Written by MsD (MrMsD)

4 Aug 2016

The moonlight shone on the breaking white of the deep blue waves. Rebecca watched the stranger run into the waves, his white nakeness glowing against the darkness. She lay back on the soft cotton sheets and breathed feeling her body respond to the vision. She touched her dark nipples and pinched their peaks feeling the sensations rise. Her left hand moved across her bedside table for her magical frog. ....she touched his button....he vibrated to attention. Her legs opened her right hand felt the wetness as her fingertips moved up and down the length of her wet cunt. Her frog was ready and she positioned him on her swollen clit and let the waves of her climax roll over her. She lay in the darkness of her room and dreamt of the stranger. She rose and went to her french doors, the stranger rose from the surf his body wet and his thick cock glistening in the moonlight. She flew open the doors and ran down the path onto the sandy shore and stood naked before him. He was rubbing his body with his towel and stopped at the sight of her and said hello, holding the towel discreetly on his cock. She responded back moving closer to him. He dropped his towel as she approached and his hardness made her gasp with delight. She reached for him and kissed his chest.... he said hey I don't know you....she responded does it matter.....no he said. She stood on her toes, sinking into the depths of the cold wet sand.....kissed his mouth and he responded passionately groaning as he lifted her. She wrapped her legs around his waist pressing her wet pussy to his body. He lowered her to the ground positioning his towel beneath them. She touched his cut thick cock and rubbed the precum with her fingertips over its girth. She lowered her mouth to the tip and quickly flicked her tongue over the head...and down the shaft...to kiss his raised hairless balls and sucked the passage beneath....using her fingers to explore his arse and massage its depth while her mouth sucked his cock. He was groaning loudly above the sounds of the waves. He moved, distracting her from her glorious task....he lowered her onto her back her head to his cock. He opened her legs, smelt her wetness and licked her cunt up and down its warm folds and finding her clit sucked gently then licking it quickly. ...he only knew one thing....he wanted her to cum and immerse his face in her wetness. Omg this stranger was eating her pussy in most amazing way. She had his glorious cock in her mouth so she licked and sucked its length only stopping to finger his arse and lick around the hairy folds of his arse... she felt his arse tense and a gush of warmth escape..... she continued to lick and suck his cock working her magic to keep him hard..... The stranger felt his arse explode. ...rocked his body and his cock throbbed with greater intensity but he didn't want to loise his full load yet.... he didn't know this woman but wanted to fuck her all night. This stranger was driving her pussy wild.. to the brink of release. ...he teased her with his tongue and fingers. She groaned and begged him to release her to the lovelyness of her orgasm.....he complied by intensifying the use of his tongue and mouth on her glorious wet cunt.....he heard her scream and felt the gush of her cum on his face and buried his face in its folds. She couldn't catch her breath.....gasped and screamed while her body jerked to the pleasure of her release. He rose and kissed her mouth....her taste was salty on his lips and she loved it. He gently turned her over, raising her hips and using his hand to part her legs. She felt the tip of his cock as he entered her wet cunt....he plunged deeply ... and strongly, stroking her breasts and long red hair....she lowered her hand under her body and stroked his raised balls. She felt the heat of the sunrise and bark of a dog but didn't care. He plunged into her wet tight cunt and was lost in the depth of this woman....he opened his eyes to sunlight but had no sense of time....he was lost in orgasm.... so intense he thought his heart would explode and he felt the shudders of the woman as she screamed during her release. They were silent....lost in the moment. She opened her eyes to see people walking on the beach and a few perched in the rocks obviously had been watching them. The stranger quickly got up and kissed her neck before running into the waves. She grabbed his shirt as and put it on and ran up the path. ....closing her doors to this erotic adventure. ....