20 Jul 2020

I text you to visit. It has been way too long since we have seen each other. My visits always seem welcomed and enjoyed.

Your text back tells me you are out until 10pm but happy to catch up late.

So I arrive at your place at 9.50 to wait for you. I sit out the front but I am too excited to see you again. My hands start to wander my body. I rub my neck a little, then move down to my breasts.

I am longing to smell you and feel your hands on my body again. I close my eyes and let my hands drop to the waist line of my skirt.

I never bring panties when I visit. They just seem to be one extra thing to find before I leave.

I slide my hand down into my skirt. I am smooth and soft under my fingers. I arch my back a little as I let my middle finger slide between my lips. I can feel the moisture already. It surprises you every time I visit how wet I am before we even start.

I slowly start to rub my clit thinking about what I want to do to you on this visit.

there is still another 5 mins before you arrive but I am extremely horny. I spy the pool table and decide that it is finally time we test it out. There has often been talk of you taking me on the table but we never make it that far.

I jump up on the edge and lift one foot up hitching my skirt up so I have full access to my body.

I return my fingers to my clit and lean back a little. Slowly circling, my mind wanders to your tongue replacing my fingers. My body responds well and the moisture increases.

I slowly slide my fingers down and tease the opening of my pussy.

I slide one finger in and moan.

My eyes are closed and my mind is remembering our encounters.

The heat between two bodies. The sexual desire and willingness to please and tease each other.

I slide a second finger deep inside and my hips are moving in time with my hands.

I am so caught up with what I am doing to myself and my thoughts that I dont hear you arrive or walk up to me.

"Looks like you started without me" you say to me.

I open my eyes and smile to you.

You walk over and take my hand. You lift it towards your mouth and take my fingers in so you can taste me.

"Mmm I have missed you" you say as you slowly kiss me hello.

I close my eyes taking in your smell and taste. My body melting under your touch as you wrap your hands around my body and pushing your body hard against my bare pussy.

I grind into you showing you how eager I am to have you once more.

"Slow down" you say "we have plenty of time"

You push me back onto the table and lift my legs up.

You smile at me and lean forward to start to tease me with your tongue.