Written by Sunshine99

15 Oct 2016

Mmmmm the water feels so good running down my body making me all warm and tingly. I am so lost in thought I didn’t even hear him enter the shower cubicle. The next thing I know he is standing in front of me, he grabs me by the wrists, turns me around and places my hands on the tiles above my head. Whispers in my ear “do not move your hands”. I raise an eye brow at him but I don’t dare not obey him.

He spreads my legs with his knees and clutches my hips and pulls my ass back towards him. I can feel his erect cock pressed up against my bare ass now, fuck he feels so good. I go to reach behind me and stroke his cock but he stops me and grabs my hand and places it back onto the tiles and reminds me to not move, this time I will obey I won’t dare move again. To reinforce his instructions he slaps me on my ass, hard, I squeal in delight (I fucking love to be spanked). He is in dominant mode and I will willingly submit.

He grabs my hair and pushes it to the side and kisses me at the back of my neck, whilst his other hand fondles my breast gently squeezing. I moan at the pleasure of feeling his lips on my body. He traces little kisses down my back running his hands down my sides. When he reaches my ass he nibbles at each cheek, gently biting my round ass. His fingers teasingly make their way around my front. I take in a breath waiting for him to caress my pussy, he doesn’t.

I wiggle my ass to try to get him to touch me. He stands up gripping my hips and tells me to stay still. I am about to protest when he puts a hand over my mouth. “Remember I am in control here, I will touch you where I want when I want, you have to just stand there and enjoy my touch, my kisses and my gentle caresses. If you don’t I will walk out of here and stop”. I shake my head no, that’s the only sign he needs to know I will behave from now on.

He covers my hands with his and rubs his erect cock up and down against my ass. Telling me “he will fuck me when he’s good and ready and not before”. He cups both of my breasts and slips his cock between my thighs rubbing against my pussy. I can feel his cock head rubbing against my clit. My breathing deepens fuck he feels so good, I want him inside of me fucking me hard. Gripping me by my hips so he can penetrate me nice and hard and furiously fuck me.

One of his hands starts a slow journey down my front making its way down to my pussy (I hope). But no he stops at my waist and wraps his arm around me holding me tight up against his body. He continues to rub his cock between my legs, I ever so slightly re-adjust my position hoping his cock will accidentally slide inside of my pussy. “Oh no you don’t” he steps back away from me, fuck him he knows me all too well.

(Smack) yep I deserved that one, I giggle.

I look back at him biting my lip hoping he is not about to leave. Instead he turns me around holds my hands above my head pushes his body hard against mine and kisses me passionately, his tongue exploring mine. I can feel how hot his cock is against my belly. My pussy is throbbing I ache for him to fuck me. He will make me wait longer now; my punishment.

Yep I know that look. Fuck woman when he is in dominant mode you can’t muck about, when will you ever learn. He steps back away from me with a stern look “One more warning young lady and this is your final one, you will fully submit to me or I am walking out”. I just look down, and nod yes that I understand and will fully submit to him. “Good Girl”.

He kisses me on the neck and nibbles a little bit. Mmmmm fuck I love that. He repeats the same on the other side. He gently cups both breasts and pushes them together and slowly runs his tongue in my cleavage whilst gently pinching my nipples. His hot mouth then envelopes my left nipple, gently sucking, flicking his tongue over my hardened nipple which he then bites very gently. I arch my back as he bites my nipple. God I came close to grabbing his head but managed to stop myself just in time. He repeats this pleasure to my other nipple.

He grabs his cock and again places it between my thighs caressing my pussy lips with his hardened shaft. “Oh Fuck” escapes my lips. Jesus I need him to fuck me or at least eat my pussy and make me cum and when he does I swear I am going to cum quickly. His hot lips continue their onslaught as he kisses a trail down my front. His hands following down my sides. As he gets closer to my pussy I bite my lip to prevent myself from crying out. But he skips my pussy and goes straight for my thighs. I let out a gasp. He looks up at me with a warning look to not say a word.

He gently parts my legs so he can run his fingers up my inner thighs, gently squeezing them. He starts to run his tongue up my inner thigh stopping short of licking my pussy. I am starting to get restless, very restless. I start to move slightly. He gently squeezes my thighs to give me a warning to not move. Jesus Christ he’s in so much trouble when it’s my turn to dominate him.

