Written by Someone

24 Aug 2013

JUST FOR YOUR EYES...................Upon entering the room we slowly embrace. My kisses are so moist and perfect. You feel waves of pleasure pulsate from your mouth through your body. You pull back so you can get another look at my lusty beautiful eyes. The kissing then intensifies and you know your lips have to explore more! Your kisses move to my blushing cheek and towards my ear.As You pass it you simply whisper, "I must have you. Will you give yourself to me?"I whisper softly back, "Take me."So you proceed down my neck, kissing, nibbling, and very gently sucking, but leaving no mark. You know you must be careful. Your hands begin to feel me again, caressing around my body, and roaming where ever the moment leads. My curves are exquisite. You can't believe you are privileged to have me. Slowly down my neck your mouth moves, kissing where it meets my body. You kiss the other side exposing my shoulders. I smell so good! You now know you have to move to my bulging breasts, lowering yourself to put your face into my irresistible cleavage. Your lips and tongue move down into it, and you have to press your face in, resulting in both of us breathing heavier.You then kiss and lick across the tops of my breasts, finally pulling my straps over my shoulders. You then proceed down, your jaw pushing my dress and bra down more, the tongue yearning to go lower. Finally, you have to see more. You are so close to my nipple. Reaching around and unsnapping my bra, it loosens and you can glimpse what you so long to kiss and suck. The bra drops and my sensuous breasts are finally fully before you. Licking and sucking all around my nipples, you still restrain from yet touching them. your warm hands still roaming, you find that curvy ass which is so wonderful to feel! Your head goes back and forth, but just letting your hot breath stimulate my nipples for now.But I moan finally telling you i can wait no longer. Your lips finally touch my erect nipples with your tongue swaying back and forth, and then up and down. Moving to the other one, your hands come around to squeeze what you just tasted.I feel myself getting so wet; my pussy begins to throb. My knees are so weak. Your hands now take both breasts and squeezes them together. You delight in going back and forth between the nipples that are now so closely pressed together.You know you need to gently take me onto the bed, so we lower onto it. My body is just what you craves. So your mouth moves slowly down my body, kissing my stomach and sides. Your tongue dances over my belly button and i know i have to have more of this passion. My panties are so erotic, perfect for me! Your mouth moves down pressing into me through them. You can tell I am so wet! Your mouth moves to the inside of my legs, your lips stimulating my soft skin. Your tongue keeps going from side to side, from leg to leg, but making sure your mouth strokes my vulva each time,

though it is still covered.Throbbing beyond control, needing your tongue, I have to pull my sensuous panties off. And your are exhilarated! It's so perfect, so wet, and your nose is saturated with the erotic smell of its strong yearning. So your tongue begins to lick all around my pussy, but not yet on it. It goes up and down, on each side. My breathing is so quickened! I can feel your breath with the lips barely not touching me! And hands have moved up massaging my nipples.Now you can wait no longer. Your tongue first lightly dances across my clit making my yield a sigh. Burying your face in my lips and clit, you are now licking as sensuously as you can. Sucking all of my lips and clit into your mouth, you then press your tongue in and i openly moan with delight. your fingers are still up my body, knowing that my nipples are sending waves of extra pleasure and wonderful sensitivity to my pussy as you stimulate them perfectly. I feel it building,

myself losing control. The licks are sending me into pure pleasure; the room disappears; and the only thing i can feel is your mouth and hands. The only thing i can hear is your feasting on me, and my own groans of pleasure!"I'm cuming!" i shout.I finally explode into a climax, pulling your head on to me harder! I call out again and again, and you are so delighted. You didn't know you could be this turned on.Now craving your erection i want you to roll over to your back. You sense my desire and allow it. Before I feel your throbbing head enter me , i want to also taste you . I slide My body up yours, my mouth going up your chest, and my breath warming your skin as i move upward. You feel my hand grasp your cock and give it a gentle pull, fingers gliding over your rim make you pulse. My mouth kisses up your neck, over your strong chin, and finally up to the lips that gave me the ecstasy. I wetly kiss Your swollen lips, my tongue then inserting into your

