Written by fantasyisland98

28 Oct 2011

In a bid to get out and socialise more we joined the local film society and became friends of the art gallery, which gave us cheap entry to exhibitions and the odd gala fund raising night.

The film society were a mixed lot. People our own age, some a little older and a more educated younger group.

The movie nights were great, but all too infrequent.

The art gallery crowd on the other hand were older, ranging from around eighty down to fifty with a sprinkling of younger ones.

I would say that we maintained regular contact with three or four couples from both groups.

We got into a regular pattern of dinner parties and outings over twelve months and life was good.

One of the major events on the local social calendar was the Derby Day race meeting, where both social groups and all the locals got together.

With the ladies frocked up and the guys trying not to look like locals for at least one day of the year, there was much drinking of champagne and partaking of picnic lunches.

Along with all our regular friends there were a few singles in the group, usually widows or widowers who belonged to the film society or the gallery group.

One of the singles, a guy who had lost his wife to cancer some years previously, was just starting to get out and socialise, but only after a lot of encouragement and cajoling on the part of his old friends.

Paul was sixty one and had been in the earth moving business for most of his working life and had done quite well for himself. He had graduated from university in his early twenties with a major in literature, but found it too hard to make a living from an arts degree, so he took to driving a gravel truck. Eventually he sold the business for a small fortune after his wife passed away and lived in seclusion for a number of years.

We all felt for Paul as he coped with his grief, we encouraged him to tag along with our little group just to maintain some social contact.

As the weather warmed up we would often put on dinner parties at our house.

S loves playing the hostess and organising nights out and late night suppers.

There are four couples, Maureen and Greg, Julia and Alan, Marree and Tom and Andrea and Karl, who along with Paul are regulars at our place, especially after the movies or a show. There is always lots of conversation and laughter spilling from the house into the pool area on summer nights.

On a warm Friday night, about two weeks before Christmas, we had come back to our place for drinks and nibbles after a show at the performing arts centre.

With much conversation about the show, that we all thought wasn’t up to the usual standard, S put some music on while the girls mixed some cocktails.

Drinks in hand S suggested we adjourn to the pool.

As we made ourselves comfortable someone remarked “pity we didn’t bring our swimmers” One of the guys said “it’s dark who needs swimmers”

Maureen chipped in saying “I’ll need a few more drinks before you’ll get me skinny dipping”

Alan said “just get in in ya knickers and bra, there’s no difference between that and a bikini”

So with our drinks on the edge of the pool and a few giggles, we got down to our underwear and slid into the warm water.

The sensation of the warm water against our skin was magnificent.

Apart from quick dashes into the house for refills, we all stayed there gossiping and drinking for the best part of an hour.

As the night wore on the conversation turned reflective, as we were all now middle aged, we were recalling our untamed youth and how each of us began the tentative exploration of life in our teens.

The first boyfriends and girlfriends, and how we got up to mischief in the back of cars and all the other locations as that burgeoning sexual energy was unleashed.

The girls ribbed the guys about their constant propensity for masturbation when they were teenagers.

Greg told us how he actually masturbated under the table through his shorts, while receiving out of school maths tuition from a twenty two old tutor who was dressed in one of those sixties style tight fitting skirts and a blouse that exposed just a hint of a bra.

With the cocktails now having an effect on all our inhibitions we regaled each other with tales of our young adult sexual adventures.

Andrea stoped us all in our tracks with an admission of a relationship with one of her teachers and his wife that lasted over a year.

It was a night where the group told stories of encounters they thought would remain hidden for years.

Even Paul opened up about a flirtation with devil worship and his initiation, where he was tied down in a dimly lit room in a circle of burning candles. The high priestess covered him in oil and then tightening the ropes that bound him, preceded to have her way with him.

We were spellbound as we learned that the procedure was repeated with a number of females within the coven.

At this point S suggested a refill was in order.

The conversation slowed a little as we sipped our drinks, someone made a joke. There were a few more attempts at jokes from the guys

By this time people were just moving around the pool together, enjoying the cool of the water and bumping into each other in the near darkness.

After a some minutes I became conscious of the stillness in the water and that things had gone quiet.

I became aware that everyone had gravitated to the deeper end of the pool.

I could just make out the outline of couples in the water.

Someone said something that I couldn’t make out, but I heard enough to realise that everyone was standing with someone else’s partner.

S was very close to two other people. Nothing was being said.

The ripple of the water from the pool pump was the only thing that broke the stillness of the night.

Then I heard a familiar whimper. S had a sharp intake of breath.

The sound I know well, when she is being intimately touched.

In the silence I heard similar sounds from other directions in the pool, then a low whispered moan from a male voice.