He reaches behind me and grabs my ass and without warning his tongue licks along my pussy slit. I cry out in ecstasy at the touch of his tongue. He then stands up and looks at me “Is that what you wanted, what you’ve been waiting for”. I nod yes, I whisper “Please lick me again”. He smiles at me turns me around again to face the wall. Runs his fingers down my back along my ass crack and runs his fingers between my legs parting my pussy lips and starts to caress my clit.

I moan in pleasure at his touch, start to move my hips to rub my clit harder against his fingers. Fuck I need to cum and it won’t take long. He knows how to get me so aroused that he can have me cumming very quickly and many times over. He rubs my clit faster and firmer, I can sense this time he is not going to stop until he makes me cum.

He whispers in my ear “fuck your clit is so swollen and hard, I want to make you cum now, cum for me now” with a couple more strokes of his fingers I willingly obey him and have a screaming orgasm, my body shaking from head to toe making my legs weak. He needs to press himself against me to prevent me from collapsing to the floor. I try catch my breath and slow my breathing but he has other ideas.

He turns me around, spreads my pussy lips and slowly licks my clit and inserts his tongue into my pussy hole starting to tongue fuck my pussy. Oh god that feels so good. He slowly removes his tongue and licks between my pussy lips and stops at my clit. He looks up at me and starts to lick me furiously – his tongue circling around and around getting faster and firmer. I start to gyrate my hips in unison with his tongue pushing my clit against his tongue. He grabs me by the ass and pushes me harder against him. Oh fuck he’s going to make me cum again.

I beg him to not stop and tell him he is going to make me cum so quickly a second time. He inserts two fingers inside of me, I scream out as his fingers enter me. He starts to finger fuck me. That’s what sends me over the edge. I cum hard, squeezing the fingers inside my pussy with each convulsion of my orgasm. I slow down my gyrating as he gently licks my clit as my orgasm ebbs.

He stands and kisses me. I can taste my pussy juices on his lips. Mmmm fuck that was worth the ass smacking I received for not obeying him. He whispers in my ear “I am not done yet” I suck in a breath at his words.

He turns me around and grabs my ass and bends me over slightly, he ensures I am in a safe stance. He positions himself behind me and slowly guides his cock inside my tight pussy. Pushing his cock inside me up to the hilt. Stands there like that for a few moment gathering himself. Then the onslaught begins. He pulls back and positions his cock head at my pussy’s entrance and then in one hard thrust burries his cock inside me balls deep. He grabs my hips and continues to fuck me hard showing no mercy seeking his own release.

I tell him to fuck me harder, I want to feel all of him inside of me. He grips my hips and fucks me harder and faster. But before he cums he pulls out and tells me not yet, I am not done yet. I look at him in disbelief I cannot believe he has stopped. He grabs me by the hand and he drags me out of the shower to the bed. I protest that we are both very wet. He doesn’t care. He lays down on the bed and tells me climb atop him he wants to watch me ride his cock. I do as I am told and slowly lower my pussy over his cock. He grabs me by the waist and pulls me up and then pushes me down onto his cock. I continue to ride him slow and deep like this for what seems like hours. I plan on making him last as long as I can. Slowly fucking his hard cock, then quickening the pace then slowing down again. I want him to lose control and take over. Which before long that is exactly what he does. He grabs me and turns us over and now he is atop me. He starts to fuck me hard, I can feel his balls slapping against me as he thrusts hard and fucks my pussy deep. I grab his ass to hold onto him so I can thrust my pussy upwards meeting each one of his thrusts.

He starts to moan aloud I know he is going to cum very soon. I stop and stay still I want to feel his cock sliding in and out spreading my pussy hole wide with each thrust. He fucks me harder and faster. I can feel his body starting to shake and then I feel his warm creamy cum squirt inside of me. His thrusts slow as he empties himself inside of me. Mmmmm fuck that was amazing. He kisses me as he stops thrusting. He leaves his cock inside of me and lays atop of me. I run my nails up and down his back as he relaxes.

He gets up on his elbows and looks at me “You young lady need more practice at doing what you are told”. I giggle and tell him “good luck with that, but when it’s my turn to switch it up and play the dominant I’ll remind you who’s in charge”. With that comment he turns me over and spanks my ass and utters “Oh Really”.