Written by Candy1991

16 Jun 2012

For some reason i haven't been my kinky self so im regaining some kinkiness by this story:

It starts off like a date some dinner some dancing maybe something light nothing too date like because whenever i look into his eyes... i want to kiss his sexy lips touch his hands and fuck him senseless...

As i take one look at him he grabs my hands puts them above my head and kisses me deep on the lips, rubbing his leg against my inner thigh. we part lips i slip him my adventurous tongue and explore the mouth of his hmmm such a good kiss so little time im wet im ready but of course this man loves to tease and most know im bad when i get teased maybe because i like it too much or maybe because it drives me insane hehe you be the judge.

i feel his cock against me through his tight pants and all i keep thinking is i want it i want it now hmmm juicy in my mouth to suckle till its essence fills my throat and i cant take no more hmmm such a thought but will it happen i wonder?

he pulls away looks me in the eyes to tell me to get on the bed now look but still he whispers im just going to take a quick shower then lets go of me walks undressing in each stride shirt then pants then all i can see is a sexy ass waving in the distance and a voice saying follow and you wont be sorry haha.

so as i follow all i keep thinking is should i ask to join him or shall i watch hmm i walk towards the bathroom hearing the water drip and seeing it drip down his hair down his back then he turns and i see it drip all the way down to his toes hmmm so horny so wanna do things but nope he teased me now pay backs a bitch hmmm ill do some of my own. So with a cheeky smile i as i gaze at this gorgeous body i start to undress but instead of going in i rub myself watching him watching me and seeing him wet as he seeing me drip aswell he says come here now in a stern voice and i shake my head and say no then he asks again more stern more serious then without me knowing he gets out of the shower grabs me on the ass pulls me up onto the bench in the bathroom sticks his hard cock into my wetness and starts off slow to tease to intimadate me to show me who is boss then when my moaning has lowered he speeds up.

fucking me hard making me cum making me squirt and making him on the verge to cum and i couldnt help it i couldn t let him pull out so i take that sweet cum inside me filling up my pussy making me cum harder and as we dry each other.

we lay on the bed in each others arms kissing and cuddling till we can go another round hehe