Written by Fun time

15 Oct 2015

Well we were up at the crack of dawn. Having bacon and eggs, the boys wonder over and we sat around the morning fire chasing away. The topic of last night come around and they said they all enjoyed pumping Wendy's pussy.

Asking what we had planed for the day, but when we said sitting and relaxing they asked if we would like to join them on there boats and hope on the sky's or bisket. John cheakly said you can go naked if you like Wendy.. She smiled but didn't answer.

Just about then two more Utes pulled in and 4 well built young guys hoped out, Wendy's smiles even more, noticing her nipples, john said more meat for you tonight Wendy.. getting harder as the new boys introduced them selves.

All the boys went and set up the new chaps tents. I noticed the new guys looking over and smiling, a no way your b S, I heard from a tent.

Soon the boys cranked there boats over, they sounded nice, a rumbling V8..come on they yelled out, come on Wendy you hope in with John and his mates. I'll go with the new guys.

They took us out for a spin on the lake, showing us what there boats can do,, very exciting the spray soaking us from too to toe... Then we noticed a half cabin cruder with there cowling off there motors. Looks like there in trouble we better go help I said to steve, so her headed towards them. There the water ways boys Steve exclaimed. Pulling up besides them cutting his motor, he asked if there OK, the officer said there electrics are fried, do you won't a toe back to shore Steve asked? Soon we had them back to the shore and thanked us, well this boat has to go to Sydney for repairs now one offers exclaimed. So off we went.

Well no waterways not meny boats out here so we can all strip off I said to the boys. In a flash Wendy had her gear off naked as leaning over the Windscreen of John's boat, make me wet john. I'll make you wet in two ways Wendy, with a cheeky smile.

Off we went Wendy in a wet T-shirt minus the T-shirt boob's bouncing on each wave. Let's get the bisket now. So back to shore all naked, Shit hope no ones around, but luckily there wasn't.

Wendy hoped into the bisket with a new boy one each side toed by John, I got in the other bisket with the other new guys, noticing both had hard cocks quiet nice. Off we went Wendy was being cuddled up very tightly in fact she was facing sky wards and he was on top wave power was doing the motion... Mmmm.

Back on my bisket Leo was holding me tightly too.. He asked was that OK, yes I don't mind.. A few bumps latter leo was on top of me, I felt his hard cock pressing my cheeks, you still OK he asked yes that's very nice. The water was splashing over our bodies acting like a lub. As I felt his cock agents my ass, bump bump his hard meat was deep inside of me, each wave was a pump in and out. Look in over at Wendy I seen the waves was helping with the acting over there.

So Leo are all you guys Bi? YES