Written by philneal33

26 Feb 2013

Hope you enjoy

Your sitting in a food court one day alone drinking a coffee, and there is a big noise you turn around to look at the commotion.

When you turn back there is folded sheet of paper next to your cup, you look around and see a man walking away, you can only see his back as he walks around a corner and out of site.

You gingerly look at the paper, unsure whether to turn it over or not. In the end you pick up your cup and take a sip, not taking your eyes of the paper, you give in and look around again for the mystery delivery man, but no only people out shopping and meeting for coffee and a chat with friends, you startle as the people on the next tale across scrape there chairs as they stand up and leave, noticing you are now relatively alone you pick up the paper, as you do you can see red, it looks like at least one picture.

You look around again, and then slowly open the paper bringing it close to your chest, you realise you are holding your breath as you open it, there is a real woman with curves, blindfolded and gagged with what appears to be lace underwear lying on her back covered in you guess is cum from her exposed nipples to her streaked chin and hair. Youcatch your breath again as younotice a smaller picture above it withthe words You'd enjoy it too underneath it, then shudder and nearly drop the paper as you realise the smaller picture is of yourself kneeling on your bed ass splayed with just a thong covering your magnificent ass and pussy. clutching the paper to yourself you are desparate to make sure no one else has seen the contens of the paper, and as you calm down you realise that you are very wet, your beathing shallow and it feels like your nipples are poking through your top.

You look down convinced they will be completely visible to everyone only to find that you can tell but most people will think you just have great breasts as all ways. You push the paper into your bag take a last big gulp of your coffee, as you realise your mouth is so dry, and stand up.

You head straight for your car, nearly getting to the exit before you need to go to the bathroom. You quickly turn and head down those long corridors to the toilets, damn there is a cleaning sign outside the ladies, but younotice the disabled toilet is open slighty, and duck in and close and lock the door.

You sit down without doing anything to catch your breath, as you do you look down and see the corner of the crumpled paper sticking up, you resist for a second but before you realise your reaching and holding the whole page open right in front of you,your cant decide where to look at the cum covered woman flushed and obviously just fucked lady with cum all over, and the picture of yourselfpresenting yourself to become that lady well fucked in every hole.

Befotre you realise one hand has slipped to your breast and is gently squeezing and massaging your nipple even harder, a moan escapes, but you cannot tear your eyes away, your ass and pussy covered in the thiest of material, and all that cum covering her face and breasts, your caught by shock as you pinch your nipple hard.

Its nouse your pussy is streaming and you can feel it soaking completely through your panties, they will have to go you think and drop the paper to the floor next to your handbag.

You stand and pull dwon your sodden undies, but they catch where the soaked fabric has risen between your slippery flushed, and puffy pusy lips, you squeeze your thighs together as it pulls away, oh the slight pain, but oh the sensation, you cant help it you have to dip a finger between your lipsto feel the pressure again, its no use, you glance down there is yourpussy waiting behind that material for a hard cock to penetrate you and fuck you and cover you with cum just like her, I want to be here you hear your self think. You sit on the very edge of the toilet skirt around your waist, and have to pull your lips apart so your other hands can push the fingers deeplyinto you slowly drawing back to spread a gush of fluid around your already wet pussy and down over your slippery ass.

You begin to masterbate furiously, glancing down at your self and the cum covered woman, you begin to think about the man walking away was hisass that good in his jeans or are you just imagining now in the throws of passion, you glance at the door at thelittle red light that s locked, you breath as you find your way to your hard sensitive clit, but a movement of light under the door startles you again and you stop holding your breath your chest heaving trying to be quiet, while the shadow waits at the door.

It seems like an eternity but the shadow moves away, and your clitoris comes back to your main focus, your finger restinf on it feels good but itneed to be wetter,you slip a finger back into your self and you surprise your self tyhere is a massive gush as you push in, damn the thought of being caught has made you flood.or was it him was hefollowing meto make me thewoman gagged and covered in cum.That thought is too much and you feel yourself ready to cum you urgently spread your wetness up and over your clit, damn its so hard and hot and ahhhh sensitive. you stroke it a fewtimes and then your biting your lipsas your legs start to shake and you stomach tightens as you cum on your own hand.

trying to be quite and still you glance down see the picture of your ass and a final jolt runs through your body, but again there is movement at the door. the shadow is back, you hear a soft laugh as the shadow moves away, You look down at your self pussy exposed hands covered in your own wetness and on the floor there is the piece of paper one corner now showing a spreading stain where you have made the floor slippery and wet.

You sit there for a moment trying to calm yourself, until there is a knock on the door, you nearly scream its the shadow come back to make you wear his cum, your excited then scared all at once, then a frailvoice comes are you nearly done.

Youi snap out of the sexual trance you have been in scoop up the paper and shove it hand into your bag, frantically wipe your pussy thighs and ass with tissue and wrap your knickers in a paper towel, thrust that in your bag and flush the toilet.

you hit the open door button and nearly run out of the toilet past the old lady standing there, you get outside and there is the safety of your car no more pictures on the window orpeople standing by, as you step out to walk to the car you notice the sweet fresh air, and are horrified that you just let that little old lady walk into that toilet with your pussy's aroma in the air and your mess on the floor,

you drive away quickly, ashamed yet invigorated by what you just did, as you approach home you can feel the bottom of your skirt is starting to stick to your ass.

Your arrive home go straight to the bathroom but as soon as your skirt is off you sit down and are masterbating again