Written by ChrisNTrevor

10 May 2012

Tiffany Rides – Again

Hi. My name is Tiffany, and I’m a University Student. My studies had me neglect my sexual needs until Gloria, a friend of mine, noticed, got me slightly drunk and set me up with two of her male friends. Wayne and Michael.

Oh yeah.

Now, I’m no virgin or have any major sexual hang-ups. But what these 2 beautiful guys had me doing amazed me.

We started with lots of kissing and fondling. And licking and sucking. Oh, the things these two guys could do with their lips and tongues. And I gave back as good as I got.

Our initial session back at my Apartment saw them both penetrate me. Then lick me to orgasm, and even had me squirting.

I replied by letting them both come in my mouth.

It left the three of us lying semi-exhausted on my bed. We had been at it for just under an hour. 55 minutes of Pussy munching, Cock sucking, Climaxing, Pussy pounding, Blowjobs and Come swallowing. Not bad for a foreplay session ……..

We had rested for about 10 minutes, relaxing and softly touching each other. My head had started to clear a bit, and I found myself with a case of the munchies. And needing a drink to, well, for the want of a better term, to clean off my palate.

‘Who’s up for a drink and a bit of supper?’ I asked. Both guys thought it was a good idea. We got up off the bed. Wayne and Mike reached for their boxers to walk around in.

“Ah, guys, no need for those. I’ve seen it all know. From very close up.’ I smiled and wiped my lips with my finger. ‘Lets all walk around naked. Better than any floor show.’

I lead them out to the Lounge cum Dining room and motioned to the Sofa. Mike sat down and picked up the TV Remote while Wayne followed me into the Kitchen. I opened the Fridge and looked inside. I had some Cask Wine and Lemon Squash. That would have to do. Ah. Pizza. I had a whole Dominos Supreme still in the box. Problem solved.

I asked Wayne to pour us all a Wine Cooler, while I zapped the Pizza in the Microwave. Soon we took the goodies into the living room. Mike’s nose twitched with the smell of the Pizza. Good. I like a Man with an appetite. I put the Pizza down on the Coffee Table and sat down between the 2 Guys. Wayne passed around the drinks. I took a big pull on my Cooler, swishing it around then swallowing it. That diluted the tadpoles.

Mike had the TV on that BBC Show about the Call Girl. We sat back and munched on the hot Pizza while watching Rose’s adventures with her client. In one scene, the former Companion was receiving a deep missionary Fuck from a nice good liking Guy.

“Mmm.’ I said. ‘I want that. From Both of you.’ The Guys looked at me. I swivelled around and put my Legs across Wayne, and rested the back of my Head on Mike’s thigh. “Who’s going first?’ I asked.

Wayne slid his hand up my inner thighs. ‘Me.’ He said. ‘If that’s OK with you, Mike.’ Mike had no problems with this.

We untangled and for a brief moment they lay me back and started to caress me again. I turned to Mike. ‘Give us about 20 minutes and come in. You’re round two.’ I said with a cheeky smile.

‘You want a Matrimonial?’ Wayne said. ‘Guess I’ll have to carry you over the threshold.’

With that, he bent down and scooped me up in his arms. I was thrilled. No Guy had done this for me before. He carried me into the bedroom and sat me on the edge of the bed. I gave him a big deep kiss. “That was sooo romantic, Wayne.’ I said. It’s got me hot.

Wayne knelt down and started to give more Oral. His Tongue once again worked it’s magic on my Lips and Clitoris, and soon I was moaning and leaning my head back in anticipation.

I lay back and stretched myself out to enjoy the situation even more. During this cunnilingus session, Wayne slowly stuck a finger into my Pussy. I really got into it and started to grind my Vagina on to it. Soon the one Finger become two. It felt great.

Then Wayne did something unexpected. But nice. He withdrew one of the fingers and slowly stuck it into my Anus. It was lubricated enough to slide in with a slight pop. I caught my breath and bore down while he slowly worked it into me. I had never had this done to me before. It wasn’t as bad as I had sometimes imagined. Soon my muscles relaxed and I started to enjoy it.

Nice as it was, it wasn’t the reason we were here. ‘Wayne,’ I begged. ‘Fuck me. Fuck me deep.’

He got up on to the bed and took his hard Cock in his hands. I obediently spread my legs as an invitation. He shuffled up and poked his Foreskin into my open Labia. He stopped and asked me about needing a Condom.

‘No, Wayne.’ I replied. ‘I have the implant. Can’t get pregnant for another 10 months yet.’

‘Ah, just like Gloria.’ He said. Somehow I wasn’t surprised. With this he started to slowly slide his Shaft in to me. I spread my legs as wide as I could and enjoyed the sensation of his hot Pole gliding into my Pussy.

