Written by To Act Up

25 Mar 2014

This was written for a 'friends' birthday

Just a fantasy

I arrive with just a jacket on and a red ribbon tied across my breasts.

Black heels and knee high stockings

Kiss you happy birthday and walk away to the kitchen.

sit up on the bench legs crossed jacket falling off my shoulders.

you run your hands up my leg my body shivers under your touch and my head goes back looking at the roof.

you reach my stomach and push me down onto the bench, it's cold and my back arches.

you spread my legs looking down at my smooth already wet pussy. you want to taste it but know that I want you to as well so you decide not to.

instead you walk around to my face and turn it towards you. "open" you instruct and i smile and open wide for you.

I luv this moment, the waiting for the first taste of you in my mouth.

you unzip your jeans and set yourself free. I reach out but you tell me "no! leave your eyes open too"

you put the tip of your already rock hard cock onto my bottom lip. "lick it toy"

my tongue licks the tip I can taste you now. hmmm my favourite thing.

you close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of my mouth on you. "hold still toy"

next you slide your cock deep into my mouth looking down at me "eyes wide toy"

i look up at you deep into your blue eyes. you can see into my dark side through my eyes.

knowing that i am yours to do with as you see fit.

the thought drives you wild. the temptation to be deep inside me is so strong but you know the teasing drives me wild and you luv hearing me beg to have you fuck me.

"such a wonderful present toy - what else do you have for me today"

i reach down and touch my smooth pussy, it is dripping wet and i can feel it on my finger tips.

my hand reaches up to your mouth and you take my wet fingers into your mouth.

"hmmm toy you are tempting me to pleasure you but this is my day"

you are moving your cock in and out of my mouth your eyes never leaving mine. you can see the smile in them as you know i am trying to get you to taste me.

you know how quickly your mouth makes me cum for you and how my i enjoy it. but that pleasure was for my bithday and today is about yours.

you luv having your cock in my mouth, how hungry i am for you. to please you and keep you happy.

my hips start to move and you know i can't help the movement but tell me to lay still anyway.

teaching me self control has been the biggest challenge of our play times

"toy your mouth pleases me today"

"put your hands above your head"

you grab my small wrists in your hand and remove yourself from my mouth.

"today i am just going to fuck you and cum in you for my pleasure"

i smile at the thought

"stop it toy this is not for you to enjoy so much now roll over onto your stomach"

you move down between my legs still holding my arms pushing them onto the bench now. Hard and controlling.

you can seeing my juices on the bench now.

it pleases you that i am so wet for you without you having to touch anything.

if you had more time you would work on my clit for hours making me beg but today doesn't allow such pleasure you have things to do.

instead you are going to drive yourself into me and take what is yours.

you push the tip of your cock to my opening. i push back against you

"toy lay still"

i do as i am told waiting for you to be deep inside me.

with you push you are deep in me. giving my body no warning or time to against to your thickness.

i moan out and you know it hasn't been all pleasure for me.

as you move in and out of me your cock grows harder still. my juices are dripping on it and this pleases you to no end.

you don't have time for games today you just want to bury yourself in me and release the pressure.

you lay down on me still pumping hard and put your mouth near my ear

"mine toy all mine"

this sends me and you over the edge.

I cum hard and when i am down you cum too sending yourself deep into me.

"thank you master"

you remove yourself from me

"go home toy"

slapping me on the arse and closing the door behind me.

you know i will have you running down my legs as i get into my car and the thought pleases you.

the longer plays are always fun but the short hard fucks in between are what you like most.