Written by more_wanted

27 Feb 2013

the company I work for has 2 offices that are in different towns about 20 minutes apart. I'm in office a and the 2 bosses are in office b (the other town). I have come to find one of the bosses attractive. and can't help but stare at him whenever we are in the same office together (this happenseveryday) quite often my eyes wonder to his crutch.

we are both married so I know I should keep my mouth shut. one day while he and I were alone in office b I say to him without thinking 'you look like your stresses and could do with a drink or ...something better to relax'

to which he said what's something better? oh no what do I say this is my boss...thinking on my feet I say oh sorry I shouldn't have said that. as luck would happen another member of staff walks in...

I excuse myself and head out the door to head back to office a.

when I get back I have an email from boss again saying -What's something better then a drink?.

omg what do I say. ..quickly I reply something that's not appropriate for work. thinking this would end it. I went back to work.

once finished for the day thanking my lucky stars that no more was said. I leave while walking to the cad I grab my mobile that's been on silent. there are 2 messages from a familiar number but not one I have in my contacts. the first reads what

is better then a drink the time of the message is just after I sent the email. the second message time was 5.01 (I finish at 5). it 's not work.

oh ok then he asked so I now must tell my boss what is better then a drink....a bj which starts with a semi erect penis so it can be easily taken in the mouth inch by inch. with hesitation I hit send....and nothing is sent back...what have I done? I've just describe what I want to do to my boss and I had no reply.

after a sleepless night not knowing if my job was safe I arrive at office a the next morning, to my horror boss is there and has arranged for me to work at office b for the day, he will drive me to and from the other office. half way to office he pulls off the road unzipping his pants and says I want what's better then a drink.

well off I went and sucked the cock dry from balls to tip. once done we where back on the road to office b and work....