Written by parryhotter

28 Feb 2013

I had been on the site for a while with no luck and was not really surprised. I am in a smallish town 70km from Adelaide. There was no members close except for a couple of guys who were probably in the same situation as me. Then she was there only 3k’s away and as I clicked on her profile there was no text or info there just two crude almost blurry photos. One of a singles breast the other of a shaved vagina. Her user name was Allsounsure it seemed appropriate. She was 33 some six years younger than me. None the less I sent her a message and gave up hope after a week or so with no reply. That was until she appeared in the chat room one night. I was so excited and started writing a greeting then saw she had put her cam on. I clicked on it and could not believe my eyes. I knew this chick. Well I did not know her but knew of her. She was a check out chick t the local woollies. I sent my message and the cam switched off. After five minutes of no reply I tried again and then she left the room. I felt very deflated but knew where I was going tomorrow. Too my delight she was there and that is how it went for the next week. Daily trips to the supermarket so I could go through the check out just too look at her followed by frantic masturbation when I got home. When it got to the stage where the pantry and fridge were too full to put anything else in them I made a decision it had to end. I had to do something. So the next day I go to woollies and get an ice-cream and pay for it with a $20.00. On top of the note is a small piece of paper which has a word written on it. Allsounsure. She saw the paper and snatched them form my hand putting them in the till and gave me the change with a bight red face. Then she said very quietly “8.30 tonight I will have a private chat room password bananas.” I quietly left wondering how I was going too pass away the next 3 hours. I was looking for the room from 8.00 on then at 8.32 it appeared and was called checkout chick. Almost injuring myself putting in the password as soon as I was there she said “do you have a cam?’ I answered yes and she told me to turn it on and not to type anything else or she would leave. My cam fired up then so did hers. She was in her work slacks and shirt with the shirt unbuttoned and a strip of flesh splitting the middle. she typed “hear is the deal I want to watch you watching me you just sit there and look do you agree” I nodded my head very deliberately.

The view stated to move and rock as she carried the laptop too the bed room and laid on the bed. She then repositioned herself into a sitting half lying one propped up by pillows not taking her eyes off me the whole time. She then opens her legs and starts rubbing herself on top of the material always looking straight at the cam and I can feel her eyes on me. Her top falls open and she reviles two very nice breasts very soft and round. After about a minute of this her hand goes underneath and can be clearly seen rubbing up and down the length of her slit. Her breathing becomes heavier and after a few minutes of this she takes her eyes off the cam, removes her hand and gets up and goes off cam.

My heart and stomach both sink but she is back seconds later naked from the waist down shirt still on but gaping wide showing her beautiful breasts and with a pink toy in her hand.

She resumes her previous position and inserts the toy straight away. There is no working up too it either she is pumping it in and out so fast her hand is a blur. Again her eyes on the cam and I can feel her watching me. It dose not last long, her hips thrust upwards a few times and she takes off her hand as her orgasm pushes thy toy onto the bed. She reaches over for the key board and types “say nothing about it ever. Don’t try to contact me I will contact you”. And then she is gone and I have a hard on that will cut diamonds.

I stay away from the supermarket for a few days till I run out of milk and it’s nice to run down the rest of the stores too. It wasn’t easy but I stay away. When I do return she is there and nothing is said it’s all very polite check out behavior. After a week and four trip to the supermarket she quietly says “Message me your address and make sure your home at 9.45 tonight.” I nod and go straight home and do as instructed. By 9.30 the house is cleaned I am showered and have on a nice shirt and jeans. At 9.47 there is a knock at the door. I open it and she enters wearing a nice grey dress that really flatters her fuller figure. I ask her if she wants a drink and she shakes her head so make myself a coffee. I look over at her and she starts to rearrange my furniture putting the couch and chair facing each other about 4 feet apart and instructs me to sit on the couch. “Hears the deal you can’t touch me or talk just watch or I leave got it’. I nod my head and she takes off her dress and sits in the chair naked. Putting down her bag she pulls the pink toy out of it and opens her legs draping her calves over the chairs arms. The toy comes to life and I am surprised at how loud it is buzzing away. She starts rubbing up and down her cunt very slowly her eyes always on me and soon the smell of her wet juices fills the room. Her gaze is so intense I can feel by brain getting warmer with the energy passing between us. The toy dissapears inside her and she lets out a small moan. She slowly fucks herself with it for about five minutes then as if she is about too run out of time suddenly starts franticly sliding it in and out off her pussy. Still staring at me mouth opens breathing very hard she says “Do you want to fuck me?” It seems like the most rhetorical question ever asked but I nod. The toy comes out and she tells me “Just don’t hold back let me have it.”1.3 seconds later I am naked and between her legs. I thrust into her as hard as I can five or six times making her whole body move as her eyes bore into mine. Reaching under her arms up her back and grabbing hold off her shoulders I start fucking her with all I have. Faster and harder than I have ever before she starts to groan and I go even faster. Then she screams at me “oh ye fucking give it too me” and impossibly my speed and force increase too super human levels. We grunt at each other Cuming in a primal explosion. I lay on her gasping for air until she motions for me to get off. Rolling backwards onto the couch we are both still panting when she starts shaking again and my cum is squeezed out of her and onto the chair by another orgasm. Finally taking her eyes off me she rubs her hands up and down her thighs for a bit then puts the toy back in her bag and gives me a pen and piece of paper. “Write your number on this” she tells me as the dress is being put back on. After I have I ask her for hers and get told “you can’t have it I will contact you. Don’t do anything stupid at my work or it will never happen again”. She grabs the paper and pen on the way out and she is gone. I am left on the couch naked covered in cum and pussy juice and a stained chair still struggling to catch my breath. This could well be the best moment off my life. I look at the fridge and wonder what I will be going to buy tomorrow.