20 Feb 2020

Three weeks passed, I know it’s odd for a husband to say, but that night did again provide a spark for us in the bedroom. We were so horny from that one night, we fucked almost every day when we got back home. One night, I came home from work to surprise Shona with a dinner reservation. I walked in the front door, on closing the door, all the lights in the house were off, which was odd for Shona to do.

I walked through the house and looking down our hallway, the only light on was coming from our bedroom. I walked towards the room, and as I got closer, I heard slapping sounds, skin on skin. I looked into the bedroom, the door was wide open and got a huge surprise, Brent was there. My wife was on the bed, stark naked, on all fours covered head to toe in sweat. Brent was fucking her from behind. He wasn't looking at her, he was looking towards the ceiling, I'm sure he was chanting. Shona looked like her brain and body were in sexual overload. Brent was pounding into my wife furiously. Was the sex that good they decided to keep in touch? How long was he in town? If so, how long have they been fucking? how many times has he fucked her? Shona looked right through me, her eyes were glazed. It was like I wasn’t even there, she was really looking right through me. Brent turned to look at me. Suddenly, I shit you not, his eyes started glowing. Actually glowing a reddish color, and I got momentarily scared. This man fucking my wife I realised was not a man. Like months before, I was suddenly frozen in fear, as Brent, not slowing his fucking for even one second, slowly transformed before me into the horned beast with the most evil snarl, I first saw screwing my wife. Not stopping his violent thrusting into my wife, the being spoke again to me saying, laughing at me “I told you I would be back, I am tied forever to this woman and she will be forever tied to me" he says in a low, deep melodious voice. This time when the Mantigan had his orgasm, the creature again pushed himself brutally into my wife, so balls-deep. He orgasmed, he let out the most gutteral groan. Shona groaned too, groaned out like she was being torn apart, squealing out loud as the creature gripped its hands tightly around her neck choking her throat, causing her to roll her eyes back and then she exploded in her own leg shuddering orgasm.

This horrific beast Mantigan, then released the tight hold around my wife’s throat, pushing her away, letting her fall, screwed and exhausted, flat and dishevelled onto our bed. The creature pulled it’s large ugly penis out of my wife and he again smiled his cruel smile at me, “I’m pleased this human woman can accommodate my phallus. In time I will train her body to accept me up into her darker channel, her body, her mind, will then be mine forever”. The creature stood up, his dribbling cock was still semi erect, leaving my exhausted and panting wife splayed out on our bed, laying again in a huge pool of cum.

"Prepare and ready her for my next visit, I will return soon" he sternly told me, then walking toward me and then pushing by, he left the room, he seemed to vanish into thin air once again. As soon as he vanished I was then immediately able to move again and I dived over to my wife. Shona had that stunned and glazed over look still in her eyes, and I asked if she was ok. “I’m ok honey, I’m just so fucking, so fucked”, was all she said. She then closed her eyes and flaked out.

This imposing horrible creature had hypnotised, pummeled and destroyed my wife once more, the beast taking her and blowing his volumous semen into her willing body. Does that mean she may get pregnant to him? Will his steamy seminal substance affect, or change her in some way? I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, since this beast is a shapeshifter, he could be anyone, he could appear and take her again and agian anytime he wanted her. He could constantly be watching us, leering, wanting, lusting my wife.

The thing is, my wife really has come to like his attention and I find I'm so completely helpless to do anything to stop him taking her.

The End