Written by tristanbstud

28 Jan 2012

The following story is fiction although one day in the near future I hope to make it cum true.

I had no idea what she looked like and I didn’t care. All I knew was that I needed to fuck her and fuck her hard. She was the horniest woman that I had ever chatted with on the site. She had a passionate, refreshingly honest yet dirty attitude that really turned me on, and I hoped that I would one day get to fuck her mouth, pussy, arse and mind!

She had agreed to meet me Saturday night at a local nightclub. When I asked her how I’d recognize her she told me not to worry, she’d recognize me. All I knew from her profile was that she was a young MILF who described herself as being large and having large assets. Just the type of woman I was into.

I fantasized about her, and what I wanted to do to her. From the few times we chatted I knew that she was very hot and horny. She seemed to be into the same things as me and I looked forward to meeting her in person and hopefully hitting it off. Most of the woman I had been out with recently were my age or younger and I found them immature and self-obsessed. It was time I stepped up to a real woman.

Saturday afternoon rolled around and I was starting to get nervous. It’s one thing to talk dirty to someone online. It’s quite another thing to rock up and meet them in person. What if she didn’t like me? What if she thought I was childish or immature? Could I handle being rejected? But then I thought, what have I got to lose? I’ll never know unless I give it a shot. So I downed a couple of Jack Daniels and Coke and headed for the shower.

I like to keep my pubic area smooth and clean shaven. And as I finished shaving down there I found my cock starting to get hard. I kept fantasizing about what I wanted to happen tonight. Dirty thought raced through my mind and it wasn’t long before I was trying to get off. With a handful of body wash, I braced by hand and arm against the side of the shower wall and proceeded to fuck my hand. Turning to look in the mirror, I could see myself through the steam, my butt muscles clenching as I thrust my cock up into my fist. Watching myself made me feel dirty, but in a good way. I closed my eyes and thought of all the hot, dirty, sexy things I wanted to do to my date tonight and it wasn’t long before I exploded, my body convulsing as I shot hot white streams of cum up the shower wall.

After another couple of JD & Cokes, I finished getting ready and called a taxi. Nervousness was now giving way to a mixture of excitement and anticipation, and after a short taxi ride, I arrived at the club.

The place was packed and the music was loud and pumping. I had a look around to see if I could spot anyone that fitted her description. I couldn’t, so I made my way to the bar, and ordered a Bundy & Cola. I wasn’t there more than a few minutes when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said “Hey there Sexy!”

I turned around, and to my delight, she was hotter than I dared imagine. Dark, medium length hair, a beautiful face with sexy eyes and luscious lips, large voluptuous breasts, a generous but very sexy body, and long legs going all the way up to a very hot ass. She was supposedly older than me but she didn’t look it. When I saw her I nearly came in my pants. My cock nearly snapped, instantly trying to get hard in my tight jeans. The first thing I thought was how I’d like to lean in a pash her deeply, but being a chicken I said “Hey there yourself Sexy!” and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. “Is that all you’ve got for me she said?” And with the bravery that only alcohol can provide I said “No, how about this”. I stepped up to her, put my hand on the back of her head and preceded to pash her deeply for a good thirty seconds. Our mouths open, our tongues darting in and out, my now rock hard cock clearly visible through my tight jeans. “That’s more like it” she said, grabbing my bulge and adding “by the way, nice cock!”

“Thanks. Nice to meet you, my name’s Tristan. Would you like a drink?” I said.

“Nice to meet you too Tristan. You don’t get to know my name yet” she said, “but if you play your cards right you might by the end of the night”.

“So how about that drink” I asked.

“I would love one” she replied, stepping up close to me and taking my hand and placing it on her beautiful breast and then squeezing my cock through my pants, “after you take me home and fuck me.”

I stood there speechless with a big smile on my face for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only a few seconds. She took me by the hand and led me out of the club and to the taxi rank. When we got in the taxi she told the driver her address and we began to kiss and grope each other passionately.

