Written by flirty_2009Mr

27 Jun 2014

Walking along the trail, enjoying the peacefulness and the time by ourselves. After a fare lunch and a bit to drink i had the urge to pee. I break from out hand in hand walk, look around to see if anyone is around and move off into a small cleared area of scrub and unzip my fly. Just at this point I notice you had followed and said to me ‘if I hold yours, will you hold mine?’ on hearing this I turn to you and without either of us saying any more you unzip my fly fully and reaching and pulling out my dick and held it pointing out while I started to pee a far stream. After I had finished you shook the last dribbles from the eye of my dick and tucked it back into my pants and zipped me up. I then unzipped your shorts and pulled them and your undies to your feet and you stepped forward out of them, I placed them up on a stump out of the dirt and so they didn’t get peed on. You stood in such a way that your feet wide apart and knees bent so that you wouldn’t pee down your leg. I placed my hand on your pussy and spread your lips with 2 fingers and held then and watched as you started to pee. You peed a stream that seemed to go further and went for longer than mine. After you had stopped I gave you a little shake to get the drips off your lips and helped you back into your pants. With all this having you hold me then me hold you to pee go me a little wound up which you noticed and winked at me saying ‘we have to find a park bench to ride you on’ and on that comment we continued our walk.

To Be Continued……………………………..