Written by mdwbool

24 Jan 2012

Have a lady 'friend', she is married, not to me, she looking for big fat cock in Melbourne, Geelong, or near.

This is a story i wrote some time ago. Can be varied of course to suit circumstances.


We are at a bar/lounge renowned for many black men attending, music playing, people dancing, nice romantic lighting to add to the atmosphere, dimly lit. We are seated at a table just watching the dancing and small talk with each other. I decide to go to the men’s room leaving my lady there on her own.

I come back to see her chatting to an african-american gent, he looked to be in his 40’s, not a bad looking bloke, tall and slim. I the bar for a while to leave the two of them chat a bit, can see they’re both getting along well. The gent leaves and heads back over to a couple of his mates.

I then wander back over to her, sit down and we both continue to have a drink. She then tells me about this gent, saying he seemed like a nice fellow. I said that I could see they both seemed to be getting along well and that I had been watching from the bar.

I then suggest to her, why not ask him to dance with you, she seemed a bit surprised and I said it’s OK, go on. She then gets his attention and he walks over to us and my lady introduces him to me. She then asks him if he’d like to dance with her and tells him that I am OK about it.

They both get up on the floor and start dancing, apart at first, then gradually hold each other closely. He then pulls her in tight against him, his hands holding her a r s e. I can see she has her hands on his waist, then I see one hand slowly move down to his groin area and you start rubbing. They both start kissing, a couple little pecks at first then a nice long passionate one. The music bracket finishes and he walks her back over to the table.

I say that it looked like they had both got a bit close saying that I could see but that it was a bit exciting and horny to watch actually and she says “was it really?” I said that I’d seen her playing with his groin area and she then tells me with a giggle that it felt massive. I asked her would she like to play with it for real and she asks if it would be alright and would I mind, of course I say please do, I’d love to watch you being pleasured by a big black c o c k.

I suggest that maybe have another dance with him and see if he’d be interested in pleasing her in our motel room. She gets him up for a dance and a couple dances later I see the two of them head off towards the room. I wait a few minutes and follow.

I quietly come into the room and find them both naked, she lying back on the bed on her back. He is giving her p u s s y a good licking, she is moaning with the obvious pleasure that she is receiving from his tongue and the anticipation of having his big black c o c k inside her. I can see he has a huge c o c k and that it is eager to make its way into her very wet p u s s y. His c o c k must be a good 9 inches and very thick.

He then climbs up on top of her and starts kissing her passionately on the lips as the head of his huge thick c o c k presses up against her p u s s y, teasing it. I hear her saying, “please, I want you inside me”. She opens your legs nice and wide and he slides his c o c k in nice and gently. Only a couple inches at first, then she starts moaning and groaning. He just teases her by just using the couple or so inches, in and out for a few moments. I’m standing there taking my clothes off and stroking my stiff c o c k watching her being pleasured.

He then draws his c o c k back out and then slides it gently back in, this time all the way and I hear her moan louder than ever with pleasure. He starts pumping it in and out nice and slowly so she can adjust then he starts thrusting it in and out harder and faster. She is now going crazy with the pleasure this monster is giving her and starts ‘screaming’ with the pleasure. He slows and gives her some gentle trusting then speeds up again. He continues to do this, teasing with slow short movements then back into hard and fast, then some slow deep thrusting. He continues this for a good 15-20 mins or so, more maybe. She has cum heaps with that big black c o c k thrusting.

He is about to blow and she suggests he bring it up to her mouth where she starts sucking on it, though she can hardly get it in her mouth, it is that thick she can only manage to suck the knob. He is now about to blow and withdraws from her mouth and blows over her t i ts.

He ends up staying the night and pleases her again a couple more times.

Yes, we did to get his details and phone number and look forward to another night.

CAN BE BLACK OR WHITE MALE ( black can be aged late 20's to 50yo, white aged late 30's to 50yo )