During the trip we both noticed that the driver was watching us. He was clearly getting off on us and was watching us more than the road. My date whispered in my ear “Want to put on a show for him?” I whispered back “sure” not knowing exactly what she had in mind.

She then sat up, made eye contact with him in the mirror, and said “You don’t mind if I pull my date’s cock out of his pants and give it a little suck do you? I’ll let you watch as long as you pull over and turn the meter off”. The driver was as stunned as I was, but nodded and did as she instructed, pulling over on a side street next to a park.

She proceeded to unzip my pants and pull my cock out. Gently fondling my shaved balls she licked the underside of my shaft from base to head and then wrapped her hot lips around it and began expertly deep throating it. She managed to take the whole of my cock into her mouth and throat and she began making sexy little gagging noises as I began to thrust it deeper. After a little while she stopped, came up and gave me a sloppy salivery, precummy kiss.

Looking me in the eyes she said “Did you like that?”

“Fuck yeah” I said. “Another couple of seconds and I would have cum.”

“I know” she said. “That’s why I stopped. You’re not getting off that easy.”

Turning to the driver, an average looking guy in his mid 40’s, she said “What about you? Did you like what you saw? I noticed you were rubbing yourself”

Still speechless he smiled and nodded. She kissed me deeply on the mouth again and looking me straight in the eyes said “Would you like me to put on a show for you now?”

“Fuck yeah” I said.

“Okay” she replied “both of you out of the taxi”.

She led the two of us around to the front of the taxi, into the headlights, and told us to drop our pants, pull our cocks out and start wanking. Sitting back on the hood of the taxi, she pulled her mini skirt up, moved her red lacy panties to the side and began to finger herself. It was so fucking horny I did exactly as I was told.

After a minute or so she motioned to me to come to her. I thought this was it; I’m finally going to get to stick my cock in her beautiful pussy. With my cock in hand I approached her and aligned the head of my dribbling cock up with the opening to her wet pussy, but before I could enter her she cock blocked me with her hand and said “No babe, not yet. I want you to taste it first.”

She then placed her hands on either side of my head and guided me down to eat her out. I gently licked and sucked her clit, her juices running down her legs and my chin. She was like a delicious piece of fruit, ripe and juicy. And I ate her like I was starving and she was my last meal. After a while she stopped me and told me that she was going to bend over the hood of the taxi, but I wasn’t allowed to stick my cock in her. She wanted me to fuck her pussy from behind with my tongue, as deep as I could while she played with her clit and watched the hapless taxi driver beat off.

And so I did. My nose pushed up against her sexy arsehole, I stuck my tongue out as far as possible, and fucked her with it as deep as I could. Almost instantly she started moaning and it wasn’t long before she was cumming, her juices soaking my face and the front of my shirt. When we finished she informed me that the taxi driver got off watching us, shooting his load on the hood of his taxi.

I still hadn’t cum and I begged her to let me stick it in her but she said no and told me I’d have to be good and wait. We all got back in the taxi and went to her place. The driver said the trip was on him and bid us goodnight. He seemed embarrassed and couldn’t wait to drive off.

We pashed, and groped and made our way to the door of her house. But when we got to the door of her house I had a thought. “Hey don’t most taxis these days have security cameras in them “I said.

“Yeah” she said. “What do you think I meant when i said put on a show?”

She unlocked the door to the house, dragged me inside, and led me to her bedroom. When we got there I tried to kiss her but she stopped me by pushing me backwards onto the bed. She then proceeded to remove my boots and pulled my belt from my pants saying that she may need it later if I’m naughty. She pulled my jeans and boxers off and told me I had five seconds to get my shirt off before she ripped it off.

Making me lay on my back in the middle of the bed she stood over me, seductively moving to the music on the stereo she asked me if I liked what I saw. “Yes, very much” I said, trying to reach up her skirt to remove her panties. “Ah ah! Don’t touch unless you’re told to! “She said.

