Written by ChrisNTrevor

17 Dec 2012

Hi again. Part three in my Tiffany series. This time, she gets to share some ......experiences...... with her good friend Gloria. Read and enjoy.

It was past 10 next morning when Tiffany started to stir.

She had slept warm, comfortable and naked in her double bed. Her dream world had been visited that night by memories of the feast of hot sex she had gorged herself on with Gloria’s two male friends. Mike and Wayne. Just thinking of them was making her wet again.

She gave her pelvic floor muscles a quick clench, and swore that she could still feel them inside both her orifices. Then ran her tongue around her mouth, and gave it a deep suck. Was it her imagination, but could she still faintly taste their Semen. It had been quite a night indeed.

She yawned and stretched out, putting her arms over her head. Her breasts popped out from under the sheets and into the light of the late morning. Her nipples were slightly hard from the thoughts that had just passed through her waking mind.

She sat up and gave her bod a quick visual inspection. No bite marks. Good. But her nether lips were still swollen and noticeably reddish. ‘Sign of a GOOD pounding.’ She thought to herself. Then she found the dried snail tracks. And felt the traces of stickiness in her hair. ‘Oh.’ She thought, ‘Need to clean myself up.’ She went to the bathroom for a long hot shower.

A clean, revived Tiffany came out about 15 minutes later with her hair wrapped in a towel. She stopped and grabbed her Robe from end of the bed. A quick glance at the sheets told her that the sheets now needed changing. She stripped and remade the bed, smiling again as she remembered how she broke her drought and got them all stained.

Time for coffee. Found a clean mug and made herself a strong cup. She removed the glasses and plate from the living room and stacked them on the kitchen sink. Mm, she thought. Housework done. Time for some Me time. She grabbed her mug and went out to her small private balcony, grabbing a magazine on the way. She lowered herself onto the deck chair and opened up the robe, laying back to relax. It was a good way to spend the morning. She immersed herself in her coffee and magazine. She could hear the sounds of people passing by on the street 2 floors below. The gate opened and closed. Shortly afterwards her doorbell rang. ‘Just a minute’ She yelled, and did her robe back up.

She went out to see who it was and noticed it was almost 11:00. A glance through the peep hole revealed it to be Gloria, a good friend and the instigator of last night’s festivities. She opened the door. ‘Hi. Come in, come in.’ Gloria gave her a quick kiss on the cheeks, and waved a bag of hot bagels in her face. ‘Breakfast for a hungry girl, hey?’ She asked. ‘Still in your robe?’ She asked, looking over Tiffany’s shoulder to see if she was alone.

‘Yes, just me here. The boys left early this morning.’ Tiffany replies with a smile. ‘Your mission was successful.’ ‘Ok.’ said Gloria, ‘You have to tell me about it. And I mean ALL about it.’

‘Food first.’ Replied Tiffany. ‘I am a bit hungry.’ The girls went into the lounge room. Gloria sat on the couch and opened up the bag. She was quickly joined by Tiffany with two fresh coffees. The sat together close and started to share the gossip.

Gloria took a pull on her coffee and said to Tiffany. ‘I had to come by to see if you were OK. Saw Wayne and Mike at the stadium this morning. They were quite worse for wear.’ ‘They should be,’ replied Tiffany with a smile. She took a bite from a bagel. “Mmm, these are good.’

‘Well.’ Gloria looked her straight in the eyes. ‘More details please.’ “And don’t leave out anything.’ ‘That’s a bit personal, isn’t it? Tiffany responds. ‘Firstly, we started with mutual oral. Mike gives really good head.’ And so did I.’ ‘Oo, go on,’ replied Gloria. ‘Did you do them all the way?’ She asked, playfully wiping her lips with a finger. Tiffany responded by licking her lips slowly, then deliberately slowly swallowing. Then holding up two fingers. She then finished off by rubbing her breasts and licking her fingers.

