Written by BbnandBikie

6 Jun 2010

Door bell rings at your art studio for your 10am appointment, unsure of what I’m after as you only booked me in two hours before as I’m is in desperate need of a painting done. Your not sure what I meant when I said on the phone “it will be a little outside the normal art your use to doing”.

As you open the door to your studio, you greet me looking at me in wonderment as to what my request will be. You ask me in and ask if I would like a drink before we start. I say “yes” to a coffee. You find it an odd drink to be having on such a hot humid day. As you make your way over to start the drinks, I watch you in your ankle long low cut light blue dress. We start chatting about some of your works hanging on the walls and in piles on the floor. I say to you “I’m a lover of good works of art, and these works I do like”

As you hand me my coffee your interest as to what I’m here for you as you ask me “What is it that I’m here for that is so unusual that will be outside of my normal work” I sip on my coffee and say “I wish to be painted” you look a little taken back by my request. I continue “I am looking to get few tattoo’s done but would like to see how they would look on me first”. You look at me a little red starting to show on your face when you ask “where do you want them painted and what do you want painted”

I reply slowly “I wish to leave that up to you as you’re the artist, I’m just the blank piece of paper to show your work on”. There’s a silence for a moment as your not sure at this request. But reply “I would love to”

You tell me to take my top off, as you get two seats and put it beside your easel. You instruct me to sit with my back to you, I see you grab a small piece of charcoal and I feel you start drawing lines on my back. You comment on the hot sticky day as my back is a little damp and the charcoal will not take in places. You grab a bit of rag to dry of the area. I feel your fingers rubbing my back slowly as you spread out the charcoal. This is an unusual feeling for me and at the same time quite sensual with your light touches. I feel your breath on my back as you slowly blow the charcoal off me.

My heart starts to speed up and my breathing is getting deeper. My cock is starting to harden with each time you blow across my back. You tell me that the charcoal is no good and you need to use paints. You wash down my back and start putting different paints on to your pastel. I feel the brushes slowly running over my body with the cool feeling of the paints.

All of a sudden with one of your brush strokes you tickle me, my elbow flings back and knocks the paints onto your dress. I spin around off my seat to see you sitting there covered in paint. I see your eyes glued to my harden cock pushing at my pants just a foot away from you. I bend down to grab a rag to help clean your top. I start dabbing at the paint stained light blue dress you have on, you stand up before me and tell me to leave it you have another dress to change into.

As you turn away from me you slip on one of the paint tubes on the floor falling back onto me, I grab you around the waist and help you back up, but you pause as you feel my hard cock on you. I feel your pause and slightly push my hips towards you, I feel you push back and let out a slight moan. I run my fingers over the front of your body and over your breasts, your head falls back onto my shoulders as I look at you your eyes closed as your breathing deepens and I hear slight moans of enjoyment.

I softly kiss your neck and slowly make my way up to your ear lobs where I softly kiss and nibble on them. I feel your knee’s weaken by this as your deep breathing turns into a moan of lust. Your hands working there way behind you searching for my cock as you find it you let out a low mmmmmmmm as you start rubbing it thru my pants. I start running my hands up towards your shoulders where I slowly run the straps of your dress over them and down your arms. Your dress falls to the floor showing your naked breast, I ran my hands down over them. My hands clasped over your nipples as I feel your lust building thru your nipples as they harden. I get both your nipples in between my fingers and softly turn them and lightly pull them. I slowly start running one hand down over your stomach towards your knickers, I feel you take a deep breath and hold it in waiting to feel my hands on your pussy. I get to the top of your knickers where I put my thumb inside them and leave my other fingers on the outside and run them across the top of knickers, I stop nibbling on your ear and monition your head to mine where I can kiss you’re your bottom lip and nibble lightly on it. Then I move my hand lower over your soaked knickers feeling your wet outer pussy lips thru them as I run my hand up and down them feeling your body move with my hand your knee’s trying to keep you up as you start shaking. We kiss with open wanting mouths as our breathing hastens. I move my other hand down now to your pussy as I feel your hips bucking backward and forward feeling my hand wanting me I bring my hand up from your pussy lips and with both hands I lower your knickers down your legs, I bend down with them taking them to the floor. My face now only inches from your pussy, I can smell your sex. I start kissing you bottom and slowly run my tongue down towards your pussy. You bend forward knowing I want to eat your pussy, I know you want my tongue so I slowly run it along your outer lips up and down. I feel you start to shake as you cry out. I burry my face in your pussy my tongue searching for your clit as you slowly move your pussy up and down enjoying it. I feel your first orgasm approaching as I speed up licking your pussy with more force.

You orgasm over my face you shake in ecstasy that your knees give out and you fall to the floor and roll on your back, eyes still closed hands on your head and slowly rolling from side to side. I see you laying there your pussy wanting more, I see on the floor beside you a soft haired fanned paint brush. I pick it up and move in between your legs opening your outer pussy lips to show your lustful pussy and clit. I softy run the paint brush along your legs and over your pussy and with quick flicks off the bush over your clit, I then put two fingers inside you and start a walking a motion in side you in an upwards direction finding your g spot, this is too much for you as you start cumming again and again, then I take the brush away and start licking your clit again, you start wiggling as I chase your clit with my tongue and I feel your pussy squeezing my fingers I know your close to your next orgasm, you orgasm letting out screams of ecstasy and enjoyment. This is too much for you tell me to fuck you now. I drop my pants and you come over and start sucking on my cock, you run your tongue along my cock and suck on each one of my balls, not wanting to cum just yet I take my cock away from you. I turn you over on your hands and knees I move in behind you my cock glistening from you, your pussy wet from me as I slowly ran my cock up and down your pussy lips, I here your moaning increase as I tease you that little bit more. I slowly enter you, you push back wanting all I have, you take me deep inside you, your pussy grabbing my cock not wanting to let me pull out. I slowly start fucking you with short half strokes, your pussy juice dripping of my cock and down my balls, I feel you tightening again I start pumping you harder with deep thrusts your screams and moans become uncontrollable as you lose your self control as you cum again this is too much for me as I pull out and cum all over your lower back and arse.

We collapse in a heap on the floor breathing deeply as I say this to you

“I’m a lover of good works of art, and you are the best piece of art I have ever found”

By bbn