He took it easy and slowly deepened his thrusts until he reached full length. Wayne had a long Penis, and penetrated deep enough to touch my Cervix. The way he filled me felt so good. He made it better by starting to thrust in and out.

I initially just lay back and let him use me as his Fuck Toy. As things progressed, I got wetter and wetter. To encourage him to keep up the deep penetrations I spread my legs even further, tilting my Pussy up to meet his pubic mound. The sensations I was getting were just fantastic.

When I was sure he was going to keep pumping me this Magic way, I wrapped my Legs around him and crossed my ankles behind his back. He responded by lifting himself up and plunging his Shaft fast and deep into me. The friction it made drove me into a new level of excitement. I started to emit short Moans in time with the end of his thrusts. We were making noises just like they did in the Porn Movies, and not faking it.

Wayne reached the limits of his thrusts and I could feel his Balls bounce on my Butt Cheeks as he bottomed out. I was all hot and breathing in gasps, my Pussy wet and oozing Juice. Suddenly Wayne’s face contorted and he threw his head back. Inside me, I could feel a stream of hot thick fluid spurt out of his Cock into me, filling me with his lust.

He moaned in ecstasy as he came, and held his Cock as deep as he could in me. These sensations made me Come as well, my Vaginal Muscles pulsing around the delicious Organ that was filling me. We locked together for a time. He then began to go all soft and slip out of me. Damn. He had me wanting more.

But poor Wayne was all spent, and lay down on the Bed beside me. I lay on my back for some time, legs still spread in the Coital position and my Pussy still tingling from the pounding it took. My belly shook as I had a couple of Vaginal spasms.

This Pussy Quake made some of Wayne’s Come ooze from my outer Lips. I was left with a noticeable Creampie. It felt messy but good. Then I noticed Mike standing at the doorway. He had been watching our performance, and was patiently waiting his turn. I was still turned on, no, make that I was still as Horny as all hell. I gave him a ‘come here’ finger wave and moved to the other side of the Bed.

Mike got to the bed all ready for action. His Cock was already erect and he looked ready to mount me there and then. But I had other plans. I reached over and grabbed his swollen Organ and guided it into my Mouth. He accepted this turn of events with a smile, and welcomed me sliding my Mouth up and down his Shaft.

I cupped his Balls in my hand and gently squeezed them, to stimulate him making more ejaculate. I was getting greedy.

His Cock Ring was sliding along my tongue with every bob of my Mouth. I soon wanted to have it sliding in and out of My Pussy. I got up and pushed him back on to the bed, laying him on his back. His Cock stuck up like an erect tent pole and I had to have it inside me. I was going to ride him like a Cowgirl.

I threw my Legs across his lower body, and slid down until I could feel his Prince Albert resting on the wet outer Lips of my Pussy. He looked me straight in the eyes and said in a low voice, ‘Oh yeah. Go for it, baby.’

I slid myself slowly down his shaft, letting it push open up my Love Tunnel. We both gave a low moan as he sunk into me. I closed my eyes and just revelled in the sensations. Wayne had well and truly lubricated me beforehand, and got me way over the first erotic threshold. I was making Mike phase two. I started to immediately Fuck him with all the raunch I could muster. A turned-on Tiffany is quite a horny beast.

I rode him like a Cowgirl at a Rodeo, slamming my Pussy down on his Cock time and time again. Mike assisted my ravishing of his body by grabbing my hips and slamming me down in time with my thrusts. He had obviously done this before and soon got lost in the Lust of the moment. His wonderful Cock Ring again worked it’s Magic and I was soon moaning and grunting like a Lady Tennis Player at match point.

Our combined momentum built and built. The thrusts got deeper and deeper until he finally slammed me down and held me to his hips. His eyes seemed to bulge from his sockets and he groaned loudly, shooting a burst of Come deep into my throbbing Pussy. I felt every delicious spurt and it sent me into another Climax. I came wildly, then collapsed, panting and lying on his chest.

We lay there almost exhausted, breathing heavily and gently touching each other. I had definitely followed Gloria’s Prescription. Natural Testosterone injections, and lots of it.

I recovered first, and slowly dismounted off Mike. Incredibly, he hadn’t gone completely soft. I wondered if I he had any more … potential for the evening.

But it was Wayne who made the next move. He was back on deck again. ‘That was one sweet performance, Tiff.’ He said. He moved very close to me and whispered ‘Your Pussy is, well, full to overflowing.’

I gave him a cute smile and kissed him deeply. He returned my kiss with passion, and started to nuzzle my neck. My hand wandered down to his crotch. He was getting hard again. ‘God,’ I thought, ‘Number three?’

