Written by Permabone

26 Sep 2011

We attended one of those typical awards dinners, my presence made all the more bearable by you clinging to my arm, attracting leering glances from the assembled throng in the foyer. No wonder, you were your normal stunning self, dressed in a fitted black backless dress, black stockings, a delicate white gold necklace and little else. Your hair was down, catching the screen glare showing season highlights in the room, making it positively glow. Your amazing, gravity defying breasts filled the sheer dress, making it seem like the whole garment was held up by your nipples. Very few in attendance failed to notice, myself included.

People flocked around you like moths to a flame, both men and women irresistibly drawn to your smile and maybe guessing at the dirty little secret of what was (or what wasn’t) under that stunning dress. Quite a few of the men were more interested in what was under your dress than in what was on the big screens.

During a small break in the pandemonium, I pulled you aside and dragged you into the back of the gallery.

"I've been to dinners before, is it just me or is everyone just a little extra friendly tonight? Is this an awards night or speed dating " I asked.

You moved close to me and grabbed my cock.

"We'll be gone soon enough. We'll go to dinner down the street. I have a surprise for you."

"A surprise? Really? Can I eat it? Is it candy? The food here sucks. I'm starving"

"Just hang on a little while longer.....it's better than candy."

Wow, better than candy, I thought to myself.

However, the show did finally come to an end and many a disappointed male left the Docklands with neither a trophy nor a phone number. The whole thing drove me nuts.

You suggested we go out to dinner and we walked to a little place down the street. It was getting late so Melbourne was quite and it was easy to get a table in the nearly empty cafe.

It was very nice, dim light, small, cosy booths and long table cloths. A very attractive 30-something woman with a long raven pony tail shows us to our table and takes our drinks order. All through dinner you kept teasing me, at first gently stroking my firm thighs, then progressing to rubbing my length down my leg. Eventually you undo my zipper, sliding your hand in and stroking my cock. Miss Ponytail comes by to clear away the dinner plates and try to sell us on the dessert menu. She has a wry smile on her face as she realises you only have one hand in sight and the goofy, glassy eyed look on my face confirms her suspicions. By the time dessert arrived I was certain the front of my pants would have an enormous wet spot.

I tried to conceal my hard-on as we left, more thankful than ever for the dim lighting. I try to slide my hand up your thigh to return the favour but you slap it away and wave a finger at me. Miss Ponytail catches this and smirks to herself as she hands my credit card back. Busted again.

“Not yet, you bad boy.” you chide throatily, your eyes half lidded with lust.

We walked along the footpath heading towards the car, looking into windows.

"So, was that my surprise, cock teasing me all through dinner? I’m so horny now I’m cross eyed."

You didn't respond. Instead, you suddenly pulled me into a small alleyway and backed yourself against a wall. You inhaled sharply as your bare back contacted the cold stones. I reached for the front of your dress, bunching the material in my hand, exposing your long, slim legs to the cool night air.

My hand found your pussy, warm, wet and smooth. I rubbed a finger lightly between the exquisite folds. I leaned close to your ear and whispered. "You've made my cock so hard, I'm already dripping, the head is slick. I need to fuck you here, right now."

As I whispered, I easily slid a finger into you, feeling your body surrender.

"I wonder how many other people have been fucked in this alley? How much cum has spilled onto these stones?"

As I whispered, I began kissing your neck and shoulder. I slid my hand into your dress, cupping your breast in my hand, rolling the nipple between my fingers, teasingly. My other hand continued to caress your lips, which began to grow slightly hard.

I released your breast and fumbled with my zipper. Your hand slipped right in finding my hard cock. There was very little light to illuminate the alley, but on removing my cock from its restraint, I could see the head shiny with pre cum. My head turns quickly towards a noise further down the alley, unsure of whether it’s origin. But your skilful manipulation of my genitals brings me back into the moment and I turn back to catch your gaze.

"Clean my cock, Baby"

Before I could finish my sentence, my hands were full of blonde hair, your mouth at my crotch. I could feel your breath a second before I felt the warmth of your tongue engulf my head.

I tried not to make too much noise as you took my cock into your mouth and down your throat. You moaned softly while I gently fucked your mouth. I could feel my cock releasing tiny droplets of cum onto your tongue. My eye catches a hint of movement from where the noise came from earlier but I could care less right now.

Afraid I might explode too soon, I lifted you up by placing a hand under each delicate thigh, your hands grabbing the back of my neck and placed you back against the wall. This is a game we’ve played before. My cock easily discovered where I needed it to be and I lower your petite frame down on my hard shaft. The sensation of my head passing between your tight, wet lips was like the entry to heaven. I fucked you with short, slow strokes before allowing the rest of my cock to follow.

We both whispered tantalizing little things to each other as our rhythm quickened. We moved briefly into a doorway and you placed your foot on the opposite wall to steady yourself, allowing me deeper into your folds. There it is again, someone is down the end of the alley, standing in the middle, watching us quietly. I check it out, always aware of potential threats in such a secluded place. The frame of our voyeur appears slight, petite and the legs are far to slim to be a man. It looks like a female in a jacket of some sort……..

I smile to myself and continue fucking you, using long, steady strokes now. When I thought I could take no more, you turned around placing your hands on the wall, lifting your gown. I entered you from behind with unmatched enthusiasm, pounding into you as deeply as I could. The only sound was my balls slapping your ass each time I stroked you.

I leaned over, biting the back ofyour neck, enticing a low groan from your throat.

"I'm going to cum, Baby. I'm going to fill your pussy. You feel so good. Can you feel my cock pounding, can you feel my head growing?" A breathless, panting, "Yes" was the reply.

My cock began to pump, throbbing, releasing stream after stream of liquid cream into your pussy. The world began to spin, I could feel your pussy, clamping down on me, squeezing me, milking me, impossibly tight.

One of your arms struck out at the air as if the sensation was too much to endure. I grabbed your thighs and continued to pound into you, my head feeling every fold, my shaft slick with cum.

I came again as my legs began to tremble and weaken. I drove my cock completely in, placing a hand on the wall to steady myself, exhausting my second load.

Withdrawing my cock releases a torrent of our juices, a milky trail running from your lips, dripping into creamy pools on the stones. I caught the stream in my hand and coated your pussy and thighs with the gooey amalgam of our orgasms offering the remaining to your mouth. Your tongue cleaned my fingers, sucking them into your mouth.

I spun you around backing you against the cool stone wall. I lower my head to your pussy, my tongue circling your sticky clit. I plunge my tongue between your lips, tasting us both. You moan, head thrashing side to side, thighs quivering.

The liquid warm and thick on my tongue. I felt your lips, firm against my lips. Your knees began to buckle as your orgasm flowed onto my tongue. I brought my mouth to yours sharing our orgasm in a completely new way, tasting us both.

We gradually regain our senses and straighten our clothes, walking out of the alleyway, arm in arm and a extra bounce in our step. As we get to the corner and wait for the lights to change, I spy a slight frame in a long coat and a ponytail stride out of the alleyway, looking around as if for someone. She spies us and makes a bee line towards the corner.

Could this be the noise I heard…………