12 Aug 2016

Every morning the same routine, taking the train, the tram, walk the same steps.

Arrived in front of the gate, take out the keys and bored open it to go to work. My small shop in front of me, a working day ahead and the sad part is that I will be pretty much alone.

I do most of my business via phone & internet, so in person clients are a rare, lucky I have the display and some client wants to come to see the product & do a so called visual & touching experience with them.

Selling things for homes attract some couple and some married lady free during the daytime so time to time a nice vision appear in front of me. Slowly slowly I started to fantasise, naughty thoughts are common in most of married person, if not only to break the boredom routine. Watching lovely couples or hot lovely married ladies make me happy. Because the entrance rate is not so high I started thinking about why if I will try to convince some hot couple or lovely married lady to be naughty? Time passed & despite my intentions nothing happened, but one day out of the blue here that a lovely lady well dressed and well scented walk-in & with her beautiful smile ask me, can you please help me? I am renovating my home & my husband would like to buy this and that. I as always professional like I must and like to be answered, sure, explain to me please what are you needs , so after she finished telling me her ideas & needs I showed her few way to solve that problem and how that she can do this or that. Time was passing but her pleasurable figure did not encourage me to rush, so I took my time. She seemed pleased of the fact that I was explain all, when I finished I asked her if she would like to try some example and she said why not. I let her experience the system and I was only enjoying her movement & her face discretely. I notice but I did not pay much attention that she walked around me very close few times, but I did not get more excited than the necessary nor I have done a movement, she was like a lovely scented breeze. She finished and she asked me a quote, so I printed one and gave to her. So she left. I was watching her hips, her breasts & her figure with her beautiful legs, so appealing so hot. I was ecstatic thinking of it. Time passed and a couple came in. As soon the stepped inside the shop I recognised her and I ask if the decided to buy something or if the system i proposed were ok. The hubby took the word and she seemed more shy, after a while we reached a deal. So he said to me then we do this that and this as you suggested we shook hands and made the deal.

Couple of days later the lovely lady was all alone back to the shop, she was dressed Italian style and she was just a goddess. She walked in and I could admire her curvy & lovely body, nice flowing dress, shaping her as a divinity. As soon she walked inside she told me that she came to see colours and some patterns for the system, I noticed that she had her breast nipples lightly hard, I thought wow, she wears lingerie for sure to show so nicely. She passed near me and I felt that she rubbed me with her back. I did not react at all but she looked around and said to me, here you do a nice business and you shop is not overcrowded and I explain that is more like a boutique so I do good job but client in my shop are quiet rare & she suddenly commented "really? Who knows how naughty you are here then". I looked at her all blushing and I said, sorry? She smiling and approaching me replayed, do not pretend to dumb, you have understood and I smiled reddish in face. She said I am here because my hubby is working and am all alone plus the system & colours are fine as they are I came to visit you. OMG I thought what she is saying ( I am dreaming?), she saw the hesitation in my face and continued, I am here only to have fun nothing else, so I noticed that you are married as well as me. So she close the gap & rubbed her breasts in my chest and said cheeky I saw hoe you were watching my nipples and I loved it.

We liked to share some fun, because the space is small and exposed she came prepared for that, she started telling me, see? I came with a dress and no panties so I can sit in the chair and I can be licked from you easily and if some client will come it is easy to stop and you pretend that you are explain products to me. I was in heaven and after showed me her beautiful place, waxed, delicate, perfumed I wanted more, so we went in my small back room and I pretended that she sit on my face, So she enjoyed to do that & sit on me to ride me until we did reach more times the apex. From that day once in a while she is coming to visit me.

Both of us are taking extra pleasure without hurting nobody and enjoy our time.

At My Shop? Why not!