Written by Running Man

9 Aug 2015

Saturday night couldn't come quick enough. I had pretty much walked around with an erection all week. We had organized for the kids to stay at my parents so we could stay out all night.

I got home from work about three. I could hear feminine moans from upstairs. Wifey was soaking in the bathtub, mastibating furiously.

'Don't wear yourself out too early.' I interrupted.

'God you scared me. I need some relief or I won't make it through to tonight. You look like you need some relief too.'

Wifey stood up. Bubbles from the bath flowed down her body revealing her pert b-cups, flat stomach and smooth pussy lips. She had removed all the hair from her body but a neat triangle above her cunt, which held onto the bubbles.

She stepped out of the bath and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately.

'I am so looking forward to tonight. Now let's get you ready too.'

Still dripping wet, she helped me undress. She guided me to the bath and started to wash me, scrubbing me over with a firm but gentle action, occasionally wanking me, biting my nipples and licking my cock. After she had cleaned me, she got out a razor and shaved my balls.

'We need wax to do this properly' Wifey has me stand at the sink with my legs apart. The wax was already warm from her using it and she set to work removing all the hair from my body. As she completed each section she rubbed in body lotion. She had me hold my cheaks apart as my crack was waxed. God it hurt, but I was aroused. Body lotion was dripped down my crack and over my balls then she started to rub it in.

One hand cupped my balls and stroked my shaft while the other rubbed up and down my crack. She teased my anus before pressing hard and sliding a finger in. Kneeling beside me, she coated my cock in lotion, and dribbled more down my crack. She wanked me with firm strokes and a tight grip, avoiding the bell end, and worked two fingers into my arse. Massaging my prostrate and pulling my cock, she made me cum, spurting all over the mirror.

'Now you have to make me cum.' she sat up on the vanity and I knelt before her. She put a foot on each of my shoulders and spread wide so I could go down on her. I licked her from her anus to her clit a few times before pushing her knees up and giving her a good rim job. I circled around her little rosebud with my tongue, occasionally penetrating her with my tongue, she seamed to be enjoying it.

'Yes, yes, yes! I'm close, lick my clit and finger my are, I need to squirt on your face.'

I moved my mouth up to her clit, sucking it in, holding it between my lips and flicking my tongue over it, while with one hand I worked two fingers in and out of her are, and the other hand two fingers into her cunt pushing her g-spot.

'Aww, God!' she bucked and convulsed as she came, squeezing my fingers out of her arse and cunt. True to her word, she squirted all over my face. Pussy juice ran down my chin and over my chest.

We bathed again, cleaning ourselves and resisting each other.

'I hope Donna and Mark do fuck us tonight! I don't want to have done all this for nothing.'

'I hope so too, although it won't be for nothing if they don't.' I replied, knowing that they were going to, and they were good at it.

Wifey and Donna had decided we should dress up. I suited up, shirt, tie cufflinks, the works. Tried to go commando but opted for trunks as my constant arrousal was too obvious.

Wifey went little black dress. Stockings, suspenders, and a lacy g-string. No bra, she didn't need one, and the dress has mesh panels to show off her assets.

At 6 we nervously went next door.