Written by acetrace

21 Dec 2013

It is a warm and sunny morning and the house is quiet. I'm the only one home. I turn the CD player up loud and start to tidy the kitchen. I can't help from looking outside.....daydreaming, getting lost in my own thoughts.

I walk into the bedroom grab my book, fill a large glass with ice and water, grab a towel and head outside. Unfolding my pink banana lounge I wrestle with Moose who is bouncing around my legs making spreading my towel very difficult. Surprisingly Moose quietens down on the grass besides me and I settle down to read.

The sun feels glorious, warming me from the outside in and it isn't long before I am starting to feel quite hot. Quietly I remove my t-shirt then shorts, not wanting to disturb Moose and continue reading. Smiling to myself I realise that no one is home and quickly slip out of my bra and panties.

Feeling the sun on my skin and a slight breeze whisper around my legs, I am completely naked relaxed and comfortable & pretty soon I drift off to sleep.

As usual the front door is unlocked and you walk quietly thru the house looking for me. Glancing from room to room as you walk thru the house, finally reaching the sliding doors where you can see me lying on the banana lounge. You can tell I’m sleeping, watching to slow rise & fall from my breathing. You watch me, taking in the shape of my body and knowing how it feels & how it responds to your touch. For a moment you are lost in the memory of our love making and your cock stirs.

Leaving your running gear on the couch you noiselessly open the doors making your way towards me. Moose wags her tail and looks at you with sleepy eyes making you stop in your tracks, to your surprise she puts her head down again and goes back to sleep. Moving towards me you don’t take your eyes off my body, it is almost glistening in the sunshine. Standing at my feet you bend down and kiss the back of knees softly, more a nuzzle rather than a kiss but it is enough to make me stir. Placing your hands on either side of me you lean forward and whisper to me not to move. Moving my hair to one side you kiss the back of my neck gently barely touching my skin but enough that a sigh escapes from me.

Standing again beside me you again watch me, looking at my body and this time almost unconsciously you start to stroke yourself making your cock spring into action. Straddling the banana lounge and squatting down over me you rub the tip of your cock over my arse. Running it from the base of my spine down between my legs. Resting there for just a minute and giving me a gently nudge. My hips rise slightly trying to push back against you with this you move away quickly.

I am willing you to touch me again and I start to squirm. Learning forward again you tell me to keep still and not to move and give me a quick slap on my arse making me jolt and yelp with surprise. You reach down to my glass and fish out an ice cube dropping it at the base of my spine and it instantly sending chills thru my body and heightening my anticipation.

Leaning down over me again you kiss me behind my knees. Kissing me hard and almost massaging me with your nose. You know what my response will be and you place your hand on my arse and start to knead me. Moving quickly to the other knee you do the same, this time your hand moves down over my arse and your finger gently circles and borrows down between my legs. Feeling the wetness makes you acutely aware of how I am feeling and it has an immediate reaction on you. Your cock is so hard and begging to replace your finger.

Straddling the banana lounge you sit on my legs just close enough so that you can nudge into me with your cock. Again you anticipate my reaction and give me another slap on the arse and tell me to be still, don’t move and to be quiet. I am desperate to touch you. To feel you push into me and to feel you inside of me.

You reach into the glass again grabbing several ice cubes and start to massage my back with them. I am twitching and squirming trying to move away from the cold and with this you push your cock harder against me making us both moan. Picking up the glass you slowly tip the water over my back, slowly moving up and down my spine, the water pools at the base and runs down my sides. It feels glorious, so cold and so sensual a wonderful mixture. You move the water down over my arse and down between my legs. Feeling the water between my legs makes me shiver and goose bumps appear all over me.

I feel you shift and move yet again, my body is on high alert, waiting for the next sensation, the next surprise. This time it is a slow and gentle sensation. I know immediately that it is your cock, rubbing over me, so gently. Passing up and over my back, up along my neck and nudging my ear making me gasp. You rest briefly on my shoulders running back and forth. I want to open my eyes and look at you, to see your hard cock so close, such a turn on. I can feel that familiar warmth in the pit of my stomach start to spread outwards and down to my pussy. The feeling of your cock against me cheek snaps me back to the present. I try and turn to reach towards you, I want to feel your cock in my mouth, as much for you as for me. I know how much you love it when I have you in my mouth. You must have read my mind. I can feel to smooth roundness of the tip of your cock pushing against my mouth. My tongue darts out to meet it but you move away, I screw up my nose in frustration making you laugh.

The next thing I hear is the spa churning to life. You tell me to get up and come and join you. Sliding into the cool clear water I can feel the bubbles surround me. Looking down you I instinctively know that you are stroking your cock as you’ve watched me walk from the lounge to the spa. Placing my hands on your knees I move towards you. Coming up close I can feel the hair on your chest against my breasts. I lean forwards and kiss you softly; your hand reaches up and grab my hair and gently pushing me against you with increased passion. Without stopping or releasing the kiss I settle up against you feeling your chest against me and feeling the bubbles envelope me, feeling the water swirl around me. I love the way it blows against my pussy, rumbling against my pussy lips. Teasing and gently rolling them around. The bubbles roll up from my pussy massaging my mound and towards my stomach. Pulling away from you I wink and with my hands I reach towards your cock. Watching you close your eyes with pleasure I slowly rub you up and down. Holding your cock in one hand and with the flat palm of the other I circle the tip of your cock. Hearing you moan I know I want to feel you inside of me, feel you fill me.

Moving your legs out towards the centre of the spa I am slide up your body. Hovering over you for a moment I rub myself back and forth then ease myself slowly down we both sigh with pleasure. Loving the feeling of you inside me I glide up and down before I sit down on you. You grab my hips moving back and forth feeling you inside me and feeling the bubbles against my arse the sensations and pleasure is in overdrive. My hands are on your shoulder helping me grind into you. Quickly the pace has increased; I can feel the warmth start to spiral inside me. I am kissing you hard, my tongue pushing into your mouth, biting and sucking on your bottom lip. Releasing you I hold my breath and moan throwing my head back as the orgasm washes over me making me shudder and clamp down on your cock. In a domino effect you pull me against your chest and you gasp out in pleasure.

Holding me close we rest together in the afterglow…….an afternoon delight.