‘No’ squeeled Gloria, ‘Tiffany, you hound! I didn’t think you would snack on the Tadpoles.’ Tiffany took the towel off her head, and shook her damp hair.

She grinned and said ‘ I even had to wash it out of my hair this morning.’ She then giggled, which set Gloria off as well. They both rolled back on the couch. Gloria reached up and stroked Tiffany’s hair. ‘Want me to dry it for you?’ Tiffany looked at her for a moment. ‘Sure,’ she said, and went into the bedroom to get the dryer. Tiffany sat back on the couch next to Gloria and handed it to her. Their fingers briefly touched. ‘Tell me more.’ said Gloria as she dried and brushed Tiffany’s hair.

‘Well, we had a break and a snack and watched some TV. I saw a girl getting it missionary style, and asked for them to both do me that way.’ recalled Tiffany. Gloria continued with her brushing, her strokes exposing the curve if Tiffany’s neck. ‘Wayne went first and carried me into the bedroom.’

‘Was it good?’ asked Gloria, almost automatically. Tiffany turned to look at Gloria and answer her. She saw Gloria was biting her lip. ‘Yes,’ replied Tiffany, very quietly. ‘More than good. He, well, really filled me.’

Gloria gave out a little sigh. Gloria closed the gap between them, and kissed Tiffany on the lips. Tiffany closed her eyes, then returned the kiss with a shy fervour, full of the promise of things to come. Gloria put down the hair dryer and slid Tiffany’s robe open, exposing her breasts. They broke lip lock and stared into each others eyes. ‘Are you comfortable with this?’ asked Gloria. ‘Yes,’ was Tiffany’s short reply. ‘It seems ….right.’ ‘Good.’ Responded Gloria. ‘Your naughty little story is getting me horny.’

Gloria got up and sat on Tiffany’s knees, face to face with her. She undid her buttons and took off her blouse. Tiffany looked at Gloria’s exposed breasts. They were as nice and firm as she had imagined, 34D, with neat nipples the size of a half-dollar. Tiffany stroked them and Gloria stroked hers in response. Both Girls let out coos of pleasure.

‘Tell me more.’ ‘Well, then I rode Mike like a crazy cowgirl.’ said Tiffany, softly. ‘I had massive creampie when both guys had finished.’ She then leant forward and the two girls kissed again. This time deeply. When they broke, Tiffany broke into a wicked smile and continued. ‘I got Wayne to cum again. I just bent over and spread my cheeks so he could see the results of his and Mike’s work. He went as hard as a rock straight away. She dropped her voice to a sexy whisper. ‘I had him butt fuck me.’

Gloria looked at her, somewhat shocked. ‘You. butt banged. Wayne.’ Gloria stammered. ‘I haven’t done that yet.’ Then Tiffany put in her trump card. ‘I blew Mike at the same time. I got a really good spit-roasting.’ Gloria slid her arms under Tiffany’s and pulled into a deep embrace. You could see Gloria’s eyes flicker as she did the math. ‘6 times. 6 squirts. 6.’ Three from each.’ She said. ‘No wonder they looked worn this morning.’ Gloria pressed her mouth to Tiffany’s again. This time there was a playful exchange of tongue. Hands again worked on each others breasts.

Gloria slid down Tiffany’s legs and knelt on the ground before her. She finished opening her robe, exposing Tiffany’s naked body to her gaze. She gently ran her fingers across her mound and inner thigh. Tiffany sighed and slowly spread her legs. Then Gloria stopped. ‘6 times. How is it you are still walking around?’ ‘You said it before,’ said Tiffany in a low moan. “I’m a horny hound.’ Gloria bent her head down and planted a firm kiss on Tiffany’s pussy. The kiss went on for a while. It became a lick.

Tiffany raised her legs and butt and offered herself fully to Gloria. She hadn’t seriously experienced the attentions of another woman before. The only time it happened previously was at a very drunken frat party, when she and another girl did it to turn on the guys they were with. This time she was sober and just with another woman.

