Written by closetnymph

20 Nov 2011

While I'm driving I often dream up little fantasies to relieve the boredom... I was driving home on Sunday when I noticed the temperature had skyrocketed and had to pull over. I was in the middle of nowhere on a tree lined highway with not a car in sight. I put a call in to NRMA and they sad I'd have a 3 hour wait.

I popped the bonnet, got out of the car and tottered around on my 5 inch heels to have a look. I was wearing a low cut mini dress that barely covered my ass. The breeze was blowing my dress up revealing my cute black and white polka dot bikini knickers, and I thought to myself "good thing there's no one around to see that!" No sooner than i thought the words, a panel van pulled up behind me and two tall, solid looking guys got out.

They came over to me and asked me what was wrong. They stood either side of me and I could feel their eyes everywhere... I was very conscious that this was a quiet stretch of road that not many cars came along. I went to the side of the car to show them under the bonnet when one of the guys pushed me against the side of the car, holding my wrists on the roof and shoving his knee between my legs, pinning me so I couldn't move. I didn't know what to say and just let out a little whimper. He ran his hand down my side and in between my legs from behind my bum, whispering in my ear to take it easy. He said, "now play nice with us and we'll be nice to you... Or we can play rough?" I looked at him in submission, thinking things were going to happen, so I may as well stay calm.

His mate came in closer, one hand rubbing his bulge and the other hand cupping my breast, rubbing his thumb over my nipple. Taking an arm in each hand they led me towards their van, telling me how they were going to fuck me, one at a time and. Othe together. I was thinking of how long the NRMA said they'd be and how this was going to be a long three hours...