Written by exhibiguy

4 Apr 2012

I am nervous as I approach the door of her flat – first dates can be awkward. I’ve met her at the local coffee shop a few times; she is both pretty and intelligent. But tonight is the first time I have asked her out anywhere. I have dressed smartly; I really do want do make a good impression. With some hesitation I knock on the door of her flat.

There is a short delay, and then she opens the door. She looks a little flustered – her hair is slightly wet, her skin is damp and she has a towel wrapped around her. For a moment I just stand there looking at her – the sight is unexpected, and very pleasant. The towel barely covers her breasts, and shows her legs off as though she were wearing a really short miniskirt. “I’m sorry”, she says, “I’m running really late. Please come in, I’ll be ready now”.

We exchange a few pleasantries while I follow her into the lounge. I take a seat on the couch, preparing myself for a bit of a wait. She goes through into what must be her bedroom, to carry on getting ready. From the room she continues chatting to me, raising her voice a bit to be heard. I respond, and we chat for a few moments in this high volume discussion. The she says “No need to have a shout-out, come and sit in here. Much easier to chat”. I stand up and walk through to the bedroom, expecting her to be dressed. To my surprise she is still wrapped in her towel, sitting at her dressing table putting in her contact lenses. She motions to a chair at a small writing desk, and invites me to sit.

“I hope you don’t mind me getting ready”, she says, “I was delayed at work”. I have no objections – from where I’m sitting the view is great, and I can feel the start of a stirring in my pants. She focuses on herself in the mirror for a few moments, then takes a hair drier and works on her long hair. She puts the hair drier down, and stands up. “I still need to decide what to wear. Perhaps you can help me decide?”

With that she stands up and unwraps the towel. I am stunned – she is standing completely naked in front of me, her boobs swinging freely, her neatly trimmed pussy right at my eye level. She nonchalantly turns to a wardrobe and rummages about. First she takes out a black lace bra, and puts it on. Then she finds the matching panties, pull them on. She turns to the rack of dresses, chooses one and slips into it. The simply dress look wonderful on her, but I feel a moment of sadness as her beautiful body is covered up. She turns to face me, and does a fashion-model twirl. “What do you think?”, she asks.

At first I’m slightly lost for words, but I manage to answer that it looks alright. She seems a little uncertain about my answer, then says she wants to try another outfit. She slips the first dress off, and takes a skimpy white top off a shelf. She slips the tight fitting strapless top over her head, and turns back to me. As she turns she catches sight of herself in the mirror, and stops. “This doesn’t work with a bra”, she says, and I can only nod in agreement. She takes the top off, undoes her bra, and puts the top back on. “There, how does that look?”, she asks.

By now my cock is not just stirring, it is making an uncomfortable bulge in my pants. “The top looks great”, I say. She thinks for a moment, then tells me she will try the dress instead. She slips the top off, puts the bra back on, and dons the dress again. The dress is lovely – summery and filmy, she looks very sensual.

She looks at herself in the mirror, and seems satisfied. “This dress is long enough that I can even be comfortable without panties”, she announces, and as I watch she hikes the dress up before sliding her panties down. She then sits at her dresser again, and does a few make up touches. By now my cock is really hard.

“OK”, she says, “I’m ready. Sorry for the delay, shall we go?”. I can only nod. My hard cock is at an uncomfortable position in my pants, so I try to discretely adjust it. She notices, and for the first time seems to see the bulge in my pants. “You poor man”, she says, “that was cruel of me. Let me take care of it”. Without another word she kneels down, unzips my pants and extracts my stiff cock. Before I can grasp what’s happening, her lips are around my shaft and gliding up and down. Within a short time she has me on the brink, and I feel the cum squirting out. She is very quick, and catches it is a tissue that seemed to magically appear in her hand. She wipes me clean, and stands up. She drops the tissue in the bin, saying “Didn’t want to risk getting any on me before we go out – don’t need any more delays while I clean up. Shall we go?”. With that she gives me a stunning smile, and motions me to the door.

The first date could only get better from there…..