Written by guitar_b1

25 Sep 2014

I'd start by slowly kissing you, caressing your body while slowly working my mouth down to your pussy. I'd then start slowly licking and kissing around your moist pussy, making you moan and want it even more. Finally, after teasing you for long enough, I'd start licking and sucking your clit, while occasionally driving my tongue deep into your pussy, making you moan even more. I'd keep licking, sucking, tonguing, and nibbling until you cum, and then continue until you beg me to stop, because it feels too good.

I'd then slowly insert a finger into your now dripping pussy, and stroke the upper wall, before inserting another, making you shudder with pleasure. I would then begin stroking my fingers in and out, while rubbing the wall, slowly getting fast and fast. When you cum again, I'd lick my fingers clean, before inserting my 9 inch cock into your quivering pussy, making you moan and want it more. I'd start off slowly, building a steady rhythm up, making you buck and scream after every thrust. Slowly speeding up, I'd drive my cock in, deeper and deeper until it can't go any further.

The positions would change, but the build up would be the same for each, slowly and steadily then harder and faster. This would take you to the moon and back many times. If I feel that I'm going to cum to quickly, I'll eat you out some more. Then, when you have been satisfied, I'll cum where ever you want it.