Written by onyxnesta

8 Sep 2011

one weekend I decided to get away for a couple of days fishing, something I had planned for a while,

I had never fished at Whyalla, so I though I would give it ago, got there Friday and went for a little fish, did not get anything so I went to the pub

where I thought I would grab a bite to eat and have a couple of beers before heading to the caravan park to check in as I was camping there.

while at waiting for my dinner at the bar, enjoying my beer a couple came in and sat down next to me, I got chatting with them his name was Dave and his wife was Jen. we got chatting for a while about nothing much at all really, however we got on well, after I had finished tea and a couple of beers I said I had better get going as I had to set up camp. Jen insisted that I stay at there place. I was not sure about doing this as I hardly knew them, they both insisted and Dave said the drinks and company would be better than on my own at a park.

ok I said and followed them to there house, when we got there, they showed me to the room i had, and a quick tour about the house, my room was next to theres . we sat in the lounge room and had a few more drinks, was about 10:30 when i said I had better have a shower and get to bed as I wanted to get an early start for some fishing. Jen got me a towel and as I went off joked did you want one or both of us to help heheh.

after my shower I noticed that they both must of gone to bed however I did here there other shower going , I went to bed naked like I normally do. not long after I heard there shower I could hear noises from there room, i started to get hard thinking about what they were doing then I thought no I must be just hearing things being in a new place.

then no I was right I though I could hear Jen cumming wow it was hot hearing that.

shortly after I saw Dave walk past my room, naked and with a hard on, was the first time I had ever seen another bloke like that other than in porn. I was not sure if he had noticed me as I rolled over to hide my raging hard on. he walked back with 3 drinks to there room, I was listing out to here more action and was thinking about rubbing one out, when all of a sudden Jen was at my door, I just loved the look of her body, she came in and as she lent over to me I got a real good eye full of her breasts swaying about and asked me did I like what I heard.... as she felt at my hard cock.. I was speechless as I had always fantasied about things like this, then she said it would be better to see then hear it, also Dave and I would make all your dreams cum true. I though i was about to cum right there when she said that. she took my hand and led me to there room. Dave was on the bed stroking his cock.

I was able to see Jen a lot better in the light and look at her Tattoos. I watched her get on to the bed and start sucking Dave's cock, they were a very hot couple she then spread here legs a bit and asked would I mind, nervously I moved forward and got a good look at here piercings I started slowly rubbing her legs while she was playing with Dave’s balls and cock, I leaned in and started to lick on her all ready wet pussy mm it was nice, and I just loved sucking on the lips with the piercings made it easier to stretch them out and rolled my tongue around the opening to her hole then up to the clit and back again. not long after that she moved away and asked me to lie on my back, she then moved over and got over me so I could look up at here yummy pussy and her breasts, she moved her pussy closer and closer to my face and started grinding on me.

all of a sudden I felt someone playing with my cock and balls it was not Jen as he was holding her hands over mine as i was reaching up playing with here tits then it hit me, it was Dave. wow I had always dreamed of this happening as i started to lick faster in excitement and rolling my hips Dave started to suck on my cock and pulled the foreskin back as he worked on it, I was about to cum I tried to hold back however Jen's grinding faster and faster as she was cumming took me over the edge next thing I was spraying cum over my self, and Dave's hands WOW that is all I could say, Dave said we are just starting

we had a bit more to drink when Jen got Dave to lie down where I was and she climbed on top starting ridding him, it was real hot watching them I moved closer so I was able to play with here tits and start sucking on one of here nipples as Dave was sucking the other one, I would rub here back down to here arse and then back to here neck

then she turned around I was able to get a good look at Dave's cock going in and out of her very wet pussy. it was then I had decided to start going down on her while Dave was ball deep in her I had always dreamed about doing this I started to get hard again as I was licking on her clit, Jen said go on you know you want to,

it was then for the first time I had felt another I played with Dave's balls and felt his cock as it was going in and out of Jen. after a bit I got the courage ( with the help of both Dave and Jen) I took Dave out of Jen and started to suck on his cock. after a short time I put him back in to her and continued to lick her pussy and his cock, I could sense that he was about to cum, I was not sure if he would pull out or just fill her up. either way I was about to see and eat my first ever cream pie then all of a sudden he started to thrust harder and start to cum I was still licking Jen, I then took to cleaning Dave's Cock and her pussy, Jen got off and Dave continued to finish cleaning up.

once again WOW I had to punch my self to work out if it was a dream or not

Jen then bent over and Dave guided my cock in to her as I had all ready cum once before I was worried as she was soo hot I would cum again however I did not and slid straight in to here wet pussy mm it was nice and warm there was still cum in there and I loved it all, Jen rolls over and I enter her and start sucking on those lovely nipples. I noticed that Dave had moved behind me , Jen wrapped her legs around mine and said you will love this as Dave started to finger my arse. my god this was hot.

for some strange reason I loved it. I had not noticed that his cock was hard again and he was lobbing it up and started to rub the head of his cock on my arse, pushing in more and more till it was in... the pain went quickly and he pushed in further and further in dam this was hot I was fucking his wife while he was fucking me. i did not move he did it for both of us. i did not last much longer as i started to fill up Jen till I had nothing left Dave was still working my arse though.

Jen said go easy it is his first time. we moved around and Dave bent here over and put his greased cock in to her arse until he filled up her arse with cum, you could see both here holes dripping with our cum.

all of us were drained, we cleaned up and ended up falling asleep in the one bed.

the next morning I woke up with Dave playing with my cock. I guess I am not going fishing any time soon. we moved in to a side on 69 and sucked on each others cock and started fingering each others arse's Jen was still sleeping right next to us.

Dave moved over and said go on fuck my arse, he bent over and started to lick Jen's pusy as i for the first time ever started to push my cock in to an arse hole... mm i loved the way it felt around my cock as I pushed it all the way in, I hung on to his hips as I thrusted in and out. Jen had awoken up cumming squeezing here tits at the same time, like the night before this was soo hot. not long after Dave moved to start pumping his cock in his hot wife, and Jen ask that I fuck him like he did to me the night before. it was just soo much fun, we all just went at it till we had all cum.

we rested a for a little while, got dressed and went and grabbed something to eat.

Dave and I did end up getting out for a bit of a fish for a few hours. Jen not a fan of fishing said he would get some stuff for dinner tonight.

that day, Dave and I did not mention anything about what happened the night before or that morning, however I could not stop thinking about it .

we got home later that day, just in time for dinner, it sat down and started eating up I sat opperset both Dave and Jen and every now and then someone would rub my foot, however I could not work out who it was but I did not care as it was fun, I started to return the favor,

after dinner I thought that I had better jump in the shower to clean up i was soo excited thinking about the night before.

went back out in to the lounge and saw Jen sitting on the lounge just watching a bit of tv Dave had also went off to have a shower, Jen said sit next to me, while we watched tv, she asked did I like last night, I said, I had soo much fun ( as my cock was stirring in my shorts), I am glad said Jen, as we want to do it all again tonight and I would love it if both your self and Dave would also DP me in my pussy and I hope you have some cum left to fill me up.

I don't need to explain any more as you can work out what happened, and more ;)