Written by hottimes

15 Jul 2015

We were Jason to pick John up from the local supermarket. He was about 5'7" 65 kg native South African. As we pulled into the carpark I spotted hi so I flashed the lights. As this was the only the second meeting we have had with him he didn't now the car too well. The first meeting with John was just a chat but Janet was keen to play with him.

As he got into the back seat we exchanged pleasantry as started to drive off with social small talk. I drove into a back street and pulled over instructed J to hope in the back and John to sit in the middle. I adjusted the mirror onto J body. As J done her seat belt up John completed her on her dress. It's a sherong silly they both lol as we drove off.

John you can cuddle Job she won't bite much. Lol... Heading towards the outskirts of town I seen Johns hand moving to j left Brest nice nipples he politely said squeezing her Brest then nipple J monded with pleasure as her head tilted back. As we left the limits of the town. John leaned over kissing her neck then to her lips. The sounds of passion was muffled by the embraces of lips.

His hand moved under J s arm pushing aside Joy sherong as to expose her Brest followed by sensitive fondling of the Brest.

As I turned into a back road, he kissed down to her nipple J monded to this attention. johns hand moved down her side down the outside of her left leg to her nee, across to the right nee, slowly his hand moved up the inside of her leg, J spread her legs and moved her ass forwards to allow johns exploring fingers to find her waiting pussy.

Then a Mone and JS body movement I knew he was playing with her clit. The road we where on changed to gravel, I slowed, I suggested to undo there seatbelts and John to relieve J of her sherong. They do and there way J naked half sitting half laying down . John was having fun kiss Js lips and nipples as his fingers played with Js wet clit and pussy.

Js pulled of johns shirt so he took off his shorts. Nice and thick and a good 8" too, made my mouth water. Then pulled J across the back seat. Laying on top of J with her legs spread one on the back dash the other on my head rest. J screemed with passion as John drove his large cock into her