She liked the feeling of the soft tongue on her slit. Gloria moaned in appreciation as she buried her face in Tiffany’s open pussy. She darted her tongue in and out of the warm wet hole. Tiffany started to gasp, then she grabbed the back of Gloria’s head, pushing her mouth hard against her. Gloria buryed her tongue in deep and sucked hard. After a few minutes of this treatment, Tiffany let loose a shudder and her hand fell away from Gloria’s head. Gloria looked at her. ‘Come?’ she asked. Tiffany nodded. ‘I could taste it when you did. And the man taste from after last night.’

She stood up between Tiffany spread legs and undid the tie on her harem pants. They fell to the floor, revealing a set of small white thong panties that barely covered her pussy. Tiffany looked and took it in. ‘Nice. She said. ‘Keep going.’ Instead, Gloria put out her hand. ‘Come,’ she said, ‘what I want to do to you needs to be done on a bed.’ Tiffany stood up into Gloria’s arms and her robe slid to the ground. Gloria led her into the bedroom, stopping to pick up her bag. ‘Twice in 12 hours.’ Tiffany thought. Tiffany said. ‘I’ve had none for about 3 months. Then, dragged naked into my own bedroom twice in 12 hours.’ Tiffany broke into a big smile. The living room Clock struck noon.

Gloria took Tiffany to the edge her bed and gently pushed her down on her back. She stood between her legs and slowly and teasingly slid her panties off. Gloria then straddled Tiffany, climbing over and along her prone body until they were lying on each other. The two girls locked lips and started a series of long sensuous kisses.

She followed up on the kisses by sliding slowly back down Tiffany’s, stopping to suck on her hard nipples and firm young breasts. Soon Gloria was back between Tiffany’s legs. Tiffany closed her eyes as Gloria lifted her legs again high and planted her mouth back on her pussy. She continued the tongue work that had Tiffany writhing around outside in the living room. Soon, she had another red headed orgasm well under way. Tiffany came again in a flush of hot wet passion that covered Gloria’s mouth with sweet juices. Gloria broke contact, stood up and looked Tiffany in the eyes. She had a satisfied glazed look.

‘Hi’ she said, then crawled back up along her body, stopping when their two excited pussies touched. Another passionate kiss was delivered, Gloria’s juice covered lips and tongue against Tiffany’s soft yielding mouth. Tiffany didn’t baulk at the taste but relaxed into it. The sweet fishy taste was stimulating. Gloria started to slowly grind her pussy against hers.

After a while they broke the kiss and looked each other in the eyes. ‘Like the taste of pussy?’ asked Gloria in a soft voice. ‘Uh-huh.’ Was Tiffany’s muffled reply.

‘Want some more?’ said Gloria, in a low voice. ‘I’ll get up higher on the bed and give you as much as you want.’ With that Gloria got up off her and perched herself on the bed rail. She spread her legs and beckoned Tiffany with a finger. ‘Come here and I’ll make a BAD Girl out of you.’ She said to Tiffany, who was getting to her hands and knees to follow. Gloria dropped the finger to her crotch and spread her lips for Tiffany to see. ‘Go on, I know you want to. Eat me good.’

Tiffany put her mouth to Gloria’s open mound and gave it a slow lick. ‘Mmm. That will do for a start.’ Said Gloria. ‘Faster.’ Tiffany did just that, running her tongue up and down the spread lips. It was Gloria’s turn to gasp. The licking continued for several minutes, Gloria’s level of excitement building all during the time. Soon she was moaning in pleasure.

‘You are a great licker, Tiff. Now, put the tongue in.’ It was more of a plea than an instruction. Tiffany cupped Gloria’s butt cheeks in her hands and lifted her slightly. Gloria’s legs spread apart, her wet lips spreading wide to expose the dark opening of her love tunnel. Tiffany looked at her, taking it all in. ‘Nice.’ She said, and poked the tip of her tongue into the inviting wet hole. Gloria gasped as Tiffany slid her tongue into her.