Placing her foot on my chest I noticed she was wearing really cool black high heel Pornstar shoes. “You may remove my shoes first” she said. She promised me that if I did exactly what I was told I would be rewarded, but if I was naughty she’d give me the belt on my arse.

Still dancing over me she slowly removed her top and mini skirt to reveal her lacy red bra and panties. They were almost see through and I could easily make out her perfect nipples and beautifully shaved pussy through them. I ran my hand up her inner thigh and tried to touch her pussy but she slapped it away. “What did I tell you?”She said. “I’ll tell you when.”

Still wearing her bra and panties she sat down, straddling me. She positioned my hard cock beneath her pussy and as she lent forward to kiss me she began rubbing her pussy on my cock through her panties. I could feel how wet she was and it was driving me wild. All I could think about was how good it would feel to fuck her, but she hadn’t finished teasing me yet.

I told her that I needed to be inside her but she said that she needed to be kissed and fingered first, so I gently rolled her onto her back and as I pashed her I slid my hand into her panties and began to rub her clit and insert my fingers into her. To my delight this time she didn’t slap my hand away. This time she started moving her hips to the rhythm of my finger thrusts and began kissing me deeper and more passionately. As I fingered her I shifted my attention from her mouth to her beautiful voluptuous breasts. I began gently licking and sucking her nipples.

She began to sigh and moan so I knew she liked what I was doing. I kept it up and didn’t change a thing. It wasn’t long before she was cuming. I could feel her beautiful pussy convulsing with pleasure on my fingers. Her hot breathe and saliva on my face and mouth. She was so fuckin sexy.

“Okay” she said. “I need you to get on me and fuck me. I need to be fucked hard and deep and don’t stop till I tell you to!” I got on top, she pulled her legs back, and I positioned the head of my cock up with the opening to her beautiful pussy.

I was going to tease her for a while before I stuck it in rubbing the head of it over her clit and lips, but she looked so hot and fuckable I couldn’t resist. I plunged the entire length of my shaft deep into her and it felt so good that we both let out a loud sigh.

“That’s it babe”, she said “fuck my tight little hole. Don’t hold back, pound me!” And I did exactly as I was told. The filthy animal locked inside me came to the surface and I slamfucked her pussy as hard and as deep as I could. The louder she moaned, the harder I fucked her. I was determined not to cum until she told me too.

I loved watching her cum as I fucked her. She would look me right in the eyes up until the moment she came, then her eyes would roll back in her head as she bit her bottom lip and cum all over my cock.

After what must have been her fifth or sixth orgasm she told me to get off, she got on her hands and knees and told me to fuck her as hard as I could till I cum. I didn’t need to be told twice. I got behind her and fucked her like I’d never fucked anyone before. I was pounding her so hard that she had to brace herself against the bed head so i didn’t knock her though the wall.

As soon as she started to cum I couldn’t hold back any longer. I exploded with the most intense, mind blowing orgasm I’ve ever had. Both of us spent, we collapsed into each others arms on the bed. Kissing and fondling, we told each other how much we enjoyed it.

“I’ll have that drink now” she said. “There are some Bundy Rum & Cola cans in the fridge in the kitchen. Get yourself one while you’re there.”

So I hopped up and walked naked into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of cans. When I returned to the bedroom she was laying on the bed sticking her fingers in her pussy and tasting herself.

“Taste nice?” I said.

“As soon as you finish your drink you can tell me” she said “you’re not finished yet by any means!”

Over the next five hours we talked and kissed and fucked and sucked. We drank and sang and danced naked in front of the stereo and fucked some more until we feel asleep. The next morning I woke up with a hangover, a sore cock, and a smile on my face. I then woke her up with a gentle tongue to the pussy.

I only had three hours till I had to be at work so we had a quick but intense fuck in the shower, got dressed, and I took her out for a quick breakfast. After which we kissed, exchanged numbers and went our separate ways.

Only after we parted did I realize that I still didn’t know her name.