Written by Turtlefins

2 Jun 2018

My phone buzzes and I check it straight away. A short text ‘225’. Straight away I am up from chair in the large reception area. Past the desk – wondering do they recognize me from the last time I was here.

The lift is quick and the 225 is not far down the hall. I knock – looking each way along the hall. I’m surprised how I continue to be so nervous each time we do this. It’s almost a year, meeting once a month at this hotel for amazing sex with my new friend.

The door opens just enough to step inside. There she is lace g-string and bra with those magnificent breasts that I never get to play enough with. I want them out now but restrain myself, we hug briefly and I walk over to the couch and coffee table. We exchange pleasantries -ask how each other are – how busy work is.

All this time I am undressing until I am naked in front of her with my cock slowly growing with expectation. She looks directly at my cock – and I love the way she looks every time she sees my cock. You can see the look of desire on her face – the quick glance up at my face but straight back to the cock and she says “Are you horny”. “Oooohh yeah” is my reply.

I move towards the bed in the next room and she follows. Sitting on the end of the bed I admire that beautiful woman as she comes to me standing and removing her bra. I reach up to caress her voluptuous breasts kneading them before gently squeezing the nipples and listening to her sharp intake of breath. She is trying to remove her panties but I am making it hard for her because I want to do that myself.

As I kiss and lick her belly button my hands run down her back until they get to her panties. I slip off the bed onto my knees in front of her, grabbing that delicate lace I pull it down to the floor in one movement and that gorgeous pussy is there in front of me. A beautiful delight of fragrance and softness, completely shaved and already slightly open.

I resist as long as I can kissing, licking and biting all around that delight but it isn’t long before my tongue is exploring inside her, searching for that tasty wetness. Her hips push forward encouraging my attention, and then she spreads her pussy lips and whispers, “Tickle it”. I understand what she wants and move my tongue up to her now exposed clit and with just the tip start to gently flick across her repeatedly. She loves this and encourages me onward, gasping and slightly twitching at her hips.

I think she is getting close to orgasm – there are repeated gasps of ‘Yes’ and ‘Please’. I take her a little further but then move back down to her wet hole and roll my tongue through those juices and push back a little further until my tongue finds her tight little arsehole spreading it with her juice as she gasps loudly, lifting one leg onto the bed – pushing her pussy against my nose and her arse against my tongue.

Its time for a reposition and I wiggle quickly between her legs and tell her to bend over. For just a few seconds I stare at the beautiful site before me. An amazing arse with its own tight pink/brown hole and a gorgeous wet open pussy. I start to caress her pussy, teasing and probing until my thumb is deep inside her and my fingers are rubbing across her clit.

“Spread your arse – I’m going to tongue fuck you” I learn forward and flick her arsehole with my tongue as she spreads herself open. I’m driving her higher as she thrusts against my hand and my tongue gasping and encouraging me. I push my tongue against her tight butt hole and a little slips inside her and out again. Her hands immediately regrip her arse spreading it wider and pushing back against my tongue. It slips in and I hold it inside her – there is a large gasp and she cries”Cumming”. The pussy squeezes my thumb and her arse pushes my tongue out as it clamps down. I continue to work both holes enjoying her cries her twitching and convulsing until she falls forward onto the bed.

But I am not letting up yet. I have her where I want her – hot and lusty. In a swift move I roll her over, lift her legs and put my fat hard cock at the entrance to that wet pussy. She does the best she can to lift up towards me and I push inside with a long slow slide all the way. Now she is pushing up trying to move my cock in and out of her pussy but I hold it deep inside her with my balls resting rolling across her arshole until she says, “Give it to me – Fuck me”

That’s the encouragement I want and I pump her 3 quick times.

“Ohhh God I’m cumming again” she cries and I keep going taking her to the next orgasm, while I do all I can not to go with her. She is absolutely amazing to watch as she cums – the look the sounds is someone who enjoys sex so much and I let her ride it out until she calms just a little – still enjoying the feeling of my hard cock inside her – hopefully thinking about what is next.

I move up the bed so that I am on me knees supporting her arse on me before I slide my cock out of her pussy and put my cock head against her arsehole.

“I’m going to fuck you arse now” I say.

“Wait, but, big” is all I hear before my knob slips inside her.

“Ooohh shit – Ooohh my God!!!” she cries and I wait to feel her relax, but she wiggles her arse and pushes herself down onto me and I return the pressure slipping inside a little more. I start a little pumping action gently fucking her virgin arse, while watching her reaction.

“Come on, come on” she encourages, “give it to me”.

“Fuck my arse. Cum in my arse” I hear and now I am in trouble. Her arse is squeezing my cock so hard and I can feel my orgasming rushing up from my balls.

She yells, “Aaarggh Cumming. I yell “Yes, here it is” . My cock shoots cum up inside her beautiful arse, pulsing, spasm after spasm. Her arse is milking every last drop out of me. I try to keep my cock moving in and out of her arse – its such a wonderful feeling but I am spent and as I relax my cock is pushed out of her.

Lying next to each other, a little breathless I tell her what an amazing body she has and how it makes me feel 20 years younger. This beautiful woman walks off to the bathroom and grabs a wet hand towel. She returns to the bed and cleans my soft cock. As she leans forward to take me in her mouth she says. “Lets see how young he feels”