Written by CrystalK

15 Nov 2012

Ex and I used to swap stories, this is the first one I ever sent him, after he expressed an interest in getting naughty on a balcony... Figured someone might enjoy it...

Stretching out, feeling the soft cotton of her nightie as it brushes over her thighs she rolls over onto her back, smiling as she realises what day it is.. knowing in just under 12 hours he would be there again, it was always a great feeling knowing that, after a tiring week, remembering the way his hands feel against her skin, his mouth...mmmm..

Sliding over the edge of the bed to slip her feet into her slippers and pad over to the bathroom, turning on the hot water as she strips, sliding the lace of her panties down to her feet before kicking them to the side and putting a hand under the water, checking the temperature as the room starts to steam up.. slowly climbing in and feeling the hot water as it rushes over her shoulders, the spray hot on her skin as she leans her head back, letting the hot water pour down over her body, closing her eyes she enjoys the heat of the hot water, feeling it stream down over her, warming her shoulders and breasts.. Reaching up to gently tease her own nipples she sighs softly, wishing he was here earlier, her hand slides down to her clit, gently teasing the nub with her fingers, caressing and pinching it gently as she continues to make soft sounds.. slowly her finger explores further, finding her hot cunt she smiles, knowing its not just wet from the water running down over her body, she slides a finger inside, moaning, pressing it in then pulling it out, thinking of his hard cock as she leans back against the wall, lifting her right leg up onto the edge of the bath, still pressing her finger deeper, then adding another. Her eyes are still closed as she imagines his body in front of her, leaning into her, pressing his cock deep within her. Moaning louder she presses her fingers faster, her thumb rubbing on her clit while her fingers press deep inside, rubbing the insides as they pull out and thrust back in again, the other hand reaching up to tweak her nipple she feels herself get closer to her edge, groaning as she makes her hand move faster, thinking of the way his cock feels within her she finally comes with a loud moan, head falling back to rest against the wall as she waits to catch her breath...

Sitting on the lounge she waits, he left home a while ago, so should be here soon, then she hears him, her face breaking out into a smile. watching him grabbing his bag out from his car and walking up the footpath she starts down the stairs excitedly, a spring in her step as she gets closer.. "hiya sexy", he smiles as she reaches him, wrapping her arms up around his neck and pulling him down she gently kisses him, pressing her breasts against his chest as she leans into him.... deepening the kiss she grinds her hips gently against him feeling his cock press back against her through his pants. "I've got a surprise for you".. taking his hand and tugging him up the stairs she lets him place his stuff down then smiles and picks up her keys and a piece of fabric, watching his eyes raise she smiles and tugs him back outside again. Near the car she stands in front of him, motioning for him to turn around she wraps the fabric around his eyes.. "can't let you see where we are going, like i said, its a surprise"..

Helping him into the car, she continues to the drivers seat, she glances over at him, "No peaking sexybum" then reaching over to gently rub him through his pants before taking off..

Sometime later she stops, smiling as she looks over at him. "ok we are there, but still, no peaking"..she gets out and goes over to his side, helping him out before leaning against him, kissing him softly, her hands running over his chest before tugging him over away from the car. suddenly she stops him, walks around , her fingers tracing over his body as she walks, then stopping behind him she reaches around him, sliding her hand into his pants she grasps his cock between her fingers, her mouth tracing over his neck, then whispering softly "ready baby?" .. he smiles nervously waiting for her to remove the blindfold. He hears her move around to the front of him, then feels her fingers tugging at the fabric.. "Suprise".. He grins as he looks at her, realising she is sitting on the wall at the top of kangaroo point, her legs spread slightly the short skirt letting him see she isn't wearing underwear, moving forward he presses between her legs, feeling her hand reach down to grope him, her fingers running over the slight bulge in his pants.. while she kisses him again, she feels his cock grow within his pants before she slides down to kneel in front of him, her fingers pulling the front of him pants down she takes him into her mouth, gently, running her tongue over the head of his cock while he leans his hands on the wall, taking deep breaths as she starts to suck him deeper into her mouth, knowing how easy it would be for someone to see them, making it more thrilling as he starts to move his hips forward, pressing his cock into her mouth, looking down to see her eyes looking up at him, watching his face as she takes all of him inside her mouth, the tip of his cock pressing into her throat. Feeling him grow harder in her mouth she sucks him deeper still, her hands caressing his backside as she pulls him closer. They continue till he starts gasping for breath, his hand twined in her hair as the knob of his cock rubs against her throat. "Baby, I want you inside me.. " She stands up, sitting again on the wall, tugging his hands around her to hold her, she guides his hard cock within her, knowing how wet she was she pulled him straight inside, hearing him gasp in her ear while pulling him forward.. "hows this for a balcony sexy?" she grins as he looks at her, the humerous twinkle in his eye as he reaches around and thrusts forward into her, hearing her moan he pulls back and thrusts forward again.. holding her backside tightly he starts to move faster, wanting to feel her pussy tighten around him as she cums, he slides a hand down to her clit, teasing it as he thrusts in again, hearing her moan in his ear he continues, feeling her body tense as she gets closer till she finally cums, whimpering his name as her pussy tightens around his cock, milking it while her juice covers his cock, he feels it hot wet and tight around him, and cums just after her, filling her pussy with his hot stream of cum, she leans against her, catching his breath while her reaches up and tweaks her nipples, whispering softly.. "I like surprises.."