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Published 9 years ago
I just want this it is simple it is passionate and it will feel amazing: I want you to kiss me gently on my neck biting me every couple of seconds with ur hands exploring my body, i want you to kiss me then undo my clothes or rip em off i dont care just want to feel your touch i will massage your hard cock and tease you with my fingers rubbing the head then falling down onto the shaft then back up while moaning. Then when your so frustrated so horny ill unzip you and take your pulsating cock into my mouth tease with my tongue from the tip to the end then take u whole while rubbing your ball with one hand. hmm i make you cum and i drink it all and taste amazing.. of course a little rest cause most boys cant fuck after cumming so while we are waiting u stick two fingers in side me feeling my wetness feeling how much i want u to fuck me hard and deep. You lick my clit at times then you just shove the fingers in so deep i yelp thats when you kiss me hehe fuck me i whisper then i get louder and louder till you pull out a toy said this will be fun. you stick that vibe inside me making it pulsate through my body you noticed the juices just keep flowing hmm getting a bit jealous you swap it for your cock slamming it deep and hard in side me till i squirt all over that hot cock of yours then you cum all over my tits and seems like a nice and happy occasion to bad never happens though

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