She went in as far as she could. ‘Oh, God,’ moaned Gloria. ‘This is sooo good.’ With that she started to pump her pussy along Tiffany’s tongue and grind on to her mouth. This went on for a while, both Girls enjoying the experience of each other’s excitement.

But Tiffany’s tongue soon got tired, and, to both their regrets, she had to pull it our. To make up for it’s absence, she took Gloria’s swollen lips fully into her mouth and started to suck. Suck hard. The boys had done it to her last night and it drove her wild. She decided to give the same experience to Gloria. Her pussy sucking efforts were not to be wasted. Soon Gloria asked to be let lie on the bed and for Tiffany to finish her off there.

Tiffany agreed with a wicked ‘Yes.’ And Gloria was quickly back in position, legs spread and Tiffany sucking pussy with all her might. Gloria started to writhe in pleasure, her nipples pointing to the sky like hardened poles. Her hand went up and grabbed the back of Tiffany’s head, stroking her while she was being brought to orgasm.

Gloria came with a shudder and shake that surprised Tiffany, who initially thought she had hurt her. Tiffany realised she hadn’t when the taste of Gloria’s sweet nectar flowed her lips. It was Tiffany’s turn to drink.

Gloria came back from the pink haze that Tiffany had taken her to. She caught her breath and commented. ‘That was good. Do that ever time and you’re more than welcome to share my bed.’ Tiffany rested her head in Gloria’s right thigh. She looked up at her. “It was good. And fun. You come is real yummy. But … I still like boys as well.’

‘So do I, Tiff. I like both. I’m Bi. And I think you could be as well.’ Replied Gloria. Tiffany crawled up beside her. ‘Taste?’ she asked, then proceeded to kiss her. Tongues darted in and out of mouths. ‘Mmmm.’ Gloria replied, and, started to stroke Tiffany’s pussy. ‘Feel like being penetrated?’

‘Oh, yeah. Some nice hard cock right now would be sooo good.’ Said Tiffany. She rolled over onto her back. ‘Top drawer, Gloria. My vibe is there. Give it to me good.’ Tiffany closed her eyes and spread her legs wide open. Gloria opened the drawer and retrieved the sex toy as requested. She looked at Tiffany. ‘Don’t need any lube by the looks of it.’ She said. She twisted it on and slowly pushed the shaft into Tiffany. She moaned with pleasure as the vibrating shaft sank into her. ‘Tiffany, show me how you like doing it.’ Said Gloria, pushing Tiffany’s hand to the toy’s base. Tiffany opened her eyes and smiled, then started to work the vibrator in and out, and round and round. Soon she had her eyes closed and was moaning. Gloria looked at her friend’s self stimulation and said ‘Go for it Girl. Put on a show for me.’

Tiffany obliged. She felt Gloria shift on the bed. ‘Getting into position for a good look?’ she said. She heard a soft voice say. ‘Keep right on going.’ Tiffany was slowly building herself up for a climax. She felt Gloria wiggle and heard two clicks. She opened her eyes. Gloria was kneeling beside her and adjusting the clinches of a strap-on.

It was flesh coloured, big and curved. She stopped pumping herself with the Vibe and just stared. ‘Don’t be scared, Tiff. You’ll love this.’ Said Gloria. ‘I can be any guy you want, and I won’t go soft at the wrong time. Close your eyes, Tiff and tell me if this will do.’

Tiffany obeyed. Gloria closed in and knelt between her spread knees, her big breasts pointing towards her. ‘I had to make sure you got satisfied last night, Tiffany, so I brought my little helper along, just in case.’ She gave Tiffany a horny smile, and shuffled forwards towards Tiffany’s spread lips.