Then I had a wicked thought. ‘Wayne.’ I said, softly. ‘Fuck me in the Butt.’

He stopped nuzzling my neck, and looked me in the eyes, like he couldn’t believe I’d asked for that.

‘You were fingering my Ass before. I didn’t object because you made it feel good.’ I said to him. ‘Fuck me there and finish the job. I’m game.’ I turned away from him and bent over on the Bed. My Pussy and Butt were there for him to take at his pleasure.

He looked at me momentarily, then moved in, Cock in hand. I spread my cheeks, and lowered my Head to the sheets, giving him a perfect target. He put the two fingertips into my dripping Pussy and scooped up some of His and Mike’s Come. He then proceeded to rub it into and around my exposed Anal Entrance.

He then put the head of his Cock against it and gently pushed. My muscles resisted him for a moment, but continued pressure had it poked through with a pop. I gasped as his Cock entered me, but bore down and let him in further. Wayne took it slow, letting my Sphincter slowly stretch around him. When I had fully dilated, he started to thrust in and out of me.

‘God, Tiffany’ he said, ‘You are really hot down there.’ He punctuated this statement with a deep thrust that made me gasp.

And hold my mouth open. Mike, with his half erect Cock, had been watching the action and decided to join the game. He slid himself along under me until my Mouth was touching with his Penis. He gave me a look of encouragement.

I obliged. Mike had nice Cock to suck on and I started to slide my mouth once again on his Shaft. There the three of us stayed for a while. Wayne banging my Butt, and me eating Mike’s Cock for all it was worth. It was a deliciously erotic and just a bit perverted situation. It felt good for us all.

Soon Mike was up on his knees again. I was once again getting Spit Roasted. But this time it was going all the way. Wayne pumped my Butt with ever deeper thrusts, finally getting all the length of his Cock into me and making his Balls bounce off my Pussy’s Lips. The Anal sensations had become very pleasant, and I pushed back against his thrusts to get the most out of them.

While I was getting Butt Fucked, I was going postal on Mike’s Cock, drawing it deep into my Mouth and Throat with powerful sucks. I stroked and squeezed his Balls, trying to get them to produce lots of Come for my hungry Mouth.

We continued the pumping, grunting and sucking until we three were a mass of sweat soaked, lust filled flesh. The sensation of being filled at both ends at once by these two guys was sending me over the edge. I started to moan and groan again, and my Nipples hardened up like traffic cones. Then I started to feel a flush building up on my lower torso. I just closed my eyes and let the moment take me.

My belly to shake, and a series of rippling contractions cascaded down from my Navel to my Crotch. I was having the mother of all Orgasms. It was intense, and the fire of it spread to the Guys. Wayne was the first to come, pumping a gush of hot thick Ejaculate deep into my Back Cavity.

The feeling of was incredible. It was almost like the feeling you get when a guy comes inside your Pussy. And there was the sensation of his Cock throbbing while wrapped inside your sensitised Anus. I loved it.

Seeing Wayne shoot his load into me was the catalyst for Mike to unleash his own. He made a couple more thrusts into my Mouth and Throat, then slid his Cock as deep down as he could and came into me. It wasn’t as vigorous as his last two Orgasms, so I sucked as hard as I could to get it all.

I now had Semen in my Pussy, Butt and Mouth. This was definitely not the ‘normal’ Tiffany, the shy Read-headed Economics Major. I felt so decadent, but satisfied.

We stayed locked in position for a short while then had a controlled collapse on to the Bed. We lay there, exhausted. Both Guys cuddled me while we came down from our combined tryst. Wayne soon got up and went into the Bathroom to wash himself off. He came back with a towel for me.

‘We have to go, Tiff.’ He said. I looked at the Clock. It was almost 2:00 AM. We had been Fucking in one form or another for nearly 3 hours.

‘Yeah,’ added Mike. “We have a Football Game tomorrow afternoon, and have to get some rest.’ They both leant over and kissed me. ‘You were great.’ The guys then dressed and made their way out into the living room. I groggily got up and saw them out. Naked. I kissed them and said we would keep in contact.

Then I shut the door and leant back against it. I took a deep breath and smiled. Gloria was right. Tonight was just what I needed. But, I was so tired out, all I wanted to do was sleep. Damn the cleaning up. I’ll do it in the morning.

I walked back into the Bedroom, turning out all but the bedside light. Wayne had brought me a towel to clean myself off. So nice of him. But I felt just like crashing. I spread the Towel under my Hips to save soiling my sheets. I turned off the Light and lay back in the Dark. My thoughts went to the events of the evening and the Erotic adventure I had experienced.

My hand drifted down to my still tingling Pussy, but only for comfort. I soon fell into a deep, satisfied sleep. I dreamt of the boys and what we had done ……………………….