mouth, and its tip slowly moving across your teeth. I give your lip a nibbling pull before you feels it glide over my lip.My fingers still stimulating the head of your cock, I whisper in your ear, "I want to take you deep into my mouth." Your heart beats harder as you feel my erotic mouth move down your chest and stomach. I kiss and lick all the way down your muscular front. It seems as if I can't get there fast enough, so you thrusts up gently pushing my head down lower. I slurp on each side of your balls, my tongue tip sliding up them onto the base of your shaft. I now give licks sideways across YOUR shaft starting at the bottom, slowly moving up. I finally get close to your head, it's glistening with precum, but you only feel my breath on it. I now take long licks up the whole length of this shaft, again barely missing your rim. You can barely take it, your cock throbbing uncontrollably.And I say, "I think I'll just kiss it."I let my lips finally touch your head, wetting themselves on your salty precum. I then kiss all around your rim, My hands softly massaging your balls. It's driving you wild and you beg me to please suck on your cock.I tease, "Perhaps I can give it a little French kiss?"So i kiss it again, opening my mouth a little more, my tongue slurping as i kisses. The stimulation makes your cock as hard as you have felt it. I then catch you off guard by suddenly taking your whole head into my mouth. I suck and makes sure all my lips and tongue touch every surface of your head as i pull it out. Deep in delight, you moans. I do it again taking you shaft a little deeper, and then finally giving long slurping sucks to your entire length. Quickening my pace, you then start to lose yourself in the pleasure. You can feel your climax is starting to build, but I won't stop, hungrily sucking on your cock. You are torn between exploding in my mouth and feeling yourself buried deep within me. I so love your hard cock in my mouth, but i think about stopping, wanting it driving inside me. The desire is there to also experience your hot cum explode in my mouth. I know We have plenty of time for more. I decide to give you one more long sucking lick, but that is all it takes. Your climax is now beyond stopping. Your eyes try to watch but your vision dims and your arms weaken reaching to touch my head where your bursting erection is throbbing. Overcome by your hard ejaculation, you give in having no strength but to pulse your hot exploding cum into my moist mouth. Feeling it pour out of you, your ecstasy is at its peak. Feeling your cock swell to its maximum, i hungrily take in every drop, feeling your strong milky squirts fill my mouth as i pull slowly back and forth over your rim. As it lessens, your body collapses and your head rests, taking in every extra swipe of my tongue as i lap you up. You are stunned at the intensity of the pleasure you have been able to experience. You can only look at me with pure adoration.After I let Your spent cock slip out of my mouth i move up your damp chest still inhaling swiftly from what you gave me. I up to your face and pierce into your satisfied eyes.You tell me, "I can't describe the overwhelming pleasure you gave me. It felt like my life was cuming out of my cock. Please just kiss me."I gladly do. You take me into your arms and my breasts squeeze onto your chest. I slip my tongue in so you can feel all that which made you cum so wonderfully. Saturated with such satisfaction you feel a strong urge to reward me , While embraced you roll me onto my side, your hands sliding down my sides, across my peaked hip, and then back down over my soft ass, and your mouth kisses down my neck and onto my upper chest. My full tits await you so your face moves further down pushing into me now pressed together cleavage. You take my higher nipple into your mouth and give a sucking stroke, my nipple being sweetly pulled between your lips and it then slides out making a soft slurping sound as it quickly retracts. Sucking again you take my entire areola into your mouth and yet again gives one more gently stretching suck with your wet lips letting it just slide out at the end of its stroke.Still laying on our sides, your hand slides between my legs to lift my upper leg up, helping me bend just behind my knee. I plant my foot as it slides forward exposing my still yearning pussy. Your hand then moves slowly down my inner thigh, palm and fingers sliding, leading them to my wanting wet lips. Still stroking my erect nipple with your mouth your finger tip traces a line below my pussy up over my opening stroking my clit and then over. I give out a sigh and you slowly swipe the same line on me again. Palm toward you, you slowly probe letting your finger slip in and you slightly bend it as you bring its tip out, as if you are motioning "Come here." I am completely drenched and the tip of your finger slides over my g-spot, pressing it perfectly against the inside of my pelvic bone on the way out. Giving me more slippery strokes i again begin moaning.Deciding my other nipple needs attention, while still stroking you push me onto my back, exposing my lower breast to your mouth. And you lavish the other nipple with the same slurping, stretching sucks. MY pussy is building again in pleasure. But now you slip another finger in, stretching me opening more. And with two finger tips now running across my g-spot on the way out i feel nothing but slick sensations of wonder as you throb. Every suck on my nipple increasing the intensity of my pussy's satisfaction as you times it to simultaneously satisfy with your finger strokes. As the finger tips glide out ,my nipples slips out of your warm lips. Without thinking find my hand playing with my other nipple, letting

my finger tips pull in unison with your mouth. My other hand now grabs your head and my palm presses down your neck and onto your muscular back and then back up.Your fingers gliding in and out, I lay back basking in the stimulation, my breathing and moaning making my breasts rise up and down. No longer able to keep my hips still i must thrust, enhancing the penetration. Knowing you have more stimulation to give, your free thumb now begins to help. As your fingers slide in, your thumb presses ,stroking up my clit. I let out a high sigh as your finger tips and thumb now work together. On the out stroke you flex your hand just squeezing your penetrated finger tips toward your thumb as they all slip out & over my drenched pussy and clit. Arching my hips towards your hand , you quickens your pace, making sure to keep that erotic nipple is your mouth. You slurp on me, loving every succulent pull. I feel myself begin to cum again...so much stimulation!I again cry out, "Oh, god...I'm cuming hard! Keep going!"My words driving your all the more, you feel my hips arch hard up but keeps stroking and sucking. Feeling myself at the pinnacle of a hard cum, my hips suddenly go down and I involuntarily feel my tummy flex making me slightly sit up as my mind revels in the ecstasy. Seeing me lean forward you place your other hand behind my neck, and while still stroking with other, you lean over me and puts your lips up to my mouth, wanting to feel my climaxing voice and breath on yours. You touch my lips with an open mouth, but i can only moan loudly on you. you are thrilled beyond words and hold my head in your hand . You let me slowly lower back down, and your stroking fingers & thumb slow down to let me feel the wondrous afterglow. Feeling almost spent, I collapse in pure relaxation, finally yielding a tired kiss on your waiting lips.Just backing way and looking into my half opened eyes you quietly say, "Just relax, Babe. I'm longing to massage and kiss every inch. When you're ready, roll onto your tummy."Wanting more of you , i slowly roll to my tummy, my arms above my head. Seeing my sensuous ass and curvy lines before you , you reach out to start the exploration of touch...knowing that by the time you are done you will be ready to now finally be deep inside this woman you have so fantasized about.