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dreams cum true

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Published 8 years ago
I have been chatting with this nice chick for ages online a while ago we had the chance to catch up and have a coffee and chat and meet up for the first time, I thought that went well and I was hoping to catch up with her again one day. she said she had a good time however I was not sure if she wanted to meet me again. we still were chatting online like usual though, flirting as usual. a couple of weeks past and i get a bit of work out in here area for some network issues. that night when online I let Lisa know that I was in the area and joked about if she was at home. ( knowing she said she did not do meet ups at her house. ) however she said she was at work till the arvo :( that day I arrive just on time to the job expecting to be here for a quick job I knock on the door and to my surprise it was Lisa. I nearly shat my self and all of a sudden could hardly speak.. and got real nervous real quick. She invited me in to her place and I asked how, when where. what. she laughed and said she called me at work as the though this might be funny way to meet up again she also said she was actually having a few issues with her puter I had offered to have a look any ways. After chatting a little she showed me to the computer and explained the issues. I set to work getting it all fixed up and did a few things to update and check over her puter. she offered me a drink said to follow her to the kitchen while she made it. she asked the usual what would I like and offered an ice coffee home made. mmm that sounded great, as she was finishing it up she got out a can of whipped cream and all i could do was look as her boobs as she was shaking the tin I think she noticed as she was shaking it for ages as she started to put the cream on the drinks it went everywhere over her hands and ended up on her top as well we both laughed a lot as it was everywhere. and that is where I got a bit of a shock as I was not expecting it, however it was a real nice shock right there as I finished making the 2 drinks and cleaned the bench top as I was expecting her to go and get changed, Lisa took her top off in the kitchen WOW she was hot soo much better than a webcam she said well you has seen them before so though I would not mind.. of course i did not she then walked off to get changed. it was then all i could think about how i had fantasized something like this happening to me for over 10 years. she came back and we sat in the lounge chatting lol although i was trying to work out if she had that black bra she had on or not... she sat next to me closer and you don't have to do anything you don't want to do and we will go as far as I wanted to then she took my hand and passed it on her leg and kissed me on the cheek. I kissed her back all I could feel was my hart pounding and she moved my hand under her top and on to her nice soft tit, she asked if I liked that.. well at that point I answered that question... no she was not waring a bra.. mm it was so nice to feel I moved over a bit to kiss her on the neck more as I cupped her tit, she started to run her hand under my top and feeling my guts and chest at the same time.. after a short moment she stood up and took her top off, wow she was soo much better to look at in person that from web cam or photos she sent me. she moved in a bit closer standing infront I was able to wrap my arms around her waist and have her tits in my face, mmm I then started to lick around the edge of her nipples a little on each one working around them but not sucking on them as I did that she moved my hands on to her arse getting me to feel that, then she cupped her tits in both hands and asked me to suck on her nipples. as i was sucking on one she let go of her tits and for a moment i was holding it up as i sucked hard on it. she lent forward and I just loved how her soft milky white tits were hanging in front of me. I lent back and took my top off and it was then i noticed that as she lent foward she had taken her pants off as well and wow that is all i could think I finally got to see all of Lisa with nothing on and it was very nice I could feel my hard on trying to get out of my pants. I felt strange as I had all sorts of thoughts going though my head lol one of them though was why have you still got your boots and pants on. + lots of others that I have been dealing with for ages. so I start take my boots off and then stand up and take my jeans off left my jocks on.. phew they were new ones. my cock was trying to bust out of them and was starting to hurt being in them Lisa moved closer and wrapped her arms around me and I loved how her tits.. well actually her body felt against me, she moved her hand down and took my cock out of my jocks. mm it felt nice as she ran her hand down my body she then just took my jocks off and she commented how she loved the feeling of my cock against her body as well and we kissed a little more we both were running our hands all over our bodies. she asked if i was ok with this still. I said I was cool my hart was still racing as i had never imagened this would ever happen... Lisa Turned around and backed in to me so my cock was being cuddles in her arse cheeks I reached around and ran my hands up her body to cup her tits in my hands, she then started pinching her nipples as i held them in my hands at the same time kissing her neck and solders. as I was doing that she was moving her hips a little side to side i had to move my cock out of that nice spot between her cheeks as I did not want to cum or show that I am not a stayer.. she said don't worry about it that happens and we just need to enjoy our selves. Lisa then said follow me, she took me to her room I loved watching her walk infront of me, she then said sit down here on her bed she then lent over kissing me i was rubbing my hands over her body then playing with her tits as we kissed. we both moved on to the bed more we we could both be on there she got me to lie down lol wit my hard on sticking up like a flag pole. she rubber her hanging tits over me moving down to my cock as she was kneeling over me she positioned her self so i could rub her arse. she then kissed the head of my uncut cock and took it in one of her hands as I was just rubbing my hand along her arse she then took it in her mouth Wow i was trying not to cum then as she was running her tongue playing with my foreskin as she was doing that she parted her legs a bit more so i was able to start running my fingers around her pussy as she was sucking my cock, she started to moan as I did this, rubbing her nice soo wet pussy lips together. i every now and then stopped to lick my fingers to get a taste of them. as I was doing that she while my cock was in her mouth she rolled back my foreskin my god it felt soooo nice i moved over a little so i could put 2 fingers in her pussy as she was working on my cock she was moaning more and more and I felt like i was about to cum she said just let it go.. and got back to sucking my cock and while she was rolling her tongue around my cock i could not hold back i went to move so I did not cum in her mouth however she did not want to move and wanted me to let it all go in her mouth. at that point I lost it as I did she held my balls and kepped sucking and swallowing it all WOW that is about all i could say just that.. WOW my cock was still throbbing as she moved up to give me a kiss, mm that was hot, she rolled on to her back, once I got my breath back i moved in between her legs and kissed the top of her mound. then moved and placed my open mouth on her pussy and ran my tongue from her hole all the way up to her clit. Lisa was playing with here tits as i did this. as she started grinding her hips I moved my arms around to hold her more so I could lick and suck harder on her lips and clit.. and move to lick around her hole then back up to her click she was moaning more so I was sucking and licking more and more making it faster as she was cumming mmm how her body quivered as she came, I moved around to just be there next to her and held one of her tits in my hand.. she moved her hand to my cock to get it hard again as we kissed a little more.. then she moved on top of me as i had a semi hard on she was started to rub her pussy against my cock to help it get harder while she was doing this i was feeling her titts I was just lost in the moment and all of a sudden i felt my cock just slide in to her pussy as Lisa lowered her self on to it and had her clit resting against my shaved pubes feeling the wetness against me. she rocked forward and back as my cock was getting harder in her. she lent forward so I was able to suck on her nipples and while was doing that i was rubbing my hands up and down her back to her arse where i was stretching her cheeks apart, I move to hold on to her hips so I can thrust deeper in to her pussy on one of the thrusts i felt my foreskin roll back and i dove my cock in as deep as I could. as I was moaning as I did this Lisa said don't worry about cumming don't hold back let it it go when ever you want after a little she rolled off and bent over and said I love this.. do did I looking at her tits hanging there, I got up and knelt behind her and rubbed my cock against her pussy as she pushed back on to it.. mmmm it was hot seeing my cock sliding in and out of her pussy as her tits were swinging as she moved. I sort of could not help my self and started to rub my finger around her arse hole, she said she loved that and I could do anything i wanted to as long as I was ok with it......... to be continued.. eventually

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