rang they climbed in while he was on the phone.

The topic of conversation was definitely not about knitting seems as if a few drinks had shed some

Inhibitions Harmony made a remark about my biceps and wondered if it continued to behind the uniform shirt .

Harrison finished on the phone and joined the rest he was pissed off no end apparently the call was from work and he needed to be dropped off at a factory on the way home some major breakdown required him to go to work as he was on call that night

He gave me directions to where he had to go and soon we were in the drive way

I got out to open the door and he stepped out as did Harmony they kissed and said goodnight

He opened the front door and said here harmony you sit next to the driver your last to get out.

As she climbed in I could see the dress ride up again hmmm,,,Harrisson turned to me and said “ you take good care of this lady” and gave me a huge wink as he turned and walked away .

We headed to the next couples address and she turned in the seat to chat with the couple in the rear with one leg crook up on the side exposing her thighs and those fish net stocking . As I looked left for traffic the street lights shone on the stocking tops .soon the other couples had left and we headed to her house

I got out to open the door for her and she slid out and grabbed me around the shoulders as its quite a drop to the ground and just a hint of not wanting to let go she touched to the ground , opened her handbag and gave me the fare. I waited by the taxi and shone the torch on her door so she could see the key hole to put the keys in .just then the keys fell to the ground she swore , can you bring the torch over here please I can’t see them .

Well if the lady needs some light I better help her I guess, we soon found the keys and I helped her get the door opened. “Thank you” harmony said would you like to come in for a drink?

Well I wouldn’t normally do that but it was last job for the night and Harrisson did say to look after her

We went inside and she poured a drink for herself and put the kettle on for me zero blood alcohol for me till the taxi is home.

Harmony excused herself and said” ill be back in a minute”.

She returned with a grey sweat shirt on in place of the black lacy top and pink fluffy slippers in place of the black boots as she sat down with her drink opposite me I could see she had removed her bra her nipples standing out beneath the top.

She asked some question about how I had come to have such huge biceps

I explained how I spent much of my time training for the body building competitions

She gulped some more of the drink

“Can I see your chest please” Harmony blurted out

Well not one to hide things I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and as I opened it wider Harmonys hand slid up inside her sweat shirt her nipples hardened as she stared at my now nearly naked chest

“You are gorgeous” she said I love muscly men

Come closer she said her eyes closing slightly and she slid down the couch a little and her little black dress rode up higher

I could see her hand playing with her nipple under the sweat shirt

As I stood an moved forward she said” take your trousers off but don’t touch me” I want to see your naked body

My trousers slowly slid to the ground, she slid lower down on the seat her dress now up around her hips her other hands sliding between her thighs

I could now see she had bright pink loose fitting nikkas on

Her hand slid under one side exposing a swollen pussy that was completely shaved

She looked me in the eyes and said “play with your cock”

She lifted her butt and with one hand slid her pink nikkers down and she removed one leg and left them hanging on her left ankle

The sight of this woman stretched out on the couch legs wide apart with the bright pink nikkas laying there on one ankle, hand stroking my cock almost bursting my torso muscles were bursting at the seams watching this woman

I could see her pussy opened wide now glistening in the light shining on her wetness as she rubbed her fingers round and round on her clit her lips swollen with excitement

“Come closer” she mumbled . I knelt on my knees sliding between her legs my cock was almost touching her clit. “Don’t touch me she said” I want to remain faithful to Harrisson

Her glazed eyes were locked onto my now swollen cock her hips started to buck as she neared orgasm

Her thighs started to tremble as she reached forward with her other hand grabbed the head of my cock and pushed it down on her clit and started to grind it into her now soaking slit

She started to shake violently and all of a sudden I could feel a gush of warm wet liquid running down my cock and balls I couldn’t hold on any more that feeling was the most exquisite sensation ive ever felt I shot cum all over her mound and clit .

As we both slowly come down from a massive high, she stood, I could see my cream slowly running down the slit of her pussy onto the inside of her thighs the most amazing sight

She looked me in the eyes and said “thank you but you must leave now”

I stood slowly dressing, my legs still shaking , she led me to the door “ im sorry I couldn’t go any further” she said but it was fun and I’m still faithful to Harrisson