Written by hot times

2 Mar 2015

Having a house full of our own kids made it cramped. So when my god daughter in her 30s asked if she could stay as she'd busted up with her boy friend it wasn't an issue.. To clarify she's a good mate daughter a way back. Not a relo

As she had made some comment saying she misted tlc in the bedroom was the draw back about being single. On numerous occasions I could tell she must have been and getting hornyer.

And honestly she was quite a hottie just over 5 foot size 8 Can cup Brest that she let free with her cleavage.

One morning the family was to go to coffs but I woke up feeling quite sick so the wife took the kids and the god daughter stayed home. Being in bed and not getting up I was in my usual sleep wear nothing starkers naked as a bird.

And with it being hot I slept with no sheets on top. Dozing on and off with my mind wondering on the up coming adult party the bill and rose are going to have. I was in quite and erect state.

When tap tap tap at the door. I didn't move or make a sound as I heard the door nob rattle as she opened the door. Realizing I was in full glory I felt it become even harder.

The door swang open then realized she must have been looking long and hard at my think hard cock. Jhon jhon she said but I didn't respond. The bed moved as her leg bumped into it. Then I felt a soft shacking fingers lightly stock my cock from my balls to the head I could have come... But I didn't respond.

The bed crecked was I felt her lips embrasing my head of my cock then her lips slide down my shaft her warm mouth tounge corresing my hard think cock.......

To be continued