After a moment, a splash, as one of the girls headed for the pool steps saying “my god what a night better get home before we get into trouble”

Then everyone headed for their clothes.

We saw everyone off for the night, except Paul who had left his clothes near the pool.

Just as he started to make his way back in that direction, I said who’s hungry as I had just remembered we had forgotten the nibbles that were still in the fridge.

S said great idea, bring them out to the pool and I’ll get us a glass of bubbly.

The night was still very warm and I slipped off my underwear and slipped into the pool. I said to Paul to hang his up in the LiLo and they’ll be dry in twenty minutes.

S brought the chips and drinks to the edge of the pool then slipped her bra and knickers off and got in.

So we stood at the edge of the pool with the water about chest high on S sipping the bubbly and chatting.

S said she couldn’t believe the experiences of the others and to Paul she asked how on earth did he get involved with witches and the like.

She said it must be every guys dream to have that sort of initiation.

Paul smiled and said ÿeah it was pretty wild looking back on it now”

Paul at sixty one was over six foot, still very fit with a long white moustache with a great intellect.

S, never backward at coming forward, asked Paul, given his wild youth, how long it had been since he had enjoyed that part of life.

Well, he said I guess probably around eight years, given that his wife was ill for quite a long time before she passed away.

So haven’t you missed it? I asked.

”no not really, had no inclination”. He hesitated for a moment. except for the last month or so. I’ve felt a spark starting to return”

We changed the topic and chatted about the hot weather for a moment.

S was standing between us facing the edge of the pool, and Paul and I were on either side of her, our bodies touching.

There was an awkward silence for about thirty seconds.

Then, without considering the consequences I reached out and began stroking and squeezing S’s breast.

S took a deep breath and held it for a second or two.

I pressed up against her continuing to caress her breast.

For a moment I thought I had frightened Paul.

I looked up at him, half expecting him to move away but he was transfixed and not taking his eyes off S.

I continued massaging her while gently kissing her neck.

I saw Paul’s hand come up to her shoulder and tenderly run down her arm and cup her other breast and begin to massage her while rolling her nipple between his fingers.

After a while she turned to face him, her breasts pressing against his lightly haired chest.

Under the water she could feel him getting hard, his penis starting press against her belly.

While standing behind her I continued to squeeze her breast and stroke her belly and thighs.

For a moment I was conscious of my hand brushing Pauls rapidly hardening cock.

It was only a fleeting touch but enough to know he was a lot thicker and longer than I was.

He had now reached around behind S and was now stroking her back and arse, lightly and sensuously, occasionally squeezing and massaging her cheeks.

The soft touch of our bodies and the gentle warmness of the water were incredibly sensuous.

After a time, I don’t know how long, I mumbled something about “it might be more comfortable out of the water”

I was already out of the pool and had taken the cushions of the chairs and placed then on the grass by the time they had separated and were getting out of the water.

I motioned S to the cushions and Paul and I positioned ourselves on each side of her.

I started to kiss her deeply on the mouth while rubbing her tits.

She turned to face Paul and they kissed a long deep kiss, their tongues probing each other.

As they kissed I reached for some oil that was always near the pool.

I poured some on my hands and started to rub it into her breasts and over her belly.

I motioned to Paul to use the oil he started applying it to her feet, along her legs and thighs to her belly.

S reached down and found his penis.

Feeling her fingers around his shaft she stroked it and traced the outline of the bulbous head.

Paul was now oozing pre-cum and with two fingers she massaged his smooth oil into the head.

I now had taken part of her right breast into my mouth needing the nipple with my teeth.

Paul had now pulled away from S’s clasp and now kissing her legs up from her feet and stopping between her thighs to take in the intoxicating scent from her engorged pussy, As she arched her hips upward he could see her lips, bright pink and parted, in anticipation of his large cock.

In the quiet night nothing could be heard but the heavy and urgent breathing of the three of us.

S took a deep sharp breath and thrust her body up to his face as she felt the tip of Pauls tongue brush along, then slide between her lips.

The exquisite sensation of his tongue exploring her clitoris and then dipping down into her vagina.

Her opening was dripping with juice ready to be penetrated.

Paul withdrew his tongue, lifted his head and looked at me.

I glanced at W. She looked at me, then back to Paul

The only words she spoke were “ fuk me now”

Paul lifted himself over her and lowered his hips to hers.

She felt the head of his penis lightly resting against her lips.

S raised her hips to meet him, and together they pushed their bodies together.

Absolute pleasure came over her as she felt the head of his cock slide between her lips.

He stopped, getting used to the incredible sensations that he had long forgotten.

He eased forward. The was a slight resistance.

