Written by bill040

24 Oct 2013

Julie had been feeling a bit low after a domestic drama and I wanted to cheer her up. I suggested “You need a good pampering to brighten your outlook’. She looked at me and said “Hun, I’m past that, what I need is to relax and just be myself again”. I thought, this sounds like an opportunity.

I didn’t know Julie that well. We had met on-line, and what information I knew was from her profile, from when we’d chatted, her comments in the chat room, and captions posted on photos. Good clues and enough to start a plan. I considered how to go about it. A sexy new costume from Fyshwick, a nice room with atmosphere, maybe a glass of wine, full body massage, and who knows from there !.

I decided to tell Julie about the pampering plan to set her imagination running. For the costume - I suggested a see-through charcoal teddy and a black G string. I told her that I had booked a room in one of the new Canberra hotels in a central suburb, and she should expect a massage – first a rosewater wash, with a fibre loofah, and then a body rub with avocado oil body butter.

We arranged to meet at 10.30am, outdoors at a coffee shop in Kingston. We were both distracted by what lay ahead, and finished our coffee quickly. We walked the few hundred meters to the hotel check in and were shown to our room. It is a comfortable room with the usual features. I had bought an extra case with a small insulated wash tub, wash kit, towels, and massage gear.

‘Why don’t you go to the bathroom and slip into something comfortable, and I’ll arrange the furniture” I said as I warmed up water and added 4 tablespoons of rosewater.

Julie came returned to the bedroom wearing just the costume I had in mind - Charcoal nightdress and a black G-string - perfect. ‘Beautiful’, I said, as I removed the bed cover and laid fresh towels over the sheets. While my back was turned, the nightdress came off but not the G-string.

‘I am going to start with a loofah on your neck and gently radiate from there - shoulder muscles - down your arms, back and breasts. Lie back, close your eyes, and let yourself drift away’. The coarse fibre of the loofah had a roughish edge, and brushed the skin with a tingle as it cleaned. “Ooh’, I heard Julie whisper ‘not too hard, but enough to just scratch a bit’.

I could feel the tension drain from Julie’s neck, shoulders and back. I ran the bristle softly over Julie’s breasts and tight plump nipples, and felt her body tense as the slight edge of pain was offset by a surge of pleasure. I rolled her over and started to wash her lower back and bum. I was surprised to see a lower back brat-stamp that I hadn’t noticed before, and her bum was marked by strong tan lines. Probably from the Bali holiday, I thought to myself.

I swapped the loofah for a washcloth. ‘Now for a little sanitary cleanup’, I said. I eased the wet washcloth down the crack of her bum and paused to gently scrub her freckle with rosewater. I dipped the cloth in the insulated tub and proceeded to rinse the lips of her pussy and so-gently brush her clit. ‘Mmmm’ she purred as the sensual warm cloth and sweet scent of rosewater registered in her senses. I proceeded to wash down the inside if the legs, the backs of her knees and all the way toward her toes.

All the time I am doing this, I was feeling hornier. I must be picking up pheromones from her sweat, her pussy and the wash. My cock is getting very hard, beginning to drip, and I feel my breath starting to catch, and my pulse run.

When I reached her toes with the wash, I say ‘Time out’ and I cup her feet together, and press my cock hard up against Julie’s soles and feel my juice ooze between her toes. ‘That’s better than rosewater’ she whispers.

The pump dispenser of bath oil is close-by, and I reach for it and lather it over the back of Julie’s legs. ‘I am going to find any knotted muscles in your legs, and massage these with my fingertips and the heel of my hand. Tell me if it hurts.’

Julie is fit and quite trim, so there isn’t much tension in her body. I massage each knot of tight muscle, and as these free, I sense Julie’s swell of relief. As I slowly work my way back up to her bum, refresh my hands with bath-oil. I ease my fingers and palm over each cheek of her bum and massage that little bit of no-mans-land between her freckle and pussy. I pull back make sure Julie’s tight anus is well oiled and gently insert half of the first joint of my index finger. I squeeze my thumb against my fingertip, and gently massage the anal sphincter, and repeat this in a circular motion around her asshole. The ring of muscle responds instantly, relaxes, and at each pinch, releases a burst of endorhpins. Julie gasped and softly whispered. ‘Oh God, ... Well I never”. I smiled and replied ‘Every square inch, remember’.

My hands needed a wash and a refresh with oils, and then I continued the massage on Julie’s back. I kissed the brat stamp and traced its twirls with my tongue, and eased my body over her back with my elbows and knees by her sides. My cock slid up the valley between her legs and my balls brushed over her freshly rubbed skin. I loved the gentle touch of my glans against her well oiled skin and felt my balls getting tighter. Eventually my cock pressed hard up against her pussy and I held steady for a minute or so. I whispered ‘think of my cock as yours, and work it as you would your favourite toy”. I rolled on my back and Julie took control while she worked her dildo – my cock - over her clit and labia. I told Julie I was getting close to climax and she needed to cum or lower the heat.

‘No, I have a idea’ Julia said. She asked that I put the pillow under her hips and that I enter her from behind, doggy style. I did as asked and started to work my cock. We agreed on a technique that called for two shallow thrusts, each pressing my cock against the rippled flesh of her vaginal walls, followed by two deep thrusts so that the glans brushed the hard little bump of her cervix. I settled into a regular rhythm and whispered in Julie’s ear ‘talk dirty to me’ . She murmured simple things at first ‘drive it up me’ , ‘pump me, hun’ , ‘give it to me, baby’ , but her attention wavered, distracted by the relentless two shallow / two deep rocking of my cock. Her words drifted and were difficult to follow as the sensation built. At her point of climax I felt her breath heave and heart-rate quicken, and softly but distinctly heard her call ‘Ooh, Just cunt me, darling’. I surprised myself and responded like a bloodstock stallion, thrusting deep – I came and came - deep inside her pussy.

Julie held me inside and whispered ‘ there is one more thing I would love from you. ‘When you pull out, I’ll clean up your cock with my tongue, and I want you to suck and lick out all the cum you can, hold it in your mouth and then kiss me to spit it across into my mouth” . We rearranged in a 69 position and I went to work. Julie eased into an ‘on-four legs’ position with held her chest high, so that our cum flowed freely downards and dribbled out of her pussy . As instructed, I licked and sucked each mouthful of cum and kissed Julia full on the mouth to transfer the load. I was so very sexy, sensual and tasty.

Julie lay back on the bed and said, ‘ Now I know what it is like to be really pampered’.