Written by Pepperberry

18 Jul 2011

Waking to a sudden noise down stairs, a light sweat broke out all over my body. What was that? I sat up, my cat was still curled up on the end of the bed. So what was that noise? My feet silently hit the floor and I stood, I crept to the bedroom door and opened it quietly...a light bobbed down the hall, maybe from the kitchen.

I stepped slowly and softly, as not to make a sound, towards the light.

I step into the side board and the crash echoed through my house. I stood so still, the light went out and I heard footsteps coming towards me, the door way to the living room was just opposite me and I ran to it slamming the door behind me, my heart beat deafening me, my breathing almost panicked. All was suddenly silent, but I knew there was someone in my house!

I leant against the door, forgetting the kitchen opened into the living room. Whisper quiet I heard, maybe felt more than heard, someone in the room with me. My eyes quickly adjusted to the dark and I saw a shadow of a man across the room. My pulse quicken, I stopped breathing. The shadow moved towards me as if it knew where I stood. It suddenly came to me I was only wearing my panties and a t-shirt.

The shadow came closer, I ripped open the door of was leaning on and raced down the hall to the kitchen, heading for the back door as I reached for the door strong hands grabbed me from behind and one clamped over my mouth cutting off my scream the other snaking around my belly lifting me off my feet.

I was swung around and my feet kicked out trying to connect with something.

"quit struggling or I'll have to hurt you" the deep voice said right in my ear. I stopped struggling and he pulled me closer to him. Against my back I felt the heat of the man. He was alot taller than me, wider and very hard. The hand that covered my mouth, slowly withdrew as he said "make no sound, or else"

His hand moved to roughly cup my breast, my nipple betrayed my fear and hardened at his touch, his thumb brushed lightly over the hard peak sending a sudden wave of anticipation through my body.

My breath was now heavier, but no longer with fear. His thumb brushed my nipple again and a small moan passed my lips. He shifted behind me and I felt his desire at the small of my back. I shivered. His other hand slid down my belly and across my hip pulling me closer to his hard length. He lowered his head and I felt his hot breath on my neck, just below my ear. "I want you."

His voice so low, so erotic the sound. I groaned as his hand slid around and cupped my mound over my thin panties. His skilled fingers still played with my nipple, I felt the desire course through my body. My head tipped back as he slid a finger under the panties, teasing, the other hand now pulling my t-shirt up over my head, I gave no resistance.

He turned me around slowly hands sliding over my body lightly, daring me to pull away, I couldn't even if I wanted to, I was caught good and proper and wanted to stay caught. He walked me backwards until I came up against the island bench. His head dipped and he captured my mouth in a hard sudden kiss. His tongue delved deep in my mouth tangling with mine, the heat of the kiss heating the core of me.

His hands traced my breasts lightly flicking my hard peaks, my hands slid over his shoulders and back pulling at his top, I wanted to feel skin on skin. I pulled his shirt over his head breaking the kiss. his lips them found my nipples, flicking and licking lightly, small moans escaped my lips I felt the heat rise in my groin. He suddenly lifted me and I was now sitting on the bench, he lightly pulled on my hair and tilted my head back, gaining him more access to my throat and breasts. He stepped close in between my legs and I felt his desire hard against my hot core. Still there was his jeans and my panties barring the way. My hands reached towards his jeans popping the button and sliding down the zipper, he shifted slightly enough for me to slid the jeans down over his hard length and ass, never did he stop his assault on me with his lips and tongue. My hand slowly wrapped around his thick length squeezing softly, he shuddered audibly and he bit me softly above the collar bone, I smiled to myself.

He suddenly lifted me and ripped off my panties, now we were both naked, both breathing heavy I still sat on the bench, legs apart he stepped closer again I removed my hand and slid both up to his shoulders as his mouth claimed mine again. The heat of the kiss was electrifying and I felt his length pushing at my wet warm pussy. My hands slowly slid toward his hips his hands slid under my bottom lifting it off the bench angling me towards his probing length. He pushed forward filling me completely, I let out a soft scream and I threw my head back with the ecstasy I felt. He pulled me closer pushing deep into me groaning as he felt my wet tight sheath around him. He pulled out slowly, before pushing forward just as slowly the friction delightful as we moved together, his lips found mine again and deepened the kiss and replicated the thrusting of our hips with our tongues. Hands roamed over my breasts my nails lightly scratched his back as we got into a slow deep rocking movement, the passion rising.

The movements started to get more urgent he lifted me off the bench and I wrapped my legs around his hips, he turned and slammed my back against the door pushing up into me I moaned and he bit me again, my nails scraped down his back, my pleasure mounting, curling in my belly he pushed up again I could feel him losing control as my climax reached the peak my head thrown back I screamed my release he shuddered into me his hot climax poured into me.

He stood holding me against the door for a moment more resting his head on my shoulder, still buried deep in me, feeling my post climax pulsing around him.

Slowly he lifted me down, my feet touching the floor, he placed a soft kiss on my lips and another on my forehead, "you were great honey, let's go to bed and do it much more slowly" I smiled and lead the way to our bed......