Written by Running Man

31 Jul 2015

I got a text from Wifey telling me to drop by school early to pick up the kids because the Vice Principal need to speak to me. Last time i saw Sami the VP she had been fucked by Wifey with a strap on and then fucked me with the same.

With an uncomfortable bulge in my pants i walked into the office building. 'Mr Law, Ms K. will see you straight away. Go right in.' said her secretary. Ms K, Sami was concentrating on paper work but broke into a huge smile when i walked in. She jumped up and greeted me with a hand shake then went and locked the door.

'Take a seat' she motioned toward a comfy arm chair near her desk. She was wearing her usual conservative attire, a very business pants suit, that did a good job at hiding her curves. As she returned to behind her dress she took off her jacket to reveal the goddess underneath. She was wearing a sheer tight white singlet over a lacy bra. Her huge tits straining to break out. Through the sheer material you could see the tattoos on her torso - 50's pin up girls and flowers and stuff - and the glimmer of the jewel in her pierced belly button. Her pants were tight around her nice round arse.

'Wow' came out of my mouth.

'Thank you' she said with a mischievous giggle. 'I wanted to thank you in person for the other night.'

'I had fun too.'

'I could tell, you look to be pretty happy now as well.' gesturing to the bulge in my pants. I could see her nipples erect through her top.

'i'm a bit uncomfortable' i said adjusting my position.

'I'll help you with that in a minute. But first just wanted to thank you for letting me get something off my bucket list. I've always wanted to peg a guy, i'd seen it in pornos, and it always makes me cum. I never thought i would find a guy who would let me do it.' one hand was rubbing between her legs.

'I enjoyed it, you can do it again anytime, now what are we going to do about this.' gesturing to the bulge in my pants.

'Well, i was speaking to your wife earlier about meeting up with my partner, and i mentioned the bucket list. There is another thing on it you can help me with.'

'Shoot' i said rubbing my bulge through my pants.

'Its a bit vanilla, but i want to blow a guy in my office. I've seduced a few of the mums, but i've never been able to get the courage up with the fathers'

'All you would have to do was take you jacket off.'

'Really. Now undo your pants but stay in the chair'

Sami dropped to the ground and crawled toward me from around the desk. Her tits hanging down, straining against her bra and singlet and her eyes focused on the prize, my dick.

'Stay quiet, the walls are thin' she whispered as she blew warm air over my dick. Grabbing the base she started by kissing the head, then licked and kissed her way up and down the shaft. She teased a little, bobbing her open mouth over my dick, but not making contact, before taking me into her mouth. Bobbing her head she took me deeper and deeper. I sat back in the arm chair and enjoyed the ride. Before long she had taken all my 8" down her throat without gagging. Quite a skill. As she moved her mouth up and down my shaft i caught glimpses up her tits swaying around and straining against their restraints.

'I want to fuck your tits' i whispered. Without releasing my from her mouth, she reached up and ripped her singlet clean off, and undid the front clasp on her bra. Her tits hung free, a glorious sight. She shuffled closer and lay her tits on my lap, with my dick between her cleavage. i pushed her tits together from the side and she started to rock the back and forward over my cock.

'You have to cum in my mouth or it doesn't count', she caught the end of my dick on her mouth on each of my up strokes.

After a couple of minutes of this treatment i passed the point of no return.

'i'm gonna cum' i said, probably a bit to loud. She clamped her mouth over the end of my cock run her tongue around the tip as i released into her mouth. She stayed there until she had it all in her mouth, then lifted her head, showed me the mouth full of cum, swallowed, and showed me her empty mouth. My dick twitched and a splashed more cum over her tits. Sami pulled my head down to her tits and had my clean the cum off. Her nipples got a good clean even though there was no cum on them.

The intercom on her desk cracked. 'Ms K, your 3pm is here.' 'i'll be five minutes' she replied.

She had me stand and helped me do up my pants. Sami picked up the ripped singlet and shoved it in my pocket, 'A memento' then stood, fought her tits back into a barely adequate bra, and put her jacket on. She looked conservative again.

She walked me to her door, we kissed, i could taste my cum in her mouth, then she re-applied her lipstick and let me out the door.

As i walked away she called 'Thanks for you time Mr Law, i'll arrange a follow up with you and your wife soon'