26 May 2016

With my body still shaking you help me stand upright......blindfold and cuffs still in lead me to the bed ....pushing me forward, positioning me on my hands n knees.

I feel you behind me watching and taking in my wetness. Im so exposed to your gaze and find myself squeezing my pussy muscles...i feel another blush as im so vulnerable. Slap!! I feel the first of many hard slaps on my ass cheeks...omg it hurts so good, after ten hard ones on each cheek im backing up to you...i want much more Phillip.

I hear you unscrew the lid off the lube bottle, imagining it running through your gifted fingers and into your hand. My body shaking and my pussy throbbing in anticipation. You move forward and scoop up some of my juices that have made their way between my legs...i hear you licking and sucking on your happy

You then run your hands over my burning ass cheeks, rubbing the heat...ahhh it feels so good.

wondering which you are going to choose tonight to fuck makes me excited. You run your lubed fingers from my pussy to my ass several times. Teasing both as you go. I feel your fingers enter my wet swollen pussy ahhhh doesn't take you long to find my gspot , i ride your fingers hard till i cum, squirting over your fingers ..omg..." Good girl curvy" you whisper into my ear.

Relaxing a little i think its all over, but no, your lubed fingers find my and three fingers enter me ...stretching...burning fuck i love the pain.

I feel you position your hard cock at the entrance of my ass....slowly you start to push but meet with reach under me and pinch my sensitive clit making me jump and yelp in pain, forgetting your cock and where it is about to go. Slowly you fill my ass, a long moan escapes me to which you whisper " relax babe and breathe. You start to fuck me and out, your hands holding my shoulders. Very soon im begging you to fuck me harder...."slam your cock into me hard Phillip" i whimper, the muscles in my ass gripping your hard cock.

My orgasm is shaking, crying and screaming your name. Ahhh i feel your hot cum filling my ass, flooding me, filling me up..omg i dont think i can take anymore...your reach under me and tweak my nipples hard enticing another orgasm.

I half slump exhausted as you pull your softening cock from my ass, cum seeps from both of my stand back admiring your handiwork, your hand gently rubbing my tortured ass cheeks. You lean in and whisper " did you enjoy that curvy?" I smile broadly " yes Phillip i did...thank you"

You take off my cuffs and blindfold and with both hands cup my face drawing me in and kissing me passionately, sucking on my tongue feathering kisses over my face.

Shower time as you rub and soap my body, making me sign with total bliss.

You take me to bed where we fall i to a deep sated sleep....morning and i feel your cock stir at my ass as we are spooning ....i smile...another day....another story....