Written by openmyeyes

2 Sep 2012

You have walked around all day in a summer dress with no panties on every so often you give me a glimpse of your freshly waxed pussy . You sit across from me every chance you get occasionally rubbing your clit knowing iam the only one that can see. As the day goes on your juices begin to flow you taste your own fingers and you offer them to me aswell. I can smell how excited you are. We go shopping every were and i start to put my own fingers in your pussy every chance i get you now come at the smallest touch and your juices are running down your legs. We get in the car to drive home but you can't wait as im driving you take my cock out and start to suck on it savouring my precome .while my cock is in your mouth you have your skirt around your waist one leg raised up and two fingers buried in your soaking wet pussy.i come quickly and you swallow it all as your pussy squirts and you come hard on your hand. I pullover to recover but you move my seat back and straddle my cock and come down hard so it fills you up quickly . You come again as you grind your pussy on my cock not worried as the traffic drives past. Your pussy convulses and milks my cock wanting to feel my come inside you. As your body comes again my cock spews its seed deep in your hungry cunt you sit in my lap for a bit to compose yourself before you get off. I think that you have finished as i drive off you lean over and take my cock into your mouth and suck all of your juices off ready for when we get home.