Written by thundervu

4 Dec 2017

I recently had a mate that had found out that his wife had been fucking other guys behind his back and had come round to my place in tears.

Both Jane and I felt really sorry for him as he was looking pretty beaten down and felt that he was unable to find anyone better. Had that had been Jane doing that to me I would have easily fallen into the shared wife zone as I have always wanted her to fuck another guy while I watched and took photos.

The thought of another guy fucking her really turned me on.

I messaged my mate and he said he had made the decision to leave her and start fresh. That is when I got thinking and one night asked Jane if she would be prepared to help someone in need.

When she asked what I was thinking I said would she be interested in having my mate over for drinks and doing some harmless flirting to make him feel good about himself sometime.

She said it couldn't hurt and so I arranged for Dan to come over the following Sat night. We had the kids stay over at Jane's Mums house and had Dan arrive around 6pm.

It was pretty hot so I said we should go for a swim. Jane put on my favourite bikini of hers which was fairly skimpy leaving nothing to the imagination as it was very flattering to her body.

We were all drinking heaps and I winked at Jane and she knew I wanted her to start flirting. Dan couldn't take his eyes off her and kept looking at her pussy lips every time she got out of the water.

Jane was really talking him up and I noticed the affect the attention and the alcohol was starting to have on her.

We started drying off and headed inside. Jane just sat in her bikini with nothing else on.

Dan must have been starting to get horny himself watching Jane get up and get drinks every time we needed a top up. Thats when he blurted out have you got any porn to watch. Jane said some is an understatement and to my surprise said she would get some.

She came back and put it on and had selected one where the girl was getting fucked by two guys. She was sitting with her feet on the couch and her knees to her chest giving Dan a nice view of her pussy.

I noticed he was staring at her pussy and so i glanced over myself only to notice a wet patch. She didn't notice by I gently pulled the string to her bottom part of the bikini enough for it to come undone when she stood up.

The movie was getting pretty full on and she needed another wine so stood up to get it. As she did the part I had undone had dropped down showing Dan a full view of her neatly trimmed pussy.

His jaw literally dropped as he couldn't believe his eyes. She didn't make much effort to cover up so I said she may as well take them off as Dan had already send what was under there as a bit of a joke to test the waters. "alright" she said and let them fall to the floor.

I looked down and her bathers crotch was completely saturated and I knew there was no turning back so I sat her back down and started to play with her cunt. Dan was now mesmerised watching so I pulled her legs wide apart so her could see more. Jane closed her eyes and started breathing heavy as she was nearing climax.

Dan had got up and had kneeled down to lick her pussy. I let him take over and she really started to squirm before suddenly jumping as she came on his tongue.

She opened her eyes to look down and see Dan between her legs.

I unclipped her top and let her boobs out so Dan could see her sexy pink nipples. I then said why don't you take Dan to the bedroom and fuck him.

With that she stood up and took him by the hand leading him to the bedroom. I just sat and let them have some time to get started .

I walked up to the bedroom only to see him slamming his cock into her pussy. It wasn't overly long but quite thick and by the look of it was stretching her open.

I snapped a few pics while he pounded her cunt unprotected for me to view later. He started to tense up and blew a massive load into her pussy.

He kept telling her how hot she was and said he couldn't believe how someone as hot as her would be prepared to fuck him. This spurred her on again and she was grabbing at his cock and saying "well why don't you make the best of it and fuck me again"

It didn't take much to get him hard again so he bent her over only to have the first load drip out of her now loose hole. He pumped her doggy style for a few minutes before pulling out and sticking it up her arse.

Jane took it and started to moan as he built up pace, pounding her arse like the was no tomorrow. She must have been enjoying it as she was pushing back on each thrust.

He was grabbing at her nipples with one hand and shoving his fingers up her cunt at the same time.

Jane was rubbing her clit furiously when she started to jerk with another orgasm which set him off and he unloaded in her arse. Something that I hadn't even done.

She collapsed on the bed with Dan still stuck in her arse and them both breathing heavy. As his cock softened eased it out leaving another hole gaping.

Jane fell asleep and so did Dan so I left them in bed and slept on the lounge.

I woke up at 3am only to hear them fucking again so I left them to it. Then next morning Dan went home.

Jane was still asleep naked in bed full of cum so I let her sleep. She woke up later with a bit of a hangover, so I licked her well used pussy clean before she showered.

Needless to say Dan has a renewed confidence and Jane is happy she was able to get him back on track.