Written by Showser16

17 Oct 2017

He saw her standing in the light streaming through the window, her hands on the table facing away from him.

Quietly he approached from behind, her body on flinching

as his hands touched her hips, then relaxing as he kissed her neck, taking her earlobe between his teeth and gently biting it, pushing back into him she felt him push back. Hands sliding up her body barely touching her breasts as they passed up to her neck moving her hair to one side to continue with the kisses and bites on the back of her neck.

Slowly he unzipped her dress and slid it off her shoulders sliding down with it as it reached the floor. Now on his knees he pulled her hips back towards him forcing her to place her forearms onto the table her glorious ass stuck out before him he ran his fingers up the inside of her thighs reaching the heat at the apex. Lightly rubbing her through her panties her breath growing faster and louder. Taking the white globe of her ass into his mouth using his teeth and tongue on her Peach he could feel her getting moist through her panties her hips moving involuntarily attempting to grind onto his hand, a quick sharp spank shocks her then she feels the caress of his lips on the same spot gently kissing it better.

Rising up licking and kissing his way up her body he releases her perfect breasts from the constraint of her bra, they swing beneath her, nipples hard and wanton of attention. He takes their weight gently in his hands and slowly, barely touching grazes over her nipples with his palms before firm rolls of each pert mound between finger and thumb, pinching,massaging them as he goes then one hand back between her legs slowly rubbing in circles around her clit massaging her mound as she builds even more.

Slowly peeling down the moist panties he can smell and feel her heat presented right in front of his face. Taking her perfect ass cheeks in his hands he squeezes them parting them at the same time, gentle flicks of his tongue along the length of her flesh lightly tasting her excitement, then a deep hard tongue starting from her throbbing clit all the way up flicking her pink asshole as he passes. Long broad strokes of his tongue then light flicks teasing, tasting.

Burying his face into her he alternates between gentle and deep, lapping up her juices, working her up before inserting a thumb to rub her gspot as his fingers work her bud, his tongue flicking her asshole as he goes.

2,3 then 4 fingers inside her fucking her hungry cunt. She quietly in breathy tones tells him "don't stop" as she approaches her peak, with a twist of his wrist he pushes in no.5 and with a glorious mix of pleasure and pain he eases his hand inside up to his wrist her hips trembling as she builds.

Then "fuuuck" she groans as her pussy clamps down onto his hand in orgasm, flows of orgasmic juices running down his arm.

He rises to his feet

"Now it's my turn" he says standing up undoing his belt.