Written by flirty_2009Mr

27 Jun 2014

On the beach relaxing for the afternoon, winding down after a hectic week. Very few people around and spread at a comfortable distance not to disturb each other.

I see you sitting in your sun chair under the shade of the nearby trees reading a book and seeming to be minding your own business. I glance over every now and then to see if you look up, hoping to catch your attention. After a while you put your book down to adjust yourself in your seat and look around, I catch your attention and you give a smile and a little wave. After getting comfortable you pull out a bottle of sunscreen and start applying it to your shoulders. On watching this I pluck up the courage to go over and introduce myself ‘Hi, I’m Will, lotion boy for the afternoon. Would you like a hand?’ with a giggle you introduce yourself and take up my offer and ask me to apply some to your back where you can’t reach. I squeeze a little lotion on my hand and start slowly massaging it into your shoulders. I can feel you slowly relax and feel comfortable with my touch. Slowly working down your back. I get to your bikini strap, you explain that I better undo it to apply the lotion all over as you don’t want any parts missed. I release the strap as you hold it so it won’t fall away from your body, applying more sunscreen I massage your back covering every last millimetre ensuring every part is covered as you instructed.

Once I had completed applying the sunscreen to your back you sink back into your chair, look me over then close your eyes and letting your bikini top fall away, whispering ‘I believe you do a better job than me applying this lotion please do my front as well’ As per your request I squeeze lotion across your shoulders and down over your ample breast not wanting to tease you nipple I work around first your left breast and then your right in a circling motion then rubbing them both at the same time. I note your breathing is getting heavier and your nipples getting harder with anticipation of my touch. You look up with a cheeky smile in approval of my technique and signal it is ok to play. I start gently touching your nipple, circling them with my fingers and lightly flicking feeling them getting harder with every touch. You moan in appreciation of the attention.

After a short while of playing and teasing your nipple and breast I apply more lotion over your belly and continue rubbing it in. Slowly moving lower down your body massage and caressing your body I come to the top of you bikini bottom. I stop there and move down to your feet and gently massage them then start applying more lotion to your legs, first your left massaging and working the cream into your lower leg before moving up to your thigh. You open your legs a little which allows me to access the back of your leg. Once done I move to your right leg and repeat the process. Whilst doing this I become aware of the moistness of the gusset of your swimsuit bottom. I start massaging up into your upper thigh and brushing my hand over your damp garment. On doing this several times your give out a long, low moan and the look on your face is bliss. You move one of your legs and strategically place your foot so you can fell my already bulged swimming trunks. I start teasing your pussy more through your swimsuit then something come over me, I had the urge to kiss your dampness. Leaning down I gently kissed your inner thigh and up over your covered pussy tasting and smelling the hot sweet taste of your juices Gently nuzzling my tongue against you. You grab the back of my head and then push yourself up into you face and writhe back and forth moaning loader.

After a short while I pull away to catch my breath. You look around noticing on lookers and ask if we continue this later. I agree and grab the book you were reading and write on the back the name of the motel and room number I am in and said meet me there in an hour. Gave you a long, lingering kiss on the lips then hopped up and walked off to prepare.