‘I’ve never done anything like this before, Gloria.’ Tiffany sounded a bit apprehensive. ‘Don’t worry, it feels great. This one both vibrates and squirts. Better than real cock. More reliable. And being used by a girl who knows how to use it.’ Said Gloria. ‘Really.’ Said Tiffany, softly. ‘A bit of an expert?’ she asked. Gloria responded with a firm grunt, then closed in. Tiffany lifted her legs to accept the shaft, her eyes wide open and gazing into Gloria’s. She felt it slowly but firmly push into her love tunnel, lips parting and it sliding deep into her. It felt good.

Gloria made it even better by leaning over and kissing her. After a few moments keeping still for her Tiffany’s pussy to settle, Gloria began slow thrusts in and out. ‘Oh, God. Just like a guy.’ Tiffany moaned. Gloria moved her hand to the waist belt, and flicked a switch. The shaft started to buzz and vibrate inside Tiffany, and made her suddenly gasp. ‘But, does a guy do that?’ whispered Gloria.

‘Tiffany started to push against Gloria’s plunging thrusts, her pussy wanting more and more of the throbbing pole that was penetrating her. She started to shake with the combined force of their thrusts, her breasts bouncing like prancing ponies. Gloria touched the hip control once again, and the vibrations increased. Once, twice. Tiffany was now fairly writhing below her. Gloria was bringing Tiffany to orgasm, and enjoying the sight of her friend in full fuck. This was getting Gloria all excited, and her nipples were hard and erect as well, describing arcs in the air as her breasts bounced in time with Tiffany’s.

‘Fuck …. Me. Fuck …..ME, Deeper, Deeper, Deeeepeer, Faster!’ this was coming from Tiffany in a low moan, from behind tightly closed eyes.

To Tiffany’s sudden disappointment, Gloria stopped the thrusting. ‘Now for a change of scenery.’ She said. ‘What?’ said Tiffany, still grinding her pussy against the vibrating shaft. ‘Hands and knees, Girl.’ Said Gloria, firmly, ‘Hands and knees. Gonna finish you off doggie style.’ Tiffany groaned ‘Yes, grind me into the pillow. Make me scream!’

Gloria pulled out and let Tiffany get on all fours in front of her. She eagerly spread her legs and lips, then lowered her head and breasts to the comfort of the pillows. ‘Fuck me. Fuck me HARD!’ she demanded. Gloria straddled her and firmly slid the shaft back into Tiffany’s willing wet hole. She started to pound her once again. Tiffany pushed back as hard as she could, taking the maximum amount of shaft inside her.

The horny pair kept this hard pounding session going for what seemed like ages. Tiffany surprising Gloria with both her raunchiness and stamina. After Tiffany’s third climax, Gloria reached under the dildo’s shaft to the squeeze bulb and sent several streams of fluid into Tiffany’s throbbing vagina. Tiffany gasped. ‘Gloria, it came!’.

Gloria gave the bulb one last final squeeze. ‘Told you it would. It’s been over an hour now. Super long fucker! Not many guys can do that.’ She pulled the shaft slowly out of Tiffany with a pop as it left her swollen tunnel. Tiffany slowly arose from the position, her joints all stiff from being so long in the doggie position. Gloria gently helped her turn over and lay down on her bed.

She lay beside her. Tiffany took Gloria into her arms and they kissed. Naked, sweaty, messed up hair and both sexually and physically exhausted. They kissed again and lay back in each other’s arms. Gloria pressed her body against Tiffany and drew up the bed sheet to cover them.

Tiffany glanced at her alarm clock. It was 3:30. They had been at it in one form or another for 3 and a half hours! She told this to Gloria. ‘You’ve tired me out, Tiffany. I need some sleep.’ ‘Me too. Thanks for checking if I was OK.’.

‘That’s alright. But, have your needs been satisfied?’ asked Gloria. ‘Many times.’ Answered Tiffany. She raised her hand to stroke Gloria’s hair, but she was asleep in her arms. Tiffany followed shortly after.