Written by Justin_forfun

12 Nov 2015

My two mates (john and bill) had a day at my place while the girls had a shopping day. We were out in the shed and had tv on while we worked on my bikes.

John asked why are we watching cricket when we could be watching porn the girls aren't here, so I figured why not so I went to the secret spot and dragged out some DVDs and played it grabbed a beer from the fridge and kept working. After ten minutes of lame porn I threw in a gang bang one and that started getting my pre cum starting to flow. We got to a section where a guy and a girl were sucking on another guys cock, Bill dropped the old gay comment and john said nothing but I could hear his breathing deepen.

I then asked if they had ever watched a shemale in action and john said once or twice and bill never so I fired up the computer and brought up the shemale porn. I was sitting with the others over my shoulders and as I dropped my hand to move my chair I felt that John had a boner and he quickly moved back a bit. After a few minutes I moved my elbow to feel if he still had a boner and yep still there , I looked up at him and he smiled . John then moved in and had his cock in reach of my elbow and he pushed a few times and I nudged back. Bill then started joking about how good the tits were on the shemale and how he would love to tit fuck her/him and we said but it's a bloke. After ten minutes of shemale porn and johns hard cock I thought what the hell so I said how cool it would be being the meat in the sandwich. John was open to the conversation but bill was a bit held back and he said if he ever had to be with a bloke he would only be the giver not the receiver. John said he would do the same but let him or the shemale suck his cock.

Anyway it was up to me to get my fantasy going and we were being honest so I said I would like to be the meat in the sandwich. I then clicked on a video and it had a shemale sitting on a cock while sucking another guy. I said there you go boys just what we want , John replied hastily and bill thought about it for a bit, I said well I'm just going inside and I'll be back. John followed and left bill at the computer and we went inside John went to the bathroom and I went to my bedroom and got some lube and condoms "just I case". As I came out John was standing there and looked flushed and then asked if I was serious about this so I showed him the items in my hand. He blurted out awesome and asked how will we do it and what about bill, I started walking past him and said lets just play it as it goes. As I walked past I gave his cock a little rub and he was a hard as a rock and he said he had never been with a bloke before and I said well I have played with toys so I will take the anal if no one else does.

We walked back into the shed and here's bill watching the same scene we left him on and had his crotch right under the table hiding his excitement obviously. I just walked up and dropped the condoms and lube on the desk and then bill moved out from under the desk and here he was pants undone and cock hard as. We'll in no time flat all pants were off and I just had on my button up shirt in which I undid and tied up in a knot. I said bill put a condom on you lay down and john you stand there and I lubed up bill and myself and then slowly sat on bills cock. John then moved over and I grabbed his cock and started sucking his knob, after about 5 minutes of relaxing I managed to get all of bills average size cock up me and John had a thick 7 inch cock that I was trying to deep throat. Bill then started grabbing my chest as though I had tits and he started pushing his cock in me harder as John was holding the back of my head and slowly pushing. After ten minutes of this I was so horny and I shut my eyes and pictured myself as the shemale in the video. I then got up and asked if they could both try and get their cocks in me so john suited up and bill stayed on his back and I reversed cowboyed him and that left john kneeling trying to get it in me. Again another 5 plus minutes and I had bill halfway in and johns knob in me , he pulled it out and lubed up some more then put it back in. Ten minutes later I had 1 in and 1 halfway in I was in total bliss, we stayed that way for another 10 to 15 minutes and then I laid on the work bench and bill stood there and fucked me while I pulled myself I came and then bill came and John stood there as I sucked him until he came.

After we had done all we wanted it was a clean up and then into the pool for a swim, bill has only ever done it every now and then but john and I are on about every fortnight and now I dress in drag for him with clothing and shoes we have bought, collected and bill has joined us in that once but we think he will come around