Written by Lindyloo

25 Mar 2011

I am throbbing as I write this, you know as well as I do that when we got off the phone just then, I was rubbing, twisting, teasing myself as you told me our story. No its my turn, I know as you read this your getting heated, blood is building, one hand is on the computer keys, the other reaching down to your cock which is now twitching and pulsing because you know I’m thinking and writing about you.

Its our meeting day, this has been building for weeks, sweet sexual tension is at its peak and today, finally is here. As per arranged, I park my car and walk away, it is in plain site, easy for you to find. Checking around to make sure no one is looking, you slide your spare room key card under the wiper. “Game on” you think as you stroll away knowing that very soon, I will come back, get that card and make my way up to your room. We have giving ourselves plenty of time, there is no rush, but the sweet tension has gone to my head and I’m nervous, not enough to back out, just enough to have my pulse racing, breathing shallow, sweaty palms. Thru the reception, up the lift and enter your room. I can breathe normal again. There is a note on the bed, “Relax Bella” it says “Hot bath is run, Wine in the fridge, I will see you soon xo”. Walking straight to the fridge, I get a glass out of the cupboard and pour myself a drink, first sip starts to warm me and takes the edge off, I make my way around the bed to the bathroom, peak inside and there is a large spa bath, steaming hot, waiting for me. I strip off, wine in hand, step into the hot tub and lay back. Closing my eyes, I relax. Breathing is normal, heart rate slowed. After a minute, I reach for the face washer, dip it in the hot water and start to softly rub my body with it, arms first, down my neck, over my chest, making sure I circle my nipples with the hot rough fabric. They harden slightly with the touch but I keep moving, lower, caressing my stomach, reach in between my legs, the toweling slides over grazing my lips and down my thighs to my feet. Left one first then right. This is making me warm again, but not from the touch, from the thought, that very soon you will be doing the exact same thing but with your finger tips, your tongue, your body. I take a deep breath and go under the water. It’s hot and tingles my head. I lay back again, relaxed and calm. I am ready. Getting out of the water, I dry myself, leaving damp patches over my body because when we start, I know I will get all hot and I like the cool wetness on my body to contrast that hot feeling inside. Making my way back into the room, refill my glass and lay down on the bed. I have laid out my silver bullet toy and a few other things to keep me entertained as I wait for you. Looking at the time, I see you will be here any minute so I take my blindfold, tie it in place, and slowly start to rub and circle my body with that bullet. Up and down my body, around my breasts, in between my thighs, brushing lightly against my lips. The door opens, a rush of cold air comes thru the room and I hear you walk towards me. You take a sharp breathe, we know this would turn you on, but the sight of me laying naked on your bed, playing with my self, is more than you envisioned in your mind. You are itching to touch me, but as agreed you get a glass of wine and go and sit on the chair you set up at the end of the room to watch me. I can hear you moving in your chair as I pick up my bullet with one hand and start to play again, your so hard now, you weren’t expecting to be so turned on so suddenly but the site is almost too much. I move the bullet around my body, avoiding in between my legs, knowing that when I do get there, we will both be in trouble. My other hand is caressing my breasts, running down the length of me, curving and shaping my body, over my hips and down my stomach. I reach down with my fingers, in between my lips, parting them to give you a good look, and start to rub and slide my clit with my fingers and now the bullet. I moan, it feels so good, and now my body is stretching up, pussy pushing hard against them. You can’t take it anymore, come over and kiss me. Your hands holding my chin and neck, your lips brush mine, tongue diving into my mouth. Its rough and hard to start then you slow it down and I can feel the sensual soft side of you take over. I hear you groan, deep inside, you want more but cant have it. We agreed, only kissing, nothing else. You pull away, eyes ravishing my body, I can’t see you but can feel you looking over me. It makes me hot and now I’m wet. The thrill of knowing how much I turn you on and you cant do anything about it makes me excited. Playing again, you move back, happy to just watch now, knowing that some day very soon, you will get to taste, touch and have it all. Circling my pussy, I’m so turned on, wet and aching to release. Moaning and moving, the bullet and fingers clash between my legs and I mash them together to rub my clit. I’m so close, the tension is robbing me of breath, I arch up and sweet juice squirts out, you let out an explosive groan and your hot cum covers my breasts, chest and stomach. Passing me a towel to clean up, you lean over, take my blindfold off and whisper “Hello Bella” in my ear. “Ready for dinner?”