He stopped, waited, then gently he eased himself deeper.

The resistance gave way and the entire length of his penis slid inside, filling her vagina completely, his balls resting against her soaking lips.

The both lay still, experiencing the sensations.

She, feeling completely filled, her pussy stretched to accommodate his enormous cock.

Paul, getting used to having every nerve in his penis stimulated in a way he could not describe.

Slowly he started to move inside her, short slow thrusts at first slowly building up to a smooth rhythm, hoping he was pleasuring her and not wanting cum too quickly.

As Paul was fuking her, S looked up at me and I bent down and kissed her, letting her know it was ok to let herself go and enjoy the experience.

She smiled and put her head back, closed her eyes and let herself be taken over by the sheer physical pleasure of being fuked by Paul.

Paul continued his smooth strokes for what seemed to be about ten minutes, then changed is rhythm to short sharp strokes then to long slow thrusts interspersed with grinding motions where he and S were grinding their pubic areas against each other.

I was stroking hard and the head of my penis was at first covered in pre-cum but at this point three or four drops of white cum had oozed from me and had trickled down the shaft of my cock as I stroked.

It was like I was under some sort of spell as I watched S and Paul fuk each other, I was entranced at the sight of them thrusting, with the wet sticky sounds getting louder and more pronounced as they continued.

S had her legs wrapped around Paul as his strokes became more urgent.

As I stroked my cock I noticed Paul’s lower body and legs start to stiffen and his rhythm started to become more erratic.

His thrusts became shorter then he pushed himself hard and deep into S.

There were long deep breaths and moans from both of them as he let go and exploded inside her.

Pauls penis was so large S could easily feel every convulsive contraction of his cock inside her.

It had been so long for Paul that he just kept on cumming.

The contractions in his cock seemed to on for ever. Every ejaculation shooting more of his semen up inside S.

When there was nothing left, they lay there on the cushions with just the sound of their heavy breathing mingling with the sound of a summer nights breeze rustling through the leaves of the palms.

We regained our composure and made our way inside. We said Paul would have to stay the night in the spare bed.

With all that alcohol and sex everyone headed for bed.

As S and I were lying bed she said to in low voice that she said that loved me and I was the only one she ever wanted to spend her life with.

I told her that I loved her deeply and we are going to be together forever.

We said nothing for a few minutes then I said I can’t believe what happened tonight, it was unbelievable. She said, is it alright, is everything ok.

I said yes of course it is, it’s just a bit of fun, and fun it was.

S replied oh my god I am so sore but I’m so horny.

With that I rolled over and virtually slide straight into her.

I can’t describe the incredible feeling of sliding into this wonderful warm place that was also still full of Paul’s cum.

S was so wet with cum I just had to withdraw and go down and taste it.

I licked her beautiful pussy and tasted Pauls semen before turning S over and sliding into her from behind.

It was just moments before I exploded in her and we collapsed onto the bed

We drifted off to sleep, soaked in the passion of the three of us.

As the first rays of dawn penetrated the bedroom I managed to open one eye and see the clock. It was just after five thirty.

I got up and went to the loo.

The sound of me moving about had stirred S and she had lifted herself off the bed and had gone to the other loo.

We laid in bed for a while, not saying much, but thinking a lot about last night.

Then we heard Paul get up and go to the bathroom.

She remarked it looks like we’re not the only ones awake, I wonder what he thinks of us.

Don’t know I said.

S rolled over and looked at me and asked “kettle on”

I said why not, why don’t you go down and see if he wants a cuppa.

what! to his room! She replied

I said yes why not.

S got out of bed and found her dressing gown and went in the direction of Pauls room.

Just as I was going down stairs I noticed the door to his room close behind her.

After about ten minutes I had made the teas and had brought them upstairs and laid the tray on the landing.

I opened Pauls door just in time to see S lowering herself down onto him.

As I entered the room I had a perfect view of his huge penis disappearing inside her

She ground down onto him for around thirty seconds then started to thrust herself back and forwards on him, throwing her head back feeling him right up inside her.

I knew it wouldn’t be long for her, as she hadn’t cum last night and there was a lot of sexual energy that she needed to release.

I stood there holding my hard cock as she started a long intense climax that shook her more than anything I had ever seen.

It seemed to go on forever.

She screamed and moaned so loudly I thought she would wake the dead, if not old Maisie next door.

Paul came almost after her , lifting his hips driving his cock upward into her as his penis went into a series of massive involuntary spasms pumping his thick creamy cum into her vagina to the point where flowed out past her lips and over his thighs.

They were both trembling as they descended from what was an incredibly intense experience.

After a moment they collapsed